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Monday 20th April 2009, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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BairnsTrust Annual General Meeting

20th April 2009 Falkirk Stadium 7.30pm

Present: (22).

Committee (7) – S Jackson, B Guthrie, P Jack, S Monfries, T Paterson, R Stirling, Jnr., B Anderson.

Members (14) – M Buchanan, C Chalmers, J Dick, L Dunsmore, B Johnston, H Johnston, S Johnston, S Knox, D McIntosh, R Paterson, D Robertson, W Robertson, J Sneddon.
Corporate Sponsor – Perfection.

Non-Members (1) – T Kopszywa.

Proxies Received (4) – H Dick, B Gallacher, G Young, Y Young.

  1. Chairperson's opening remarks.

Meeting was hosted by Chairman S Jackson who thanked all Members and the many new faces for attending. A quorum of Members was present.

Minutes were taken by Treasurer P Jack in the absence of a Secretary. Seeking a replacement.

Apologies (10) – J Bennie, M Dickins, J Gardiner, A McFarlane, M McIntyre, J Rae, I Sneddon, G Williamson, L Wilson, S Wilson.

2.Ratification of previous (AGM) minutes. Proposed W Robertson. Seconded T Paterson.


3.Matters arising from previous (AGM) minutes.

Still seeking a Secretary one year on.
A Laurie Testimonial events and monies satisfactorily concluded in the year.
Open forum discussions from last AGM noted had all been progressed i.e. development of the Falkirk Stadium, Falkirk District Council rejection of £3m of grant funding and the loss of playing fields at Ineos.
Other Matters – Covered later in agenda points.

4.Chairperson's annual report.


Very difficult year personally and for Trust as Falkirk FC not in crisis.
Accusations of Trust not representative of all supporters.
Reduction in Members. Rangers’ member numbers also down this season. Celtic only has roughly 200 memberships. Dundee only one up, but they require only to join once and become life members.
BairnsTrust at forefront of a number of actions.
Kick Racism out of Football continues with Trust, Vice-Chairman and Falkirk FC (FFC).
Supporters Direct (SD) see BairnsTrust as a model Trust for others to follow. SD’s E Millar was Boardroom guest of Trust previous Saturday versus Hearts and thoroughly enjoyed.
Trust Boardroom Experience winners continue to support initiative per positive questionnaires.
Chairman has built up good relationship with ArabTrust at Dundee United. Noted Treasurer also has numerous contacts at other Trusts.
Good working relationships with Trust’s own Corporate Sponsors. Thanks offered to all. Accepted by those attending tonight; The Barbers Pole and Perfection.
Current Fans Full Director on FFC Board; M McIntyre and Alternate Director; B Guthrie gain support, members and sponsors from touring hospitality on match days. Receive more positive comments from hospitality than any other group of FFC supporters.
Work in the Community initiatives, core to BairnsTrust –
. T Jamieson Memorial 5-a-side tournament with Carrongrange School. Trust Committee Members; B Anderson and M McIntyre attended school assembly for trophy presentation.
. TOA Taxis Race Night sponsorship. Trust advert in race programme.
. FCBraes04 Race Night sponsorship. Trust advert in race programme.
. Bairnfica Race Night sponsorship. Trust advert in race programme.
. DHL national 5s tournament at FFC pitches. Ball sponsorship. £12,000+ raised. FFC player K Finnigan presented prizes. Article mentioning Trust in DHL staff magazine.
BairnsTrust now the only registered fans representative body in FFC Constitution until 2011 having had full support from FFC Board and majority of FFC shareholders at 2008 FFC AGM.
Thanks to Trust Committee and IT Team; T Paterson and R Stirling, Jnr. for Trust website.
Thanks to S Monfries for work as Membership Secretary and to B Guthrie for hours put in.
Thanks to P Jack as Treasurer and Acting Secretary. Need a new Secretary.
Thanks to Members for support. Wishes to be considered for re-election as Trust Chairman.

Question from floor – Imbalance between Corporate Sponsors and fans in Trust. How to resolve membership? Many Trust Committee work top floor match days with rest on main stand concourse stall. More Member volunteers required to e.g. expand into 3rd or temp stand.
Trusts thrive in crisis. If relegated membership may increase? Trust not for younger fans? Try to co-opt younger Members onto Committee to assist Social Convenor with events? See Agenda point 9) below. B Guthrie has had many meetings with Bus Convenors and Trust hosted recent Fans Forum. Treasurer will personally go over to temporary stand at a post-split SPL match with programme bundles and Trust application forms. Need more Members or volunteers to allow Trust to venture into new areas.

