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Bairns Abroad

Are you a Bairn in exile?

Do you crave attending a game at Westfield?

Want to be kept in touch?

Would you like to watch games Online?

Want a matchday programme?

This section of the BairnsTrust Web Site gives people the chance to list themselves on our database of worldwide Bairns Fans . It will give people the opportunity  to see just how far support for Falkirk has traveled around the world.

Not only that you never know you maybe living in a country where you live close to another Bairns fan you never knew about. Imagine meeting up in a bar in some foreign country and reminiscing about those old Falkirk games.

Another point of this feature is to judge just where people log onto the web site from around the world.

As this section grows we will be adding new features to our worldwide section which may include competitions and interviews. So why not join up now, add your name to our database and show everyone else just where Bairns fans are throughout the world.


Why not add your details to our evergrowing database, none of your private details are passed to third parties.Tell us a bit about yourself where you are etc. What you miss most.

For those who cannot open .pdf files, there is the option to e-mail us

Look here for a list of those who have already signed up


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