Disabled Supporters Club       in Association with BairnsTrust

Next Meeting is     00th January 2011 at 7pm   in the Warm Up area of the Falkirk Stadium

We have a responsibilty to campaign and lobby on behalf of disabled supporters to ensure that change and improvements continue in the game and to raise disability awareness - Striving for a Level Playing Field - an equality of experience and access for all football fans.

It is important that we encourage more disabled people of all ages and disability groups to get involved in football. Going to a game of football can quite simply be life changing for a disabled person.

We have many testimonies of how following football has had such a positive effect on the life of a disabled person, offering a sense of belonging, pride, passion and belief.

Steps have been made over recent years to improve facilities for disabled fans that most of us take for granted – as simple as equal access to tickets, a decent view, under cover and seated with your own fans, accessible toilets, bars, club shops, museums and accessible media (club TV and literature) and web sites.

In most cases however there is still a clear deficit between the matchday and overall supporter experiences of disabled and non-disabled fans.

We believe that football can lead the way in bringing true equality to the lives of all disabled people

Disabled Football Supporters In Central Scotland Read On....

CAFE - Centre for Access to Football in Europe is a charity which has been created to ensure disabled supporters across UEFA's member associations can enjoy a football match as a problem-free experience.  CAFE's aim is inclusivity and equality of experience.  And, because football embraces diversity in all its forms, CAFE will also work with the football family to raise disability awareness more widely throughout Europe. More and more disabled supporters want to travel to UEFA matches and tournaments; as provisions improve, they will feel they can attend major tournaments like EURO 2012 alongside fellow supporters and with their families and friends. CAFE is also keen to highlight the large number of European disabled football supporters who do not yet follow live football. This is often because of a lack of accessible facilities and services, insufficient disabled seating provisions, or insufficient information. Many disabled supporters do not currently attend matches as they cannot sit with their families, friends or fellow supporters, often having to sit in a different stand or among the opposing supporters. Disabled supporters are valuable customers who will support their local clubs and national teams in much the same way as any other supporter.A European organisation to support this ambition is now in place to ensure equal access and inclusion for all existing and new disabled supporters across Europe.Success in Scotland includes working closely with Falkirk F.C. Trust to help set up a disabled supporters club for Bairns fans!

Aims of UK & Eire Development Officer

a)         To enable disabled people to follow football in Scotland

b)         To achieve equal access for all football supporters in Scotland

c)         To increase disability awareness and improve the lives of disabled people using the special influence of football within Scotland

d)         To establish a Scottish network of disabled football supporters

We would like to hear from any interested disabled football supporters in Scotland!

Contact details
Keith FergusonUK & Eire Development Officer
Mobile +44 (0)774 3780913
CAFE – Centre for Access to Football in Europe
Phone +44 (0) 20 3287 1619
Skype cafe-football
Address PO Box 145, Flint, CH6 9DH, UK
Keith Ferguson
UK & Eire Development Officer



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