Question from floor – Relationship with other supporters groups? Trust and The Brockville Spirit have differing goals. Trust to obtain healthy FFC shareholding, Brockville Spirit aim to do up stadium and create atmosphere.

5)       Secretary's annual report.

Treasurer P Jack covered the Acting Secretary role for past 12 months.

Main task to keep Secretary tasks ticking over. Monthly Meeting Minutes compiled and hosted onto Trust website within 7-10 days and Agendas produced for each meeting. Electronic newsletters #47 - #59 sent out by IT team keeps Members updated as well.
Task requirements of past year:

May 2008 (Covered 3 month period 19/02/08 – 18/05/08) –
- Ensured Trust IT team have e.g. newsletters, Minutes, adverts, etc. hosted on site promptly.
- Boardroom experience winners contacted before, during and after their respective prize winning event.
- SD Trust Committee training event at Broadwood, Sun 06/04/08. Two representatives required and sent. S Jackson and R Stirling, Jnr. Local Trusts attended – Falkirk, Airdrie United, Clyde and Clydebank.
- Linlithgow Rose’s Danny Smith Testimonial – Liaison with Testimonial Committee before, during and after event. Ensured announced at FFC home game week before match on Public Address as missed match day programme. Advertised on Trust website, message boards and requested and got on FFC website.
- SD Scottish Annual Conference at Stirling University, Sat 07/06/08. Four required. Trust sent six Committee Members - S Jackson, B Guthrie, P Jack, M McIntyre, S Wilson, and B Anderson. Application form completed and acknowledged.

Jun 2008 –
- Stand Up for Falkirk electronic logo inserted on Trust website for download and on all Trust email correspondence.
 - Dutch pre-season final tour dates, games, venues, KO times received from FFC days before made public by FFC.
- ShireTrust Quiz Night details to BairnsTrust Committee. Fri 27/06/08, Auld Toll, Grangemouth. One team sent containing S Jackson, P Jack, B Anderson, R Stirling, Jnr.
- Handled all before and after event paper and electronic media re Supporters Direct Conference on Sat 07/06/08. Synopsis of workshops compiled by attendees made available to those interested.

Aug 2008 (Covered 2 month period 17/06/08 – 17/08/08) –
- SD conference for local Trusts. Hibernian’s Easter Road Stadium, Sun 07/09/08, 1pm-4pm.
- SD membership survey launched. BairnsTrust current and former Members circulated.
- Assisted Membership Secretary in setting up 2008/09 Member’s database.
- Full stock check of stall undertaken. All old programmes now listed electronically.
- FSA finally ratifies Trust’s 2 constitutional amendments from April 2007 AGM after 3 attempts and 16 months.
- SD Membership renewal application form received for 2008/09.

Sep 2008 –
- First message of year from Show Racism The Red Card (SRTRC). Trust heavily involved all year round. Designated day of action Sat 18/10/08 v Aberdeen. FFC did own version.
- FFC EGM paperwork received. Proxy form completed and returned.
- Letter of resignation from Secretary M Ferguson received.

Oct 2008 –
- Membership cards produced.
- SD Secretaries Training. Trust unable to send a delegate to either session on Sun 05/10/08, Sun 02/11/08 or Sun 30/11/08 due to currently not having a Secretary. SD fully aware of this.
- Celtic FC’s reply to FFC letter of concerns following visit to Celtic Park received. Similar reply to one Trust received.

Nov 2008 –
- SD Annual Conference after event survey completed. BairnsTrust recommend Edinburgh or Glasgow. Normally in England. Trust’s B Anderson has attended before down south.
- Contacted FFC shop manager re Trust willingness to sell FFC merchandise from stall.
- Received annual Notice to deliver a Company Tax Return from HM Revenue & Customs for period 01/10/07 – 30/09/08.
- A Joyce letter. Compiled letter of thanks for all work in saving club in dim past.

Jan 2009 (2 months 18/11/08 – 18/01/09) –
- Tom Jamieson Memorial 5-a-side tournament report compiled.
- Contact established with £100 FFC Vouchers for Trust’s Annual Prize draw.
- Trust raffle prize handed over to Lothian Larengectomy Charity.
- Financial Services Authority (FSA) Mutual Societies Annual return received. To be completed and returned by 30/04/09 once Independent Examination passed at AGM.

