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What is BairnsTrust?

BairnsTrust is the trading name of the Falkirk FC Supporters’ Society, Ltd. It is a not-for-profit company owned by its members, and is registered as an Industrial and Providential Society with the Register of Friendly Societies in Edinburgh. The core activity of BairnsTrust is to amass shares in Falkirk FC, which will be held in collective ownership for the Trust members. In doing so, those who care most for the club will gain an increasing say in how the club is run.

BairnsTrust has a set of rules or Constitution that have been approved by the Registrar of Friendly Societies. The rules are designed in such a way that the organisation will serve the community. Its aims include…

1) Strengthening the links between Falkirk FC and the local community

2) Promoting football in the community

3) Involving supporters in the running of the club and electing supporters to the board of directors

4) Preserving the heritage and traditions of the club

5)To act as an umbrella group for supporters in its links with the club

Is this just another fundraiser?

No. This will undoubtedly raise funds for the club, but that is not the aim. Indeed, the Trust members could decide to spend the money on other community-related activities. The Trust’s constitution is wide ranging and allows for many activities. However these activities must be carried out for the good of the club and the community it serves. Possible activities of the Trust include promoting youth and children’s’ football, dealing with the club on fans’ consumer issues (e.g. admission prices, replica strips, facilities, parent and gender issues, segregation), organising social events (Back the Bairns have agreed to work in partnership with the Trust), or more or less anything else that its members decide.

The reason we 're doing this is to increase the say that fans have in the running of the club. The difference between this and previous initiatives by Falkirk supporters, such as Back the Bairns and Teambuilder, is that the money raised will be transferred into a shareholding, rather than taken by the club as a donation. As a result, the supporters who raise the cash gain an increased influence in the club. No particular interest group or clique within the support can control BairnsTrust. It does not seek to control or take-over existing Supporters’ Clubs or organisations. Indeed, the establishment of BairnsTrust was actively supported by Back the Bairns, Teambuilder, the Federation of Falkirk Supporters’ Clubs and a number of independent supporters’ clubs, as well as individual shareholders and supporters. It is a collaborative effort of all Falkirk supporters who want to be a part of the club’s future and help safeguard it from the troubles of the past.

Why a Trust?

The theory being applied here is 'whole is worth more than the sum of the parts". The Trust will act as a collective voice on behalf of all its members. The Trust bound by its rules and the law to hold democratic elections to the committee of the Trust and, in time, to the board of directors of Falkirk Football Club. All members of BairnsTrust have an equal say at meetings and other decision-making processes, such as elections. Any member can stand for election to the Trust committee or as a director representing the Trust on the Club’s board of directors subject to club approval and the requirement to agree to abide with the Elected Supporter Directors Code of Conduct. The Trust committee has to report to the Register of Friendly Societies annually to ensure that its principles are being upheld.

Many clubs in England have already benefited from the involvement of their supporters' organisations. Many Trusts have directors appointed to their club's boards and some, such as Lincoln and Chesterfield, are actually under overall control of their supporters' Trusts. It's a tried and tested method - and it works. Falkirk supporters care for the club first and foremost. BairnsTrust aims to be a protective, permanent and pro active force in the future of the club.

Further information on Trusts in general can be found at