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Please Note:

Until Minutes have been ratified, this should be read as a "Draft Only" version

BairnsTrust Annual General Meeting

19th March 2010 Falkirk Stadium 7.30pm

1) Chairperson's opening remarks Meeting was hosted by Chairman S Jackson who thanked all Members for coming. A quorum of Members was present.

Apologies – J Bennie, D Canavan, J Gardiner, M McIntyre, D Robertson, S Wilson, L Wilson

2) Ratification of previous (AGM) minutes Proposed: D McIntosh; Seconded: J Dick

3) Matters arising from previous (AGM) minutes All matters arising are covered later in agenda points.

4) Chairperson's annual report Chairman noted that it had been a difficult season yet had been a positive one.  The John Hughes situation still arose but this matter is now in the past and we must move on.  The Supporters Direct conference 2009 was attended by many BT representatives as well as G Craig, FFC Managing Director, and C McManus, Learning Centre.  They were both impressed by the fans input shown.  L Miller had been invited to come along and understand what a trust is about.  BairnsTrust continue to be very well thought of by SD and a meeting took place with the Hamilton Trust to exchange ideas.  Work is still to be done to get the BT message across to Falkirk fans and it is encouraging that BT are at the centre of the Henry McLeish study into Scottish Football. 

Membership is reasonable at 246 but it is disappointing that only the Roman Bar took up the new Supporters membership category.  The situation regarding the treasurer is disappointing as this has caused serious problems but these are now starting to be fixed.  The current relationship with the Club is fantastic and the FFC board have been very supportive of BT.  Thank you to outgoing directors D Paterson and R Crosthwaite for their hard work for FFC during their time on the board.  The share rights issue was a massive success and FFC now have over 400 brand new shareholders gained through the administration by BT.  BT also gave a helping hand to staff the club shop during the Christmas period to bring in valuable income.

Thank you to: Bill, Sandy, Peter, Mrs Jack, Tom and Daniel & Daniella for running the match day stalls.  Murray for looking after the former players.  Peter for helping with the accounts through a difficult time.  Brian for all his hard work.  D McIntosh and S Beattie for helping run the quiz nights and events.  To all our corporate sponsors, whose continued backing is invaluable and to all members for coming along to meetings.

Q from floor – Could the FFC directors come along to BT meetings? Yes, this can be arranged, to get everyone together.
Q from floor – Who decides who the fans director takes to an away game? – Free choice but not always guaranteed to get guest tickets.

5) Secretary's annual report Took over as secretary about six months ago.  Main duties have been producing the agenda and minutes after each monthly meeting.  Electronic newsletters continue to be sent out every month.  Any new articles/contributions are always welcome.  Attended the SD secretary training with T Paterson at Ochilview on 31/01/2010.  This was an extremely useful day with many skills learned which can be used at BT.  Helped with the administration of the share rights issue where three successful sign up evenings were held. 

The situation with the former treasurer had made many tasks difficult including completion of the SD membership form and the FSA return.  Continual correspondence was made with Elaine at SD to inform them of our situation.  Matters are now resolved and these problems will not arise again.  Notification has been received of the upcoming SD annual conference on Sat 29th May.  BT usually sends a representation.

Thank you to S Monfries for his work as membership secretary.  BT finished with 246 members which breaks down as: 227 Adults, 10 Concessions and 9 Corporate.  It is noted that there were 30 brand new members.  Increasing membership will be a major focus for next season.  Football Supporters Europe has a period of action from 30th April to 16th May to campaign for playing all football matches on Saturday afternoons.  This could be something which BT could support.

It is important that a high level of communication is maintained and all e-mails/other correspondence will be dealt with quickly.  No one person should be solely responsible for any area to avoid the situation with the former treasurer happening again.