Feb 2009 –
- Contacted by 4-4-2 magazine seeking whether Trust wish to set up a blog.
- Contacted by journalist seeking to start a new SPL magazine and whether BairnsTrust willing to contribute and promote.
- Statistics from Trust website hits compiled for interested parties.
- Trust’s AGM documentation compiled for Committee positions and hosted onto website.
- FFC AGM documentation received.

Mar 2009 –
- Lots of work involved in preparing, hosting and deciding on the two final candidates standing for position of Fans BairnsTrust Boardroom Rep for seasons 2009-2011. Took place on Mon 09/03/09 in home dressing room of the Falkirk Stadium.
- Notification of resignation received from Committee Member F Caldwell.
- Trust Secretary position. T Paterson co-opted 16/03/09 on a temporary “signing” basis up to Trust AGM.

Took over as Acting role from previous Secretary mid 2007 to present. 21 months. Need a new Secretary.
Thanks to IT Team; T Paterson and R Stirling, Jnr. for Trust website and taking on newsletters.
Thanks to S Monfries for taking on Membership Secretary role.
Thanks to S Monfries and B Anderson for assistance on match day stall.
Thanks offered by Chairman on behalf of fellow Trust Committee and Members for efforts.

Questions from floor – None.

6)       Treasurer's annual report.

Split into 2 parts:

a) May 2008 (Covered 3 month period 19/02/08 – 18/05/08) –
- Traditional quiet time for membership income generation.
- M White books still moving well.
- Second load of AGM postage costs at £102.62.
- A Laurie Testimonial BairnsTrust sponsorship cheque cashed.
- A Laurie framed shirt cash paid at AGM to Chairman.
- Independent Examiner’s fee paid at AGM to Chairman to pass to Examiner.
- £750.00 for 600 shares x £1.25 cheque cashed by FFC. Certificate received by Treasurer.
- Full stock list of programmes updated. All old programmes now listed electronically.
- Trust acted as 50:50 seller at home game v Inverness CT. Very successful. No commission.
- New small traders advertising pages on Trust website mentioned. £5/month.

Jun 2008 –
- Close season traditionally a quiet time for income generation.
- Spot-the-team-card at last month’s meeting raised net £30.
- Advised that BairnsTrust will be matchday vendor of M White’s new wartime book.
- Treasurer costs recovering electronic files following computer crash reimbursed with thanks.

Aug 2008 (Covered 2 month period 17/06/08 – 17/08/08) –
- New season subscriptions now arriving.
- 66 Members in first month of subscription period.
- 16 Sharesave members, generating £198/month.
- Grateful donations with new season subscriptions now arriving.
- Dutch programme pack great success at first available game versus Rangers.
- Annual Bank Interest received.

- Fundraising ideas over close season: account now operational and good commissions to date.
 .Unity Lottery not progressed.
 .Co-op Dividend scheme not progressed.
- 1st Corporate Sponsor of season signed – The Barbers Pole of Bo’ness. IT Team designed their website as part of sponsorship.
- Norwegian Members signed at Rangers game. Trinidadian Members being progressed.
- Thanks to FFC for being selected to film for Falkirk TV match v QPR and Dutch Tour games.
- Trust Committee Member R Stirling, Jnr. on becoming matchday programme co-ordinator.

Sep 2008 –
- 56 Members in second month of subscription period.
- Major cheques now cashed in previous month to suppliers:
 .£1,250 for 1,000 FFC shares purchased in name of BairnsTrust.
 .£1,250 for 5 lots of 200 FFC shares purchased in name of individual Sharesavers.
 .£500 for another 2 lots of 200 FFC shares purchased in name of individual Sharesavers.
 .£264 Trust sponsorship of B O’Brien boots.
 .£200 Trust sponsorship of 2 youth team players shirts; E Eklund and S Murdoch.
 .£123 printing of 3,500 Trust 2008/09 application forms.
- £250 for 1 lot of 200 FFC shares to be purchased. Missing Member not responding. If anyone knows whereabouts of R King from New Carron Village, please can they advise Trust. Announcement broadcast at Hearts game on Sat 13/09/08 seeking Member. Recorded letters.
- £235 for 5 murals commissioned.
- Thu 18/09/08, 2pm at FFC Astroturf pitches. DHL tournament for Children of Chernobyl. Trust had presence and banner on show for photo publicity. Trust has paid for pitch hire.
- TOA taxis fundraising race night for Strathcarron Hospice in Grangemouth Tavern on Sat 01/11/08, 7.30pm. BairnsTrust sanctioned to sponsor a race at £30.

