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Monday 15th May 2006, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Bairnstrust Committee Meeting

22nd July 2003

Elliots, Graeme Road, Falkirk

Committee Present:
Michael White
Alistair Ferrie
Brian Guthrie
Kirstie Adam
Tom Jamieson
Bill Anderson
Stephen Bird
John Dick

Others Present:
Wayne Toft
Jean Toft
Jack Gardiner
Steven Adam

Michael White called the meeting to order and welcomed members who had come to observe.

1. Apologies for Absence
Apologies were noted from Fergus Caldwell

2. Logo
Two logos were presented to the meeting, one by Michael the other by Brian. A vote was conducted and it was agreed to go with Michael’s submission by a margin of 7-2.

3. Website
Brian advised that a formal approach has been made to Stuart Adam with regards to the web space and that he was in discussion with Paul with regards to lunching the website. Michael is to update the documentation for the website.

4. Board Meeting 21st July 2003
The main issue from this meeting was the fiasco at Stenhousemuir for the Stirlingshire Cup match against Dumbarton. The meeting was advised that the Board knew on the Friday afternoon that there would be no safety certificate but an error of judgement was made by Falkirk FC staff who assumed the crowd would be around the 200 mark. The club accepts full responsibility and is aware of the damage in their relationships with the fans.
The club is issuing apologies via The Falkirk Herald, Dumbarton FC and The Lennox Gazette. Non season ticket holders will be allowed into the Wigan friendly free of charge and season tickets will be valid for the first home cup game Falkirk have irrespective of the competition.

The consensus of the Trust meeting was that a letter of protest over the Dumbarton game should still be sent to the Board by BairnsTrust and should also raise questions regarding administration at the club
In response to discussion from the floor, Michael advised season ticket sales were up on last season, a safety certificate should be issued for the terrace today and the temporary stand was being erected tomorrow. Season tickets will be issued within the next two weeks. On match days, Falkirk FC has access to Ochilview from mid-day.

5. Letter to Members
A letter is required to go out to members at the earliest opportunity detailing refinements to the Trust. Michael will draft and is obtaining stationery with the new logo to enable correspondence to be issued.

6. Article for Falkirk Herald
To raise the profile of BairnsTrust Brian will do a different approach on the letter for the Falkirk Herald.

7. ReLaunch of BairnsTrust
At present there is no obvious place at Ochilview to have access to BairnsTrust. Michael is to look at the possibility of a tent inside the terrace area.
Once stationary is received a letter will be done to the Falkirk Supporters Clubs.

8. Supporters Direct
Bill Anderson attended the Supporters Direct conference in London on our behalf. Although representatives of Dundee Utd and Celtic were elected to the main board of Supporters Direct, Bill put forward three ideas as a result of this meeting: -
1 ) Appoint a high profile person as an honorary member. It was suggested this could be a top local businessman, perhaps a member of the 1957 Cup winning team or a high profile former player. Michael is to investigate.
2 ) It was suggested that an MSP be asked to sponsor a lunch in the Scottish Parliament. It was not felt this idea was particularly relevant
3 ) Corporate Membership for shops and businesses. Bill Anderson is to look at this
Three copies of Supporters Direct Handbook have been received and it was agreed these would be held by the Chairperson, the Treasurer and the Secretary.

9. Fundraising
1 ) Brian advised that so far the FFCUK T-shirts had taken in £2500 in return for the outlay of £1600. Obviously the X-Man T-shirts are now under review following Lee Millers departure.
2 ) Jamie McQuilken and Mark Kerr are being approached via their new clubs to do their interview for the video. The notional target is to get together 1st September for editing.

9. Date and Time of Next Meeting
The next meeting is scheduled for 18th August 2003 at 7.30pm in Elliots.

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