6) Treasurer's annual report Still do not have accounts but P Jack has compiled for year end 2009 from information known.  P Jack then ran through the accounts page by page.  Page 2 details the society board members.  Page 3 gives legal text as part of an independent examination.  Page 4 gives the profit and loss account.  Income is up £3883 on last year.  Promotional material down.  Website is paid every two years.  AGM costs and postage was up. Football event is the T Jamieson Memorial event.  Share Save payments are on a 2 year cycle.  Rights Issue shares will be included in next years accounts.  Page 5 Balance Sheet. There will be a big increase in FFC shares in next year’s accounts.  Current assets are the amount of money in the bank.  Called up share capital is the overall membership since formation.  Page 6 Notes. Figure in accounts given as 43,193 shares in FFC but this will rise due to the share issue next year.  Currently the 4th biggest shareholder in the boardroom, 9th biggest overall which is roughly 3.5% shareholding In FFC. 

7) Fans Director’s annual report Combined with Social Convener Report. 
My year as full Director to Falkirk Football Club was one of amazing highs, equally stunning lows – there really never was a dull moment in what became one of the most challenging years in the clubs history.  Coming in at a Scottish Cup Final was one of many great memories I will long cherish.  Coming as it did amid the fallout from “letter-gate” even losing a game we could, and should have won did not take away from the occasion of seeing Hampden bounce to the sound of twenty thousand Bairns.   It was not long after that John Hughes resignation sparked two or three weeks of intense board room goings on – we had to appoint a new management team and sign enough players to undertake our long awaited European debut and that first game against Vaduz – and a victory courtesy of Ryan Flynn’s strike made it another unforgettable occasion.  We may have narrowly lost the return leg in the shadow of The Alps but the day in Vaduz with a virtual take over of the town by an utterly amazing Falkirk support was the stuff of legend.   Back home to the nitty gritty of the SPL Eddie May took on, what many reckoned, an impossible task and despite some impressive performances we did not turn game domination and vital wins and it was obvious it was going to be a long hard season on and off the park.  The boardroom experience saw the club having to deal with many complex issues and one major legacy I am proud to be associated with for, and on behalf of, Bairnstrust was the successful share sale where we managed to nearly double the number of shareholders in the club with nearly 400 fans buying shares for the first time at a specially discounted price, raising over £300,000 for the club in the process. Another major event for me was getting direct involvement with Henry Mcleish and his review into the game for the SFA.  As a result I convinced him to spend some time at Falkirk FC and many of his recommendations, especially those involving youth football came after impressions made by the activities of the Falkirk Academy.  I also was involved with meetings with many of the games top brass including SPL, SFL and SFA chiefs and ongoing talks into league reconstruction.  

Sadly things on the park never really got better and Eddie May fell on his sword and we very quickly ushered in the Steven Pressley era.   None of the clandestine interviews of potential candidates in secret venues as happened in the summer – this time it was a very quick and unanimous board decision to give Steven his chance.  It all went to the last day at Kilmarnock and the gut wrenching end, the missed final chance and then the inevitable relegation but in truth our fate was sealed in game after game during the run in where we seemed unable to rack up the points needed for survival.  Even before the dust had settled, along with the rest of the board we were back in Falkirk meeting till the wee small hours trying to lay the foundations of a quick return and soon my time was over and Tom Paterson moved into the hot seat.   I absolutely loved every minute of my time and I am totally honoured to have served the club I have supported for 45 years and hopefully help Bairnstrust fully justify its place at the top table.  I have so many memories and experiences and thank the members who voted me into the position.  My business background even allowed me to revel in the tough stuff and my fellow board members always allowed me the chance to give input into the clubs business – maybe one day I will get the chance to contribute again.

8) Social Convenor's annual report
In what was a hectic season the major money-spinner for the Trust was the publishing of an official calendar for the club in a deal organised in conjunction with The Falkirk Herald, it was a huge success and allowed the Trust to make further significant purchases of shares in Falkirk FC.   We also organised the usual round of Quiz nights and social gatherings, which while not being major money-spinners, did bring many together for some fun evenings out.  Thanks of course must go to all my fellow committee members who worked hard at all these events as well as maintaining our successful concourse stalls which allow the Trust a vital and important presence within the club on match days.  Our Dads Army continue with the hugely successful Blind Club and Stadium.  Throughout my time as Board Room representative I took a succession of business people as my guest to games, many putting money into the club, Trust or both – I can assure all fans that Bairnstrust is held in the highest regard by many in business and the game, many other Trusts looking to us as a model of how a trust should be run and go about its business.  
Out with the direct involvement with the football club, Bairnstrust continues to take the lead in community education events in conjunction with Central Scotland Regional Equality Council, Show Racism The Red Card, Show Bigotry The Red Card and Falkirk Council Education Department with many workshops and events in local schools and workplaces throughout the year, and as always Bairnstrust continues to maintain regular involvement with Supporters Direct in Scotland. 
Thank you to Laura & Nicola in the FFC office for their help.

