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Monday 15th May 2006, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Inaugural Bairnstrust Committee Meeting

2nd December 2002

Those Present: Ian ‘Soapy’ Souter (Returning Officer and Acting Chairperson)
Michael White
Alistair Ferrie
William Anderson
Fergus Caldwell
Brian Guthrie
Kirstie Adam
Steven Bird (for latter part of meeting)

1. Apologies for Absence
Apologies were received from Tom Jamieson.

2. Results of Election
Soapy opened the meeting and confirmed that there had been seven nominees put forward for election to the board and as such all seven would be appointed. The seven were confirmed as Michael White, Alistair Ferrie, William Anderson, Fergus Caldwell, Brian Guthrie, Kirstie Adam and Tom Jamieson.

3. Election of Office Bearers

Nominations were called for and made as follows: -

Chair: - Michael White Proposed Brian Guthrie
Seconded Kirstie Adam

Vice-Chair: - Alastair Ferrie Proposed Kirstie Adam
Seconded Bill Anderson

Treasurer: - Fergus Caldwell Proposed Alistair Ferrie
Seconded Brian Guthrie

Secretary: - Kirstie Adam Proposed Alistair Ferrie
Seconded Brian Guthrie

All nominations were accepted and carried unanimously.

4. Co-Optees

Michael took the chair and discussion was entered in to as to co-optees. Two main areas were identified, these being a legal expert and a web designer. Stuart Adam was apparently purchasing a domain name of Brian advised he has a contact who may be willing to design a website and it was decided Brian would look into this and report back at the next meeting.

5. Links with Other Parties

It is recognised that we need to forge positive relationships with The Federation of Falkirk Supporters Clubs, Back the Bairns and the club’s Board. Michael and Bill will liase with Back the Bairns whilst Soapy, Alistair and Brian will speak with the Federation and report back. Michael White is going to arrange a short informal meet with the Board as soon as possible and advise individuals of the date and time.

6. Other Business

Brief mention was made of the Shares promised to the trust by Falkirk FC. Michael brought to the meetings attention a Code of Conduct published in The State of the Game and it was agreed Kirstie would arrange to distribute copies of this to the Committee members.
It was agreed that the first Monday in every month would be a recognised Bairnstrust Meeting Date. Other dates will be called as and when required and advertised accordingly.
Electronic mail will be used wherever possible to communicate efficiently and Kirstie will be responsible for obtaining the e-mail addresses where applicable.

7. Date and Time of Next Meeting
The next meeting was arranged for Tuesday 17th December at 7.30pm in the Graeme Hotel, Falkirk. Steven Bird will ensure a separate room is available.

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