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Monday 15th May 2006, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Minutes of Board Meeting Monday 10 March 2003
Cladhan Hotel Falkirk

Michael White, (Chairman) Tom Jamieson, John Dick, Ian Soutar, Stephen Bird, Fergus Caldwell, Bill Anderson, Alastair Ferrie. Steven Adams.
Kirstie Adams, Brian Guthrie.

The meeting started at 7.30 and the Chairman welcomed John Dick and Stephen bird as two co-opted members. He apologized for the confusion around the calling of the meeting due to members’ commitments and availability of a venue.
Action Point SB to contact Elliots with a view to a more settled venue, date and time.

2. Election to FFC Board. Ian Soutar as returning officer had received only one nomination. This was opened and the nominee is Michael White. As no other nominations have been received Michael will be our nominee to the Board.
Action Point KA to write to FFC.

3. Website. Members gratefully accepted very kind offers from Stuart Adam to fund the domain name and Paul Hutton who has volunteered to design and build the site.
Action Point SB to arrange a link to FFC site.

4. It was agreed to contact the Junior Bairns and Falkirk Ladies to invite a representative to be co-opted and a number of individuals were suggested. These will be contacted and a report given to the next meeting.
Action Point KA to write to organizations, MW to speak to individuals.

5. Community Activities.
a) Proposals were discussed for an “Eric Chalmers Bairns Trust Trophy”. It was also agreed to consider the supply of a loop system to Falkirk Infirmary for supporters who are patients.
Action Point MW to report back to next meeting.

6. Farewell to Brockville.
Members agreed to take forward plans for Stadium Tour Nights suggested by Brian.
Action Point BG to report back on further arrangements.

7. Merchandising.
Brian had supplied details of costings for a number of items such as T Shirts, Polo Shirts and it was agreed that this should be progressed urgently.
Action Point BG to source samples if possible, and with MW and FC empowered to go ahead.

8. Finances and Membership.
Trust Membership is approximately 216, although a number of individuals have not followed up on their initial £1.
It was agreed to purchase £6000 of shares in FFC. For sharesave members these will be held in common pool until the two-year period has elapsed and then distributed to each member. A number of these shares would continue to be held in the trust’s name.
Action Point. SB, MW and FC to meet Martin Ritchie to agree arrangements.

9. MW reported that he had been present to help launch the Berwick Rangers Trust.

Date of next meeting was not set.

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