Q from floor – What was your role as FFC director and did you follow confidentiality rules?
Confidentiality rules were never breached.  Any allegations should be sent by letter to the BT Chairman and the committee will then investigate.

9) Election of Office Bearers/Committee Members Chairman S Jackson announced the following valid nominations received duly proposed and seconded and based on all application forms received by Scrutineer by deadline of Mon 15/03/10, 7pm:

S Jackson
T Paterson
B Guthrie
S Monfries
R Stirling
C Paterson
S Wilson

Retained for second year –

Nominations from floor: B Anderson, P Jack, C Chalmers & D McIntosh. With no objections duly co-opted onto Committee.

Thanks offered to all who had served in past year.  Office bearer positions will be decided by the committee at the committee meeting following the AGM.

10) Election of fans representative to the board of Falkirk FC  Scrutineer T Kopszywa has confirmed that two nominations were received for the position from S Jackson and S Monfries.  S Jackson subsequently stood down due to work and family commitments.  Therefore no vote was needed and S Monfries will be submitted by BairnsTrust to the Board of FFC for consideration.  S Monfries is a well respected local businessman and the BT committee wish him well in his new role and to T Paterson who takes over as the full fans representative on the FFC board.

Thank you and well done to B Guthrie for his excellent work in the two years spent on the FFC board.
Thanks to Scrutineer for services. Hoped BairnsTrust could reciprocate for ShireTrust.

11) Constitutional amendments
Resolution #1 re Annual Audit to Independent Examination change – Now a requirement to be decided upon at each AGM. If not approved would mean a breach of Independent and Friendly Society status and reverting back to a financially costly Annual Audit.
Resolution must be passed by 80% of the Members voting in person and by proxy, and only comes into force if it is passed by that margin and the numbers voting against do not equal more than 10% of those Members eligible to vote.
Unanimous hand vote on the night in favour. Duly carried.

Resolution #2 re appointment of Independent Examiner – James Marshall Paterson to be proposed for re-election. Resolution must be passed by at least 66% of those Members voting in person and by proxy at the meeting.
Unanimous hand vote on the night in favour. Duly carried.

12) Open Forum
a) Recent visit to Aberdeen – poor condition of terracing.  Lack of maintenance and considered dangerous.  Pictures taken as evidence
Outcome – BT to draft a letter to the match commander with attached photos.  Copies also to be sent to operations manager Aberdeen FC and K Hogg, FFC operations manager

b) Q from B Anderson – Have we received all monies and documents from the previous treasurer?
Not all but contact is continually trying to be made.

c) Season ticket/pay at the gate pricing – Full discussion followed regarding pricing of tickets including: St Johnstone fans benefited from 3 for 2 deal ran by FFC.  Concern that they would not reciprocate deal and not even offer student concessions.  Too many offers by FFC is devaluing the season ticket. 

13) Any other business

Chairman thanked all Members for attending.

14) Date of next meeting.

AGM - Provisionally Mon 18th April 2011

Monthly Meeting - Monday 17th May 2010 at 7.30pm in the Warm-Up Area of Falkirk Stadium


There then followed a BairnsTrust Committee Meeting to determine office bearer positions from within the committee:

Chairman: S Jackson
Vice Chairman: T Paterson
Secretary: R Stirling
Treasurer: P Jack


Contact methods:

a) Email to

b) Post your query on the message board at our website:

c) Visit the BairnsTrust stall located on the concourse in the Main Stand at home games.

d) Attendance at the monthly BairnsTrust meetings at the Falkirk Community Stadium on the third Monday of the month, KO 7.30pm.


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