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Monday 15th May 2006, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Bairnstrust Committee Meeting

20th January 2004

Elliots, Graeme Road, Falkirk

Michael White
Stephen Bird
Fergus Caldwell
Kirstie Adam
Bill Anderson
Brian Guthrie
John Dick
Wayne Toft
Jean Toft
Steven Adam
Murray McIntyre
Jack Gardiner
Alastair Ferrie
Steven Jackson
Eileen Merrilees
Alex Merrilees
Elaine Merrilees

Stephen Bird called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Tom Jamieson.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting

Last months minutes were formally accepted as an accurate record. Proposed Brian Guthrie, Seconded Murray McIntyre.

3. Matters Arising

* Letters have been written to the Scottish Parliament and DVLA regarding the issue of number plates and replies are awaited.

* Campbell Christie’s confirmation that the lack of cover at Ochilview was due to Stenhousemuir was read to the meeting. In addition Michael advised that they had researched the possibility of grants but this had been fruitless

* Brian advised the cheapest quotes received for plastic capes were £170 per 1000 in white or £190 per thousand printed. The meeting agreed time and cost make these look prohibitive but Brian will investigate the possibility of sponsorship over the next few days.

4. Financial Report

Fergus advised the current balance in the bank account is in the region of £3500. Letters will be going out to those on share save who have reached the minimum share holding limit and Fergus will arrange any relevant certificates with David Webster. Giftaid is still currently being investigated.

5. BairnsTrust Activity Plan

Copies of the draft plan drawn up by Stuart Adam were passed to those present. In view of the amount of information involved and time constraints it was agreed to discuss this fully at the next meeting.

6. Annual General Meeting

* Michael advised that Falkirk FC’s A.G.M. is scheduled for 22nd March 2004. The meeting was advised that there was no documentation to state how many representatives BairnsTrust would be entitled to at the meeting. After discussion, one proposal was made, this being that we request 6 representatives be allowed to attend (proposed Murray McIntyre, seconded Steve Adam). Kirstie is to write to Falkirk FC requesting this n view of our shareholding.

* It is still proposed to hold the BairnsTrust A.G.M. in the new stadium at the end of March. It was agreed to schedule an additional meeting on Tuesday 9th February 2004 to discuss in full.

7. Fundraising

Brian advised that they had received access to the required footage and the tapes were scheduled for hand over in the middle of next week. This will allow AMA to edit ready for manufacture at the end of the month. The video concentrates on football and will include some previously un-transmitted camera angles.

8. FFC Board Report

* It was confirmed that the Budvar evening the club originally had scheduled for 19th January was now being held on 16th February. A small delegation will attend from BairnsTrust

* Financially it is anticipated there may be a slight surplus in this years accounts once all transfer fees are received.

* The meeting was advised of a new ruling, which means that if you transfer a player a 5% levy is applied. This money is either paid to the club who developed the player up to the age of 23 or if this is not clearly traceable the monies revert to a central youth development fund. This has affected Falkirk’s payments from Aberdeen in respect of Jamie McQuilken, although the deal with Bristol City over Lee Miller includes a clause that they will meet this fee in the event of a future transfer. The club have written to the SFA and FIFA to clarify who is liable to pay this 5% if it is not stipulated in a transfer contract.

* The OFT case is ongoing although it has been noted that there have been mood swings at some Scottish Football Clubs as to the advisability of this. Falkirk do not intend to drop the case.

* John Hughes has actively been looking for a forward but they have either been out of the price range or no better than that we already have in his opinion.

* The club are looking at their own scratch cards/lottery schemes and we can expect to hear something on this in the next month

* Falkirk will be represented at the funeral of Reggie Smith next week. His son has donated much of his memorabilia to the club

* There will be a new strip next year and the club hope to ask fans views on design via the club website in the near future.

* A new special edition top in navy and white and featuring the names of every player to play at Brockville subtely incorporated will be available shortly.

* Brick sales have gone well with £16,000 being raised so far. Contrary to many rumours Michael confirmed that ALL monies raised are going to the club.

* The meeting was advised that Cup Tickets were expected to go on sale from the club shop this Sunday. The meeting expressed concern at this as St Johnstone tickets were on sale at the same time and suggested the club consider putting the sale of cup tickets back one week to give them more time to prepare.

9. Westfield Update

The meeting was given details of initial proposals for the make up of the main stand in the new Stadium. These look impressive and include a Health and Fitness centre, function suites, office/business units for let, flexible hospitality suites and five a side changing areas in addition to the club offices and sports bar. The meeting expressed strong concern that the proposed sports bar was not large enough for the Falkirk support and requested this be conveyed back together with a suggestion that it be relocated to an area on the first level. It was also noted that disabled facilities are at ground level and suggested the club consider placing such facilities in the other stands half way up. On the whole it was agreed however that the plans look impressive.

10. Any Other Business

* Concern was voiced over the lack of progress in developing the website which has been on line for a few months but as yet no one within BairnsTrust can update. Kirstie is to look at all options to have this rectified as a matter of urgency.

* Steven re-iterated a call for people’s opinions as to what should be included in the remit of a fans representative.

* Murray handed over a sum of £38 in respect of the hire fees received from the club for the video of Budejovice. It is hoped that the video will shortly be available for hire from the club shop. Steven Jackson also suggested they could be hired out via the bus convenors of supporters clubs.

11. Date and Time of Next Meeting

As BairnsTrust have their A.G.M. shortly an interim meeting to discuss this will be held on Monday 9th February at 7.30pm in Elliots. As always all are welcome. The normal monthly meeting will still take place on 16th February.

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