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FFC October Boardroom Report
By Murray McIntyre 30th October 2008


John Hughes attended the meeting on his own and gave his report. He notified the Board that he was thinking about putting some of the younger players out on loan to gain more experience. Mitchell, Stewart, Moffat, and Staunton he thought would fall into this category. Berwick Rangers had shown some interest but nothing concrete had been arranged.
On the performance side, he said that he thought, if anything, the players were trying too hard and needed to relax a bit. The players were quite bullish and expected to finish well up the league, in fact some of the older players thought that pressing for a place in Europe was not out of the question, and if we finished in the bottom half of the league, then they should hide under the blankets.

On Liam Craig, Yogi and George Craig did not think that the club had had a fair hearing as they went to the tribunal well prepared and expected to get more than the £25.000 but the hearing had been a bit rushed.
There are 14 players out of contract at the end of the season and he is working on this at the moment by having talks with the players he wishes to tie up. He also said that he has some irons in the fire regarding new faces coming, but some may just sign pre-contract terms and join us at the end of the season.


The club had received a further letter from Celtic regarding our complaint, but it was in the same vein as the previous one and the Board came to the conclusion that we had made our point and that we were not going to achieve much more and we decided to drop the matter. (George was passing a copy of the Celtic letter to us)


There was a discussion on the sale of match tickets and on the low turnout at the C.I.S. cup tie. The Trust were charged with trying to get more bums on seats, this also was brought up at the end of the meeting, and I said that we were well aware of the problem but the Trust alone could not pull fans in off the street, we had problems ourselves just trying to get members, that we were working in the community, publicising Falkirk Football Club and in this way trying to get more people through the gates.


Due to the present financial crisis, the club was affected just as other businesses were and were battening down the hatches and savings have been made. Jackie Stronach, our new Finance and Admin Manager, has put in a new stock control programme whereby a manual stock at the years end will not now be necessary. Other figures were discussed but these have to be kept confidential. Two share applications were put forward and passed, Gean Developments Ltd - 10,000 shares and Stephen Keiss - 200 shares.


It was accepted by the Board that the proposed date for the A.G.M. in December was a bit tight to get all the facts and figures pulled together and it was now proposed to hold it later in January.


David White gave a full and informative report but again the figures he gave must be confidential. He did say that a product inventory on Sponsorships had been prepared and would be the focus of Alex Totten's efforts over the next two months also meetings will be arranged with major advertising agencies. A drive will also be made to increase the sales of advertising boards. A new range of hospitality packages has been arranged with Alchemy Inns. He announced other initiatives all with the aim of bringing in more finance. On the Marketing side he announced a further range of activities, the roadside advertising hoarding which over 20,000 vehicles a day pass. A weekly advert in the Falkirk Herald, a better use of the Web Site to promote hospitality packages also planning to set up a desk in the concourse to sell a full range of products, e.g. lotteries, credit cards 1876 club premier club etc. David is a breath of fresh air to this side of the club and certainly has his eyes on the ball.


This was given by Keith Hogg and he stated that the club had received a Safety Certificate for the year. He has had meetings regarding safety, particularly for the new stand during construction he has also had meeting with the police which could result in the reduction of police and stewards.


George Craig gave a report on where the club was in the negotiations with A.B.L. (Lotto) and a long discussion was held as to how to handle this to the club' advantage.


F.S.L. and FFC have agreed in principle to the de-merger, completion of this should be by the end of January or the beginning of February. There was then another long discussion regarding the risk to the club regarding the maintenance and repairs to the North and South Stands, one Director particularly concerned that in the future these could be quite a liability to the club if we did not tie up al the loose ends before the de-merger. The West stand was still being discussed.

Next meeting
18th December 2008


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