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FFC December Boardroom Report
By Murray McIntyre 26th November 2008

Football Report – There was no team report as both J Hughes and B Rice were away on club business but G Craig did report that loan deals had been arranged with D Robertson going to Berwick Rangers and S Gibb to Stirling Albion. An inquiry had come in from Ross County for J Stewart. No progress had been made so far with the contracts for D Barr or for other players but J Hughes was looking towards pre contract signings for next year.

SFA General Purposes Committee – G Craig gave an update on the situation on the requirement for J Hughes and M Higdon to appear before the committee. FFC Chairman wrote a letter to the committee and he gave his views on the subject to the Board. The outcome of this meeting was widely published in the press.

There was a discussion on figures on the player's end of season bonus scheme. Appreciate this will have to be kept confidential.

Discussion on the possibility, stress only a possibility, of going to Austria for pre-season. The Board agreed that the financial costs would be an important issue. Announcement after AGM.

There followed a long and detailed discussion on the club's financial position. Appreciate that this remains confidential.

The Board were informed of the current situation on the club's new proposed Stewarding Plan which would see a reduction in the total number of Stewards used during matches. This was still to be agreed with Central Scotland Police but all indications were that this would be possible.

FCSL – M Ritchie updated the Board and informed that the demerger was moving ahead positively. The board was informed that G Craig had been appointed to Board of the South Stand Development Committee and the construction would commence on 01/12/08, which did come to pass

Date of Next Meeting: 19th December 2008



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