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Monday 15th May 2006, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Bairnstrust Committee Meeting

16th February 2004

Elliots, Graeme Road, Falkirk

Michael White
Stephen Bird
Kirstie Adam
Brian Guthrie
Tom Jamieson
John Dick
Wayne Toft
Jean Toft
Steven Adam
Alastair Ferrie
Stewart Wilson

Stephen Bird called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

1. Apologies for Absence
Apologies were received from Bill Anderson, Murray McIntyre, Jack Gardiner and Eileen Merrilees who were representing BairnsTrust at the Budvar evening. Apologies were also received from Fergus Caldwell.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting
Last months minutes were formally accepted as an accurate record. Proposed Brian Guthrie, Seconded Michael White.
The minutes of the additional meeting of 9th February were also formally accepted as an accurate record. Proposed Steven Adam, seconded Brian Guthrie.

3. Matters Arising
* Brian confirmed video production was still on target for the end of the month

* A reply has been received from the Scottish Parliament on the use of the club logo on number plates. Unfortunately Central Scotland Police have indicated that they would consider such number plates illegal and therefore the Trust have to abandon this idea.

4. Financial Report
This item was held over until the next meeting, as Fergus was unable to attend tonight.

5. Annual General Meeting
Enquiries have been made with regards to an alternative venue for the A.G.M. but had to date proved costly. Although it is still hoped the A.G.M. can be held in Westfield Alastair is going to look into the possibility of using the Polish Club.
Steven is currently working on revisions to the Business plan and membership resolution but these will shortly be published on the website along with the call for resolutions.

6. Westfield Update and FFC Board Report
* The stadium is nearing completion and it is anticipated the club will still move into their new accommodation mid-March. Once safety certificates have been received BairnsTrust will be able to conduct Stadium tours.

* The under soil heating that will be installed shortly is zoned meaning that if only one area of the pitch is affected by frost heat can be turned on in that area only making it more cost effective.

* There has been no feedback as yet on the size of the initial supporters lounge at Westfield.

* Discussion is about to be undertaken on the naming of the lounges and it is thought it will be mainly former players, a possible captains suite and Brockville.

* Next years strip design should be ready for comment via the club website in the near future. The special edition shirt incorporating the names of all previous players should be available by the end of next month.

* It was confirmed that fewer people than could have chose to exercise the option for free tickets for the Aberdeen game

* The next FFC Board meeting is 19th February and it may well be decided at this meeting to put Falkirk FC’s A.G.M. back due to other commitments. The date is now anticipated to be 19th April 2004.

* There have been no further developments as yet in the OFT case but it is still on going.

7. Any Other Business
* It was agreed that following on from the success of the ‘Farewell to Brockville’ merchandise, some sort of Welcome to Westfield T-shirt be designed. Brian is dealing and the objective is to have these available by the A.G.M.

* Two supporters clubs have announced dates for their end of season events and these will be publicised on the website along with others once dates are known.

* Discussion was entered into regarding events and their pricing and it was agreed to look at arranging an event for around December next year in Westfield for the fans along the same cost as the old Federation dances. It was also agreed to look at other events such as Burns Supper aimed at the fan on the terrace rather than corporate. A sub committee will look into this.

* Kirstie passed round designs for the revised BairnsTrust certificates, a design was agreed and Kirstie will arrange for these to be professionally printed. It was suggested by Michael that we use Minuteman as they already have the BairnsTrust graphic.

* An advance order form is to be made available for the BairnsTrust video and be placed in the club shop and on the website.

* Concern was once again expressed that the 200club draw had not been conducted on the park and there was no confirmation as to whether it had taken place at all last month. Some fans have indicated they have withdrawn their support for the 200club because of this. BairnsTrust will write to Falkirk FC on this asking for clarification

8. Date and Time of Next Meeting
The next meeting will still take place on Monday 15th March 2004 in Elliots.

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