Oct 2008 –
- 2nd and 3rd Corporate sponsor renewals of season – BRS Ltd and J Bennie Electrical Ltd.
- Trust Football Quiz Night healthy profit made.
- fund growing.
- Annual Trust Membership £100 prize draw FFC vouchers purchased.
- £50 SD annual membership cheque settled.

Nov 2008 –
- 4th corporate sponsor renewals of season – Beijing Villa.
- A Quest Night broke even.
- Children In Need Quiz Night produced over £200 for the charity on the night. £500+ in total.
- Compiled financial breakdown of latest Trust events - Sport Quiz Night, A Quest Night and Children In Need Quiz Night.

Jan 2009 (2 months 18/11/08 – 18/01/09) –
- 5th corporate sponsor renewal of season confirmed – Thomas Johnston Quality Butchers Ltd.
- Tenders sent to 3 former Trust Annual Auditors in attempt to obtain cheaper fee for this year’s Independent Examination. Existing Independent Examiner still available. First draft financial statement compiled by Treasurer over Christmas.
- Another Acting Secretary required to sign Independent Examination on behalf of Trust as Treasurer/current Acting Secretary (same) not permitted to also do. F Caldwell volunteered.

Feb 2009 –
- 6th corporate sponsor of season confirmed – Perfection
- FCBraes04 Falkirk Supporters Sunday Amateur Football Club Race Night on Saturday 04/04/09. Sponsor a race at £10 and donate raffle prize of old FFC programmes and Trust merchandise.

Mar 2009 –
7th corporate sponsor of season confirmed – JH Kilt Hire Ltd.
- Significant cheque received from potential 8th Corporate Sponsor of season to be used in new BairnsTrust/Falkirk TV initiative.
- AGM admin costs beginning.
- Latest 4-figure Trust Sharesave claim currently with FFC for ratification at next Board meeting.
- Numerous AGM documents compiled by Treasurer and circulated amongst Committee.
- Invite to all Corporate Sponsors to include their advertisement leaflets in Trust AGM pack to Members. Good response.
- Independent Examiner still working on Trust annual financial statements. Back Sat 18/04/09.

b) Copies of Annual Accounts for year ended 30/09/08 circulated and made available.

Treasurer covered first few pages of text to explain formal details required, list of Committee Members, Trust Board Member’s Report and Independent Examiner’s Statement. Poor financial year.


Merchandise, social nights, spot the team cards, book commission, etc. raised £485. Lot less than 2007.
Offset by quiz night prize £100.
Net £385 well down on previous year.
Poor bank interest.
Donations in period (£582), reflecting £1,000 of Trust shares bought in FFC deducted from contingency fund. Donations gratefully accepted.
Contributions from Membership and Sharesavers including 7 Corporate sponsors of £3,784.
Total income £3,591, down circa £1,200 from previous year.


Postage and stationery down again to £57. Lots of Ebay sales.
Big increase in promotional material to £1,539. Consists of mainly:
. 2 x Trust banners at £216.
. A Laurie Testimonial shirt sponsorship at £300.
. A Laurie Testimonial shirt framing at £100.
. 3,500 Trust application forms at £123 for insertion in FFC season ticket mail out.
. £264 for B O’Brien boots sponsorship.
. 2 x £100 FFC youth player shirt sponsorship – E Eklund and S Murdoch.
. £235 for 5 murals commissioned.
Accountant’s Independent Examination fee now consistent. This year’s fee handed to Chairman to pass on.
FSA fee £50 from £45.
AGM printing and posting costs at £147.
DHL sponsorship £50.
£100 Membership voucher prize for club shop still maintained for those signed by end Sept.
Show Racism The Red Card. Majority met by FFC with thanks. Not intention to make profit on this event.
Sharesave £3,527. Well up on 2007. Treasurer explained that is a 2-year cycle hit as all sharesaves mature every 2 years. Next year’s accounts will show a large reduction.
Total expenditure £5,765, up £3,484 from previous year.

Loss in period of £2,174. Swing of £4,727 from previous year.

Balance Sheet:

Change in Investments to £27,500 due to Trust share purchases of £2,250 in 2008.
Cash at bank £2,751 at 30/09/08. £1,000 higher currently at 31/03/09.
Creditors outstanding £8,451 mainly extrapolating forward sharesaves due to mature.
Share Capital in Trust £662, including 61 new Members in subscription period.
Profit and loss carried £21,139.
Balance sheet squares at £21,801.
Notes on page 6 further analyse key Balance Sheet figures.

