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Monday 20th April 2009, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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BairnsTrust Annual General Meeting

21st April 2008 Falkirk Stadium 7.30pm


Present: (26). S Jackson, B Guthrie, P Jack, F Caldwell, J Gardiner, T Paterson, R Stirling, Jnr., S Wilson, B Anderson, M Paterson.
J Dick, G Forster, J Jamieson, S Monfries, J Paterson, T Smith, D Robertson, W Robertson, I Sneddon, J Sneddon, S Williamson.
A Cruse, Alan H, R Poole, R Wayne, A White.

Election of fans representative to the board of Falkirk FC.

Scrutineer T Kopyswka took over Meeting to announce:

B Guthrie – 61 votes.
T Paterson – 34 votes.

95 returned valid votes.

1) Chairperson's opening remarks.

Meeting was hosted by Chairman S Jackson.

Minutes were taken by Treasurer P Jack.

Apologies. - M McIntyre, P Reid, G Williamson, L Wilson.

T Smith from Falkirk FC brought along the newly won Clydesdale Bank Best Community Initiative 2007/08 Trophy for display.

2) Ratification of previous (AGM) minutes. Proposed J Dick. Seconded J Sneddon.

3) Matters arising from previous (AGM) minutes. None.

4) Chairperson's annual report.

Difficult year for Trust as Falkirk FC not in crisis.
Not as many Members as had hoped following fee reduction to only £5.
Initiative to add fee to season ticket for coming season with opt out option not now possible.
Lost one full Director position.
Thanks to Trust Committee and to M Paterson who resigns, L Wilson who will be standing down and S Wilson whose two-year term ends tonight, but wishes to be co-opted back onto Committee.

5)       Secretary's annual report.

Former Secretary Liz McDaid was in post for the spell from 17/04/07 – 20/08/07 but due to work commitments was unable to attend meetings and no reports were possible for May/Jun/Jul/Aug but during this spell :

Dutifully handled online correspondence.
Raith Rovers enquiry on SPL2 that sought both Trust and Falkirk Football Club's (FFC) view.
Liaised with Supporters Direct on change of Trust details.
Fielded FSA and Inland Revenue correspondence.
Dundee United ArabTrust contact re disabled supporter's fundraising and visit to FFC.
Forwarded, raised and replied to Charity Golf Tournament invites.

Treasurer Peter Jack covered the Acting Secretary spell from 20/08/07 – 20/04/08.

Vacancy was advertised in Falkirk Herald seeking a Secretary.
Supporter's Direct annual subscription and Membership form posted.
Supporter's Direct insurance scheme literature received. Benefits include – coverage for fundraising events, public liability insurance, interest free direct debit premium, Trust Executive Board liability insurance, coverage for Executive Board, etc.
Supporter's Direct national annual conference on Fri 19/10/07 at the GMEX Centre, Manchester.
‘Kick-Out Bigotry’ (KOB). Various correspondences between Trust and Campaign Co-Coordinator ahead of action at game v Rangers on Sat 24/11/07.
Show Racism The Red Card (SRTRC) vacancy circulated and included in latest newsletter.
Share in Ebbsfleet United for £35? One Trust Committee Member has applied.
Contacted FFC to verify BairnsTrust full page advert for A Lawrie Testimonial Matchday Programme was acceptable as contained FFC crest. Passed.
One Trust Committee Member contacted to supply article to 4-4-2 magazine. Submitted and published as individual viewpoint.
Trust Grant Application confirmation letter from Supporters Direct (SD).
Submitted article, photo and logo to Falkirk Herald re Show Racism The Red Card Day.
Submitted article, photo and logo to FFC Matchday Magazine re Kick Out Bigotry Day.
Submitted article, photo and logo to FFC website re Kick Out Bigotry Day.
Thanks to T Smith for publishing.
Boardroom Experience Winners contacted via email if applicable and telephoned by B Anderson where otherwise.
Boardroom Experience after-event questionnaires sent out. Positive responses received back.
Agenda and Monthly Minutes compiled, circulated and printed by Treasurer.

Trust Secretary position. M McIntyre co-opted 22/02/08 on a temporary “signing” basis up to Trust AGM.

Dee4Life contacted twice during month seeking Dens Park hospitality on Sat 23/02/08 v Dundee Utd.
Notes taken at FFC AGM on Thu 07/02/08 for summary use to Trust Members.
March Hustings.

Thanks offered by Chairman on behalf of fellow Trust Committee and Members for efforts and detailed Newsletters. Accepted.

6)       Treasurer's annual report.
Copies of Annual Accounts for year ended 30/09/07 circulated and made available.
Better trading year with less Sharesave maturities and continued recovery of monies overspent in previous years.
Social Night fundraising did help alleviate although only included back end of Brightons S Connolly/R Roxx and Castings Just John & Paul. Quiz night Feb 2006 good. None since.
Highlight - KOB v Rangers Nov 2007. Covered 3 sides of ground. Army of non-BT volunteers. T-shirts used as incentive. Met Nicola Sturgeon, MSP.
Lowlight - Severe difficulties in getting new Independent Examination implemented and "signed-off" due to new Financial Services Authority regulations.

Merchandise, Social Nights, Spot the Team Cards, etc. raised £762. Lot less than 2006.
Offset by Social Night arrangement costs £90.
Net £672 well down on previous year.
Little Bank Interest.
Donations in period £250. Gratefully accepted.
Contributions from Membership and Sharesavers including 7 Corporate Sponsors of £3,911.
Total income £4,834.


Following from last years AGM, Postage and Stationery down to £247. Lots of Ebay sales.
Main promotional material was 2 x Trust banners. Total £311.
3 lots of Accountants fees. 1st Non-qualified. 2nd not registered Auditor. 3rd accepted.
FSA fee reduced from £60 to £45. Dependent on turnover banding.
2 lots of AGM printing and posting costs at £190.
Tom Jamieson Memorial 5s Tournament £15. FFC pay majority via medals and goody bags.
£100 Membership voucher prize for club shop still maintained for those signed by end Sept.
Show Racism The Red Card. Majority met by FFC with thanks. Not intention to make profit on this event.
Sharesave £1,135. Well down 2006. Caution as in mid 2-year cycle. 9 mature Summer 2008.
Total expenditure £2,281.

Profit in period of £2,553.

Balance Sheet:

No change in Investments at £25,250. Trust only share purchaser in 2008.
Cash at bank £4,926 at 30/09/07. Double 30/09/06.
Creditors outstanding £6,261 mainly sharesaves due to mature.
Share Capital in Trust £601, including 94 new Members in subscription period.
Net Current Liabilities illiquid at £1,336. A third of 2006s. Heading in right way.
Share Capital up 94 brand new Members.
Profit and loss carried £23,313.
Andy Lawrie Testimonial sponsorship budget £300.

Independent Examination adopted. Proposed F Caldwell. Seconded S Wilson. Signed copies to be forwarded by Treasurer to FSA and Inland Revenue by end of April. Since met.
Treasurer now moves onto ShireTrust Independent Examination.

Thanks offered by Chairman on behalf of Trust Committee and Members for efforts. Accepted.
Spot the Team Card winner. Hearts. S Williamson. £15.

7)       Fans Directors annual report.

Major disappointment was the loss of one full Trust Director post. Club felt no longer merited two positions.
Input by Sandy Alexander re new 3rd stand appreciated by all at BairnsTrust.
Still a vacancy on FFC Board. S Alexander?
Murray McIntyre now steps up from Alternate Director to Full Trust Director.
FFC Board happy with AGM “Resolution 2”. Fully debated and case for submitted at FFC AGM. Three Members of Major Shareholders Group (MSG) with 25% holding objected thus blocking. Club Articles blocked as well. Open to previous Board regime scenario. Roughly 65 attended clubs AGM. 60 voted for, 5 against. FFC Board very supportive of Trust. FFC have drafted new “Resolution 2.” Trust have seen and agreed in confidence and will recommend to adopt. If MSG disagrees then “run the show.” Have run past legal people and acceptable. FFC Board happy to push Resolution forward to an EGM.
Trust has had many discussions with FFC Board over year with many healthy arguments.
Only ever been involved in one vote: Spain mid-season holiday.
Trust Boardroom Experience has been very well accepted.
Thanks offered to J Gardiner for work in Boardroom on matchdays. Accepted.
Attended SPL Supporters meetings. Celtic doesn’t attend.
S Jackson and one other FFC Director only people to visit hospitality boxes on matchdays. Enables Trust to sign Corporate Sponsors and Members.
Thanks to T Smith for allowing two Trust banners be placed in Kier Homes Stand.
Outgoing Fans Director S Jackson thoroughly enjoyed 2 year spell. Fantastic. Built good links, contacts and friends that will maintain especially at Dundee Utd’s ArabTrust.
Thanks to above for help given to BairnsTrust.
Trust 2% short of becoming a Major Shareholder. Try to sweep up small shareholders with handful of shares. Alternatively one of Major Shareholders to donate some share to Trust.
Trust and FFC agree need more Members.
Thanks to Members for allowing S Jackson opportunity. Thanks to FFC. Best wishes to M McIntyre as new Fans Director and B Guthrie as Trust Associate Director.

Question from floor re how much money required to become Major Shareholder. Figures were banded but agreed to obtain current Trust holding and requirement confirmed by FFC Company Secretary D Webster. BairnsTrust and Trust Sharesave Members only ones to have bought share in Club in past year. No current FFC Directors have bought. Many do have large holdings already.

8)       Social Convenor's annual report.

Lack of Social events a problem.
Community events have increased. Show Racism The Red Card Day and Supporter’s Direct backed Anti-Racism initiatives throughout the year. Local High Schools involved. Council have taken on workshops. Huge gulf with Primary Schools. R Latapy has visited 8-10 year olds. Falkirk Herald reveals most publicity outwith FFC is BairnsTrust anti-racism features.
KOB now up and running.
Successful Quiz Night to be repeated. Trying to move most of Trust events into Stadium. Amarillo charge for events. Dilemma whether free v pay or weekdays v weekends. Move events back into community? Have never had a disco event. Performers include London West End act and tribute bands.
Social Convenor also PR Liaison Officer. Many emails sent to media. Registered with Sky, Real Radio and Scotsman as point of contact. Weekly fans article in Scotsman.
Trust branded merchandise to be resurrected.
Matchday programmes and old progs on stall good money raiser.
Trust Board have had lots of meetings with lawyers re FFC AGM Resolutions and Articles amendments.
Local Councillors have promoted BairnsTrust as a model Trust.
Supporters Direct run seminars for Trust Committee Members to gather skills and used BairnsTrust as a “guinea pig” test case.
Mention made of forthcoming trip to Gala Fairydean Club to present A Lawrie with final cheque from Testimonial events on Sat 03/05/08. Band and presentation. BairnsTrust now paid for framed shirt, programme and ticket. Displayed to Members tonight. Trust stepped into sponsor strips for game when major sponsor pulled out late.
Thanks offered for efforts by Testimonial Committee. Accepted.
Thanks offered by Chairman on behalf of Trust Committee and Members for efforts by Social Convenor and Social Committee of L Wilson and S Wilson. Accepted.

Question from floor re merchandising. T Smith will allow to be stocked in FFC shop.

Question from floor re programme sales in Amarillo. BairnsTrust to become a second vendor for next home game? Since progressed.

9)       Election of office bearers/Committee Members.

Chairman S Jackson announced the following valid nominations received duly proposed, seconded and third:

Chairperson – One unopposed nominee. S Jackson.
Vice-Chairperson – One unopposed nominee. B Guthrie.
Treasurer – None.
Secretary – None.

Unopposed nominees. B Anderson, J Gardiner, P Jack, M McIntyre, T Paterson.
M Paterson requested nomination to be annulled.
Retained for second year – R Stirling, Jnr.
Nominations from floor – None.

Secretary position requirement of Company Law. Can be an independent person to Trust and FFC. Standard job description available produced by local voluntary body. Can be a part-time/ retired former Secretary.

Committee Meeting to follow after this evening’s AGM. Since postponed.

Thanks offered to all who had served in past year and were standing down. Accepted.
Thanks offered to volunteers who helped at A Lawrie Testimonial game.

10)      Election of fans representative to the board of Falkirk FC.

Scrutineer T Kopyswka took over Meeting at start of AGM to announce:

B Guthrie – 61 votes.
T Paterson – 34 votes.

95 returned valid votes.

B Guthrie will be submitted by BairnsTrust to Board of FFC for consideration.

11)       Constitutional amendments.

Resolution #1 re Independent Examination – This is now a requirement to be decided upon at each AGM and if not approved would mean a breach of Independent and Friendly Society status. Unanimous hand vote on the night in favour. Duly carried.
Resolution #2 re appointment of Independent Examiner – James Marshall Paterson to be proposed for re-election. Unanimous hand vote on the night in favour. Duly carried.

Question from floor re why Independent Examiner has to be agreed tonight. Treasurer replied that tendered 5 applicants in previous months to no avail. Current incumbent is acceptable, but if no longer available to undertake nominations would be sought by Trust Committee on a normal business basis. Two recommended persons were quoted from Members.

Question from floor re Terms of Notice required to replace Independent Examiner. Treasurer answered that new regulations require form required to be completed by any prospective candidate and they would be duly considered. No deadline or time limit. Conversely, current Independent Examiner would have to inform Trust by letter if no longer wishes to undertake Examination and would have to be well in advance of next AGM. Similar to notice previous Annual Auditor gave to Trust.

12)       Open Forum.

The Forum was dominated by recent press re the development of the Falkirk Stadium, Falkirk District Council rejection of £3m of grant funding and the loss of playing fields at Ineos. Numerous questions were fielded and fully discussed.
Many local councillors were named and their views debated.
These Meeting Minutes will not name or give a Trust view on the matters.
BairnsTrust will assist Members wishing to campaign further.

13)       Any other business.

Players for next season? FFC Board meeting next week. Budget not discussed to date. Manager regularly misquoted in press. All other club department’s budgets completed just team budget to be done. Top 6 was worth £400k. Bottom 6 worth £100k received already.

Treasurer highlighted need for Committee to sign Annual Accounts to FSA and Inland Revenue. Duly completed.

Chairman offered thanks to all Members for attending and reminded about trip to Gala Fairydean Club to present A Lawrie with final cheque from Testimonial events on Sat 03/05/08. Band and presentation. Bus leaves 5.30pm-6pm.

14)       Date of next meeting.

AGM – March/April 2009. TBC.
Monthly Meeting - Monday 19th May 2008 at 7.30pm in the Warm-Up Area of Falkirk Stadium.
BairnsTrust Committee Meeting. TBC.



Contact methods:

a) Email to

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c) Visit the BairnsTrust stall located on the concourse in the Main Stand at home games.

d) Attendance at the monthly BairnsTrust meetings at the Falkirk Community Stadium on the third Monday of the month, KO 7.30pm.


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