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Monday 15th May 2006, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Bairnstrust Committee Meeting

15th December 2003

Elliots, Graeme Road, Falkirk

Michael White
Stephen Bird
Fergus Caldwell
Kirstie Adam
Bill Anderson
Brian Guthrie
John Dick
Tom Jamieson
Wayne Toft
Jean Toft
Steven Adam
Murray McIntyre
Jack Gardiner
Stuart Adam

Stephen Bird called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

1. Apologies for Absence

There were no apologies for absence.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting

Last months minutes were formally accepted as an accurate record. Proposed Tom Jamieson, Seconded Brian Guthrie.

3. Matters Arising

a)Stuart Adam requested the clubs policy on various forms of discrimination be publicised. The meeting was advised by Michael that this is being incorporated into the clubs Equal Opportunity Statement.

b) No response has been received from Stenhousemuir FC on the issue of the covered terracing. Campbell Christie is in the process of responding and will include in his response all the salient points regarding finance. As soon as this is received it will be posted on the BairnsTrust website.
Finance is suspected to be the main problem at present and the Trust is very disappointed at the fans having to suffer the consequences. Two suggestions to minimise the fans discomfort were suggested: -

1. Stuart Adam suggested the club approach the Football Trust to see if any grants are available to assist. It is appreciated this may not be feasible in the timescale but Michael will take the idea to the Board.
2. Kirstie advised a Trust member had suggested via the message board that we look at plastic Macs as Hibs did a few years back. Costs are obviously an issue but Brian is sourcing potential suppliers as soon as possible.

a ) Kirstie advised that Sarah had very quickly responded to a request for 200 club winners up until the end of November and these had been put on the message board. It is understood a draw was to be made Saturday but this did not appear to be done on the park. Kirstie is attempting to find out if the draw has been made and Michael is looking into the way in which the draw should be made.

b ) Stuart expressed disappointment that web space he had purchased for use by BairnsTrust had gone unused. This was acknowledged and was due to a misunderstanding on behalf BairnsTrust. BairnsTrust do not as yet have full control over the Web Page but Kirstie is attempting to rectify this with Paul who set it up on our behalf. It was confirmed the message board is fully operational and under our control.

c ) It was confirmed that corporate membership of the trust is available for businesses at a cost of £100.

4. Financial Report

Accounts have been updated and those members who have the required holding to be able to purchase shares have been contacted. We still await a share certificate for the £10000 donated by the Board and Michael will bring this up at the next Board meeting. The monies raised by the fanzine fighting fund during the SPL appeal for potential legal fees has been donated to the Trust. The meeting unanimously agreed to purchase a further £3000 of shares at this time.
It is thought the new 'Giftaid' legislation could be beneficial to people contributing to Trusts and Fergus is to investigate this and the possibility of collecting contributions by Direct Debit Mandate.

5. Fundraising

a) Brian is still awaiting access to the STV editing suite to complete the video footage. This is anticipated to be the first week of the New Year, which would allow us to launch the video at our AGM. The video will include footage of all 36 league games and the cup ties with Hearts and Dundee, including some footage not previously broadcast.

b) There are still concerns at the club over the number plates idea and their legality. To obtain a definitive answer, Stephen is going to contact the appropriate contact in the Scottish Parliament. It has been suggested that we look at the possibility of decorative plates "B41RNS" with the crest and the wording below being 'Opening of Westfield 2004' to sell as a keepsake.

6. Update on Westfield

Michael advised that the club are confident everything is still running to time with regards to the building works and confirmed that there is absolutely no credence in any of the rumours circulating. Correspondence has been received from the SPL confirming the requirements of 10 000 seats, under soil heating etc but suggesting if any club wishes to apply for a waiver in any of these areas to contact the SPL as soon as possible. Plans are currently being drawn up to submit to the SPL as soon as possible and Falkirk are very confident that they meet all the criteria for entry to the SPL in August 2004. The plans supersede the previous requirement to have everything physically in place by 31st March 2004.

7. Falkirk Board Report

Michael once again confirmed there was no substance to any of the rumours going around regarding Westfield and was also happy to confirm that the Manager still deals with players' contracts. Colin Liddell, as reported, has left the Board meantime to concentrate on his business but hopes to return at a later date. The delay in announcement was at Colins request.
The move to Ochilview has been very costly and without the transfer fees we would have been heading for an operating loss. The Board are currently looking at ideas to generate income. Ideas mooted include dinners, Falkirk lottery cards, breakfast business meetings to target local businessmen and a fans dinner priced at around £10 per head. Sales of bricks are going well and Budvar are sponsoring the first part of the wall.

8. BairnsTrust Certificates

Kirstie is now looking into the re-design of these and will report back at the next meeting.

9. Role of the Fans Representative

Everyone has been tasked with looking at what people can expect from a Fans Representative and it was suggested we ask as many fans as possible what they would like to see.

10. A.G.M. Arrangements

It is still hoped to hold the AGM in Westfield at the beginning of March. However a Call for Resolutions should be issued as soon as possible.

11. Any Other Business

a) Stuart Adam offered to do a detailed Business Plan for the trust for presentation at the next Trust Meeting. This was warmly welcomed.
b) Stuart mentioned that St Johnstone have issued a fans charter on their website. Michael advised the club do intend to do similar
c) The Club have a corporate night arranged for the 19th January and it was agreed BairnsTrust should be represented.

12. Date and Time of Next Meeting

As the club have an event planned for the 19th January it was agreed that for one month only the BairnsTrust meeting would be on the third Tuesday of the month. It is therefore Tuesday 20th January 2004 at 7.30pm in Elliots.

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