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Our next meeting is Monday, January 00th 2011 at 7pm

in the Warm Up Area of the Falkirk Stadium

All Welcome!


Meeting 11th August 2010

Keith Ferguson of CAFE was the gueat speaker

A well attended meeting in the warm up area of the stadium, confirmed that FFC Disabled Supporters Club will be set up to help all it's members to get the best possible enjoyment from the game.

During the meeting, attendees voiced their concerns about issues which they had experienced at other grounds as well as the Falkirk Stadium, some good ideas were put forward and the Disabled Supporters Club hope to deal with them subsequently. "We are not expecting instant changes, but we will keep working towards them" commented an attendee.

A steering group was formed from the body of the hall, and from that a Committee will soon be arranging regular meetings to take things forward. BairnsTrust will work closely with the group and asked that someone from the Disabled Supporters Club should take up a place on the BairnsTrust committee.

FFC Disabled Supporters Club will meet with FFC, to voice any concerns we or they may have.

As well as dealing with wheelchair members, we will have ambulant and blind members, and do all we can to help them with any problems they may have whilst at the Falkirk Stadium

Our Aims are:

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