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Monday 15th May 2006, 7.30 p.m.
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Bairnstrust Committee Meeting

16th June 2003

Elliots, Graeme Road, Falkirk

Committee Present:
Michael White
Alistair Ferrie
William Anderson
Fergus Caldwell
Brian Guthrie
Stephen Bird
Kirstie Adam
Tom Jamieson

Others Present:
Jack Gardiner
Jim Paterson
Wayne Toft
Jean Toft
John Dick
Hugh Johnstone
Steven Adam
Alex Haxton
Stuart Haxton

Michael White called the meeting to order and welcomed members who had come to observe.

1. Apologies for Absence
No apologies were received.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting
Due to computer failure these had not been received by all the Committee. They are to be made available for the next meeting

3. Matters Arising
No issues were raised under this section although reference was made to a campaign meeting on Falkirks fight for rightful promotion to the Scottish Premier League, which was to be held following the Bairnstrust meeting.

4. Financial Update/Fundraising/Video
i ) Fergus advised the current balance is £5916. As yet the receipt has not been received for the £6100 of shares already applied for although the club has acknowledged verbally.
ii ) Prosposal by Steven Bird, seconded by Alastair Ferrie that another £3900 of shares is purchased by Bairnstrust making a total investment of £10000 was carried unanimously. It was also mentioned that at this stage we should be asking for the promised additional amount of £10000 shares to be forthcoming.
iii ) Concern was expressed that the rules of BairnsTrust have not as yet been amended.
iv ) The meeting was advised Gordon McFarlane had confirmed that he knew of a lay auditor who would be willing to audit Bairnstrust accounts for free. Michael White is going to arrange this with Gordon.
v ) Brian Guthrie advised profit of £3358.38 on the recent sale of Budvar Bairns T-shirts with £105 of returns. £243 is still owed by Falkirk FC following the break in at the club shop.
vi ) Brian advised of the discussions held with Adamsons and handed round a comprehensive proposal document detail discussions to date. However one or two discrepancies appeared with discussions Michael White has been involved in at the club and representatives of Adamsons. To clarify, it was agree that at the next video meeting due to be held this week Michael and if possible Alastair would accompany Brian to ensure clarity.

5. Logo

Michael passed round alternative logo designs for consideration but the meeting agreed those submitted were of no better design than the existing logo.

6. Website

Due to the length of time that has expired since a previously promised website was to be live, it was agreed to look at alternatives and invite other parties to submit draft proposals for a special meeting to be held on 30th June at Elliots. The previous web team will also be invited to submit their proposal.

7. Membership Re-Launch

Concerns have been raised about the manner in which members were signed up, as members should be required to pay £1 for their share plus one of the membership options. New literature will be required and the certificates will have to be re-designed also. It was agreed to look at this for the start of the season.

8. Community Role

The terms of our constitution allow for a community role and it was agreed that Michael would arrange quotations for the provision of facilities for blind and hospital listeners at Westfield at the appropriate time.

9. Memberships 2003-2004

Kirstie suggested we look at the possibility of enclosing a letter on the trust with Season Ticket documentation from the Trust and Michael is to check if feasible.

10. Close Season Plans

It was agreed to re-instate the July meeting on 21st July at 7.30pm in Elliots

11. Date and Time of Next Meeting

An Interim meeting on Website issues will be held at Elliots on 30th June 2003 at 7.30pm. The next full meeting will be 21St July 2003 at 7.30pm in Elliots.

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