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FFC December Boardroom Report
By Murray McIntyre 19th December 2008

Football Report – There was again no team report from the manager or his assistant as they said they had not been told of the meeting and had not prepared a report. The Chairman was not too pleased about this. K Hogg was instructed to give the management team a full list of dates of Board meetings for the year.

SFA General Purposes Committee – G Craig reported that J Hughes and M Higdon had been dealt with and common sense had been prevailed.

Finance Report – J Stronach gave Finance Report. This was fairly detailed and a long discussion ensued but again this must remain confidential. The final figures will be presented to the shareholders at the AGM in the Amarillo on 19/02/09.

Sales and Marketing Report – Given by D White. Must say has been a revelation since joining the staff, with his new ideas and approach; he has increased the numbers in the hospitality. Lots of increase in board advertising. He gave a report which had a wide range of new ventures which will increase the revenue of the club. On press and PR, we have introduced wireless internet access in the various media rooms and the feedback from this is most positive. He thought that this would help to get better press and keep the media happier. A new database has been built which will be used for marketing purposes.

Operations Report – Was given by K Hogg when informed the Board of the new requirements regarding stewarding which clubs are required to adhere to according to the new "Green Guide", the standards of training that stewards have to attain. FFC is well on the way to achieving those standards.

Two Directors are due to stand down at the AGM, L Miller and R Crosswaite. They gave their re-election speech then left the Boardroom. The remaining directors all agreed that their names should be proposed at the AGM for re-election by the shareholders

Share applications were received and approved for:-
L Miller 8,000 shares
G Crawford 6,000 shares
E W Moffat 16,000 shares

Date of Next Meeting



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