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Monday 15th May 2006, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Bairnstrust Committee Meeting

17th December 2002

Brockville Park, Falkirk

Those Present:

Michael White
Alistair Ferrie
William Anderson
Fergus Caldwell
Brian Guthrie
Kirstie Adam
Tom Jamieson

Michael White called the meeting to order and welcomed members who had come to observe.

1. Apologies for Absence
Apologies were received from Ian ‘Soapy’ Soutar.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting
Proposed by Brian and seconded by Bill the minutes were accepted as a true and accurate representation of the previous meeting.

3. Matters Deemed Urgent by the Chairman
i ) The meeting was reminded that an Annual General Meeting must be held before 1st February 2003.
ii) Members can request in advance an item be discussed at a future meeting.

4. Matters Arising

i) It may well be that after the current arrangement entered into with Falkirk FC on player support that Back the Bairns will cease to exist as a separate fund raising entity.
ii) No meeting has as yet taken place with the Federation although it is anticipated this will take place in early January. Early approaches have already been made by Soapy.
iii) A formal letter requesting a meeting with the Board has been verbally acknowledged and a response is expected shortly.
iv) With regards to fundraising: -
a) A very generous donation of £1000 has been received from the Fanzine.
b) A video may be produced to commemorate the club leaving Brockville dependant on external funding.
c) It is hoped to hold many ‘small’ events throughout the year to appeal to all sections of the community.
d) A meeting will be held at Elliots on 17th January 2003 with representatives of the club, Budvar and supporters to explore the possibility of chartering a plane to the Czech tournament next July.
e) Back the Bairns Marquee Dance is on 29th March.

5. Membership Update

There are currently 142 Full Members with 48 also participating in Share Save. It was suggested that to attract membership a night be held in conjunction with Central FM’s radio show. Brian will investigate this avenue.

6. Financial

Shares should be purchased as soon as possible to benefit from the lower price as they are expected to increase in value once the Stadium is underway. The Board have however guaranteed the price will be held at its current level for those who sign up to Bairnstrust this season.
Monies are still outstanding from Supporters Direct in respect of Start up costs and Fergus is dealing.
Bank balance is currently standing around the £3000 mark.

7. Proposals for Co-Option

Areas identified as needing additional assistance are

i) Legal
ii) IT and Web Design Skills
iii) Junior Members Representation
iv) Special Needs/Handicap
v) Local Business

An open invite is issued to any members who have expertise in these matters and wish to be considered.

8. Web Site and Newsletter

Paul Hutton has worked on an embryonic website and the address was passed to those present to allow them to view it. Brian has also sourced others who would be willing to design a website. The final decisions on the web site will be taken at the next meeting.
It was agreed that for the foreseeable future there would be no more glossy newsletters but instead regular typewritten communications would be produced.

9. Meeting with Board of Falkirk Football Club

Confirmation is awaited of a date and time for such a meeting but it was accepted the following matters should be on our agenda: -
i) Actual transfer of shares in lieu of past donations
ii) Our Electoral Process with regard to representation on the Board of Falkirk FC.

A copy of the Legal obligations of a Board Member is to be obtained as soon as possible for the information of those wishing to stand for election as the Fans Representative on the Board.

10. Calendar of Meetings 2003

Regular meetings are scheduled for the first Monday in every month.
The Annual General Meeting is arranged for Monday 27th January, 7.30pm at Brockville Park.

11. Date and Time of Next Meeting

Next Meeting Monday 27th January 6.00pm, Brockville Park, Falkirk.

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