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Monday 15th May 2006, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Bairnstrust Committee Meeting
19th April 2004
Elliots, Graeme Road, Falkirk


Michael White
Stephen Bird
Fergus Caldwell
Kirstie Adam
Brian Guthrie
Thomas Jamieson
Bill Anderson
Douglas Hill
Euan McIntyre
Murray McIntyre
Jean Toft
Wayne Toft
Stewart Wilson
Alistair Ferrie
Jack Gardiner
Willie Morrison

Stephen Bird called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

1. Apologies for Absence
Apologies were received from Steven Adam and John Dick.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting
Last months minutes were formally accepted as an accurate record. Proposed Stewart Wilson, Seconded Wayne Toft.

3. Matters Arising
Michael voiced concern that minutes were published on the website prior to the following months meeting. Kirstie confirmed that the minutes were sent to all committee members for approval of accuracy prior to publication on the web site. It was agreed by the meeting this should continue to be the practice to ensure transparency and to meet the target set in the meeting of 9th February to have minutes in the public domain within a week of a meeting. Kirstie is to check that we do not have to formally alter item 109 of our constitution in light of this.

4. Review of Annual General Meeting
Although the turn out was disappointing the A.G.M. went well and the contribution of Andy Nichol was greatly appreciated. Renewal letters will be issued to members prior to the next meeting. The Committee now have to decide within the terms of the Constitution who will stand for re-election on BairnsTrust Board next year and official office bearers for this coming year. It was agreed to have this on the Agenda for the next meeting together with provisional dates for next years A.G.M.

5. Financial Report
The returns have been signed off and the accounts are now on the web site. Annual tax returns have been completed and it is confirmed we were not liable to tax. With the reserves set aside for liabilities there is an additional £580 currently held in the account and renewal letters should go out over the next two weeks for membership.

6. Season Ticket Meeting Review
Many things were considered including prices in our last season at Brockville and the prices paid at Ochilview. The price bands decided on reflect the different seating with ‘prime’ seating being wider and centre stand. Figures were worked out on a capacity of 4166 less 378 for staff, scouts, press and hospitality. The playing budget next season is dependant on the money taken in from season tickets hence the need to balance between a fair deal for the fans and income for the club. Not all decisions are finalised and there is still debate surrounding the additional £40 ‘Cup’ season ticket. Stephen requested that the proposals regarding school age season tickets be re-visited. Michael confirmed that the club will probably re-visit dependant on whether away supporters have to be accommodated in the main stand next season.
The contentious £25 letter was discussed and it was felt that although the letter was wrong in the first place the club would have to stand by what was offered to those who paid their £25. Firm arrangements as to how this will happen should be available soon after the holding of the proposed fans forums to give the board a chance to gauge the feeling of as many fans as possible.

7. Events/Press and Public Affairs

* The Video has extended to 3 hours in length and is due to be approved by the SFA next week. Brian is working at bringing in other sponsors following the late withdrawal of one sponsor due to change of ownership.

* Initial sales of T-shirts were slow in the wake of the negative story in that weeks Falkirk Herald. Sales have since picked up and extra supplies had to be delivered to the club shop. Once again they will be on sale from 1pm before home games in the Warriors Social Club.

* An entertainments sub committee of Brian Guthrie, Stewart Wilson, