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Monday 15th May 2006, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Bairnstrust Annual General Meeting

27th January 2003

Brockville Park, Falkirk

Those Present:
Michael White
Alistair Ferrie
William Anderson
Fergus Caldwell
Brian Guthrie
Kirstie Adam
Tom Jamieson
Members List Attached (Not for publication)

Michael White called the meeting to order, welcomed members and introduced the Committee.

1. Apologies for Absence
Apologies and proxy votes were received from Ian Souter, Ronald Malloy, Bruce Judd, Mary White and Sandy Alexander who allocated their proxy to Michael White and from Jeanette Boyd who allocated her proxy to Brian Guthrie. Apologies were also received from Tom Hamilton, Alex Hastings, Robert Johnston and Brian Dick

2. Membership Update
The meeting was advised of current membership levels. A copy of the Secretary’s report is attached.

3. Treasurers Report
Copy Attached.
i ) The treasurer put two proposals forward: -
Allow a lay auditor to audit accounts as allowed by current Financial Legislation for organisations with an annual turnover below £90,000
ii ) Adopt 30th September as BairnsTrust year-end.
Both proposals were carried unanimously.

4. Chairman’s Report
Again, copy attached. Michael also paid testament to the work carried out by George Craig and Stephen Bird as current Supporter Directors.

5. Annual Subscription
The proposal for an annual membership fee of £1 was passed unopposed.

6. BairnsTrust Representation on Falkirk FC Board
The proposed Code of Conduct issued to all members was gone through in detail. The following areas were raised: -
Proposal by Paul Hutton that 2 consecutive terms be the maximum allowed for a supporter director
Counter-Proposal from Stephen Bird was that no immediate re-election be allowed.
Voting was 17-10 in favour of the proposal from the body of the hall.
Further discussion was entered into on who was eligible to stand for election.
Proposal from Paul Hutton that any paid up trust member be eligible to stand with the proviso that election requires them to sit on the Trust Board
Counter Proposal was that Supporter Director be from the current BairnsTrust board.
Voting was 33-1 in favour of the proposal.
The Chair proposed that one of the current representatives remains at the moment for the sake of continuity
No counter proposal was received and the proposal was carried unanimously.
The Chair proposed that the same election procedure be applied to appoint the first BairnsTrust director as was used for the Committee elections
No counter proposal was received and the proposal was carried unanimously.

7. Open Forum - Questions and Answers

David Doctor: - have either of the current Supporters Directors found a problem with the Board claiming confidentiality when they do not believe this should apply?
Stephen Bird and George Craig both advised that they could not recall such a problem ever arising. Normally common sense prevails. Both also commented on how open the Board were with them

Brian Guthrie: - are minutes taken at Board meeting and if so can they be brought to the Trust Board?
George Craig advised minutes were not necessarily taken but understandably if they were they would remain confidential.

Paul Hutton: - am I correct in assuming that in the terms of the constitution an Executive Board of the Trust should be formed and if so when will this be formed?
Michael White pointed out there was merely provision for the appointment of an Executive Board if it was deemed necessary and it was not a requirement of the constitution.

Paul Hutton: - does the Trust have outstanding liabilities at present?
Michael White confirmed that there are currently monies owing to Back the Bairns for the production of the first newsletter. This will be settled on receipt of the cheque from Supporters Direct towards set up costs.

No further questions were forthcoming and Michael brought the meeting to a close reminding everyone that from March regular BairnsTrust meetings would be held the first Monday of every month and all members are welcome to attend.

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