Question from floor – Trust shares not at 50p. Treasurer explained that FFC shares are all valued at 50p, but traded at formerly 61p and currently 125p.

Question from floor – Trust shareholding. BairnsTrust currently 8th largest shareholder.

Independent Examination adopted. Proposed J Sneddon. Seconded S Johnston. Signed copies to be forwarded by Treasurer to FSA and Inland Revenue by end of April. Since met.
Treasurer now moves onto ShireTrust Independent Examination.

Thanks offered by Chairman on behalf of Trust Committee and Members for efforts.

7)       Fans Director’s annual report.

In the absence of Fans Director M McIntyre tonight, Chairperson read report.

New 3rd stand will be ready for start of next season. Thanks to S Alexander from FFC and BairnsTrust.
S Alexander has appointed P Kelly to represent as an observer on FFC Board.
B Guthrie now steps up from Alternate Director to Full Trust Director in place of M McIntyre.
Demerger will solve some of the stadium complaints covered at Trust meetings over year.
Trust voted in favour of A Joyce share buy-back proposal.
Fans representative M McIntyre attended Dundee United FC Chairman E Thompson’s funeral.
Visits to Corporate Hospitality on match days to highlight BairnsTrust.
Visits to Amarillo on match days to highlight BairnsTrust.
Been an education and steep learning curve.
Thanks to B Guthrie and J Gardiner for assistance.
Thanks to Trust Members for chance to act as Fans Director.
Thanks to FFC for allowing to act as Fans Director.
M McIntyre now returns to BairnsTrust Committee but will remain active with Trust/FFC Former Players Association on match days.

Questions from floor – None.

8)       Social Convenor's annual report.

Trust seemed to fight a rearguard action with FFC Board regularly.
BairnsTrust now enshrined in FFC Constitution until 2011 at loss of one full Fans Director post.
Have continued to not go against FFC merchandise lines, keeping to Trust’s own instead.
Social Convenor taken on by FFC to use expertise and bring ideas, first of which new lottery.
Lottery monies ring fenced for youth academy. Any potential agents amongst membership?
FFC have undertaken swinging cost cutting. FFC TV was one area to suffer. BairnsTrust stepped in and raised monies required via Minerva Business Systems. Trust will run next season as Channel 1876 with new ideas and features.
Through Treasurer, involvement with Broadcast Professionals who offered to make a small Trust TV commercial. Will now be a 7-10min centrepiece feature as Bairns International newsletter with FFC TV and Trust subscription included in new price package. Company will film Hampden Semi Final crowd scenes. Features with Trust/FFC Former Players Association.
“Teambuilder £100 bond” to be launched. Will get value back over a couple of seasons via discount off season ticket or merchandise. Working with FFC’s D White on package.
“Golden Balls” idea to be developed. “Bairns 500” to be launched.
Show Racism The Red Card Day another success. Social Convenor co-opted onto Central Scotland Racial Equality Committee. Trust now working in local schools with workshops. Also enabled 250 families from local community to attend a FFC match during season. Nationalities ranged from Polish, Kenyans, Malawis, etc. Hope will buy season tickets for coming season.
Kick Out Bigotry now up and running.
Successful Quiz Night for trophy now a regular Trust event. To be repeated.
Social Convenor also PR Liaison Officer. FFC match day programme article each game. Weekly fans article in Scotsman. BBC website postings. 4-4-2 magazine contact.
Fans Liaison Rep visiting local pubs, functions and invites to supporters groups meetings.
Organised a Fans Forum following requests.
Arranged meeting with FFC for parties to discuss season tickets and 3rd stand preferences.
Regular contact with Supporters Direct. E Millar will be attending as Trust guest versus Hearts.
League structure fans survey undertaken at Supporters Direct Conference.
Contact with new Hamilton Trust Chairman and will meet when clubs next clash in SPL.
Discussed election issues with Motherwell Trust.
Regular invites from ShireTrust to discuss issues of theirs.
B Guthrie is currently in observer role for Trust in FFC Boardroom.
Vice Chairman has brought many guests into boardroom who have gone on to take match day corporate hospitality.
Not been the best year for Trust money raising through social events.

Question from floor – Trust money raising. Concentrate on Trust membership and not FFC money raising? Differing products to suit audience. ArabTrust have fewer Members than BairnsTrust but all work to bring big income into Dundee United. Agree need to watch age and financial demographic of membership.

