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Monday 15th May 2006, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Bairnstrust Committee Meeting

18th August 2003

Elliots, Graeme Road, Falkirk

Committee Present:
Michael White
Alistair Ferrie
Brian Guthrie
Kirstie Adam
Bill Anderson
Stephen Bird
Fergus Caldwell

Others Present:
Wayne Toft
Jean Toft
Willie Morrison
Steven Adam

Michael White called the meeting to order and welcomed members who had come to observe.

1. Apologies for Absence
Apologies were noted from Jack Gardiner and John Dick

2.Communication with FFC Board
1) Kirstie and Michael confirmed no response has been received to the questions raised following the Dumbarton meeting. It was agreed to do a reminder.
2) It was further agreed to request a joint meeting with the Board of FFC at the moment given current teething problems with Ochilview.
3) The situation regarding Eddie Healey’s shareholding was again raised and Michael undertook to clarify the situation with Martin Ritchie.

3. Finance
1) Fergus advised that we still awaited written confirmation of the Trusts purchase of shares. It was agreed to write to the club to inquire as to when the shares could be expected.
2) Brian advised that the FFCUK t-shirts had already raised £3600 with an anticipated £300 still to come.
3) Fergus reminded the meeting that the accounts required auditing. Michael agreed to arrange this via Gordon McFarlane. The audit is required 1st September 2003.

4. Membership Relaunch
Stephen proposed two people be tasked with producing promotion literature and putting together a package and letter of explanation for the next meeting. The meeting agreed and Stephen and Alastair were tasked with this.
Brian also suggested a leaflet, which could be put into the video when it was released and also handed out to supporters at games.

5. Shadow FFC Board
It was suggested that a shadow board be set up to mirror the board of FFC to give a better understanding of the workings of a football club board and to train trust members as potential future board representatives. Michael is going to speak with Campbell Christie regarding the working of this.

6. Video Update
Brian advised that matters regarding the video were coming along nicely and it is anticipated that the video will be in production the end of September and into the shops by mid October. There are a couple of interviews still to be done with players who have moved on but this is not anticipated to be a problem as the players have already confirmed willingness. We now have our own contracts with the SFL for a rate of 5p on royalties.

7. Any Other Business
1)Other Organisations. BairnsTrust needs to clarify the position with regards to Back the Bairns and in this respect it was agreed to formally invite George Craig to the next meeting. In addition it was agreed that a formal invite should also be issued to the Junior Bairns and to Falkirk Ladies Football Club to come along with a view to also having representation on the Trust Board.

2) Kick Racism out of Football - Michael passed round literature and requested authorisation to spend a nominal amount of £180 on merchandise, which should result in income of around £600. After studying the literature the meeting agreed. In addition it was agreed in principal that a picture of BairnsTrust Committee plus some of the Falkirk squad could promote the message with the clubs approval. Michael is taking this on board.

3) T-Shirt Royalty It was agreed to pay Paul Tonner a royalty of 25p/shirt on the sale of the FFCUK T-shirts bearing in mind he has done previous design work for us for free and has agreed to assist in developing a BairnsTrust website.
4) Stationery Michael advised BairnsTrust stationery should be available by Thursday 21st August.

9. Date and Time of Next Meeting
The next meeting is scheduled for 15th September 2003 at 7.30pm in Elliots.

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