Question from floor – 50:50 sellers. Work tirelessly as volunteers for free with all profit to FFC. Never mentioned by club. B Guthrie will mention in next match day magazine article. Since done. Ayr United lottery makes £172,000 per year.

Question from floor – Trust raising money for FFC. Raise money for Trust to increase shareholding for Trust in first instance. B Guthrie undertakes voluntary work for Trust and FFC. Gains “brownie points” for Trust instead. Bigger Trust projects upcoming. Trust will target 3rd and temp stand aiming to recruit members. Rotate stall location?

Social Convenor thanked Members for comments and ideas tonight.

9)       Election of Office Bearers/Committee Members.

Chairman S Jackson announced the following valid nominations received duly proposed and seconded and based on all application forms received by Scrutineer by deadline of Mon 16/02/09, 7pm:

Chairperson – S Jackson. Proposed – B Guthrie. Seconded – S Wilson.
Vice-Chairperson – B Guthrie. Proposed – S Wilson. Seconded – S Jackson.
Secretary – None.
Treasurer – None.

Committee –

S Monfries. Proposed – S Jackson. Seconded – B Guthrie.
T Paterson. Proposed – J Rae. Seconded – P Jack.
* D Robertson. Proposed – S Wilson. Seconded – B Guthrie.
R Stirling, Jnr. Proposed – T Paterson. Seconded – J Dick.
* S Wilson. Proposed – B Guthrie. Seconded – S Jackson.

Retained for second year – B Anderson, M McIntyre.
Standing down due to ill health - J Gardiner. Will continue FFC work on match days and remain a Trust Member. Thanks from Trust for all work over the years.
Nominations from floor – C Chalmers, D McIntosh. With no objections duly co-opted onto Committee.

* Will act on temporary basis due to work and family commitments.

Secretary position requirement of Company Law. Can be an independent person to Trust and FFC. Standard role description available. Can be a part-time/retired former Secretary.

Thanks offered to all who had served in past year.

Questions from floor – None.

10)      Election of fans representative to the board of Falkirk FC.

Scrutineer T Kopszywa took over Meeting at start of AGM to announce:

S Monfries – 30 votes.
T Paterson – 36 votes.

66 returned valid votes.

T Paterson will be submitted by BairnsTrust to Board of FFC for consideration.
Thanks to Scrutineer for services. Hoped BairnsTrust could reciprocate for ShireTrust.

Questions from floor – None.

11)       Constitutional amendments.

Resolution #1 re Annual Audit to Independent Examination change – Now a requirement to be decided upon at each AGM. If not approved would mean a breach of Independent and Friendly Society status and reverting back to a financially costly Annual Audit.
Resolution must be passed by 80% of the Members voting in person and by proxy, and only comes into force if it is passed by that margin and the numbers voting against do not equal more than 10% of those Members eligible to vote.
Unanimous hand vote on the night in favour. Duly carried.

Resolution #2 re appointment of Independent Examiner – James Marshall Paterson to be proposed for re-election. Resolution must be passed by at least 66% of those Members voting in person and by proxy at the meeting.
Unanimous hand vote on the night in favour. Duly carried.

Questions from floor – None.

12)       Open Forum.

a) Inverness Incident – At Trust Member request BairnsTrust Chairman and former FFC/Trust Fans Liaison Officer S Jackson was asked to recount his version of events at recent Inverness CT match and answered further questions on the matter. Not Minuted.

b) Letter to FFC – Chairman re-read letter to Members. The Trust gave its version of events and timelines. A healthy question and answer session followed. Not Minuted. No further comment to be made until FFC Monthly Board Meeting on Thu 30/04/09.

13)       Any other business.


Chairman thanked all Members for attending.

14)       Date of next meeting.

AGM – Mon 15/03/10 or Mon 19/04/10. To be confirmed.

Monthly Meeting - Monday 18/05/09 at 7.30pm in the Warm-Up Area of Falkirk Stadium.


There then followed at Trust Committee Meeting to determine new roles and plan for FFC Monthly Board Meeting on Thu 30/04/09.


Contact methods:

a) Email to

b) Post your query on the message board at our website:

c) Visit the BairnsTrust stall located on the concourse in the Main Stand at home games.

d) Attendance at the monthly BairnsTrust meetings at the Falkirk Community Stadium on the third Monday of the month, KO 7.30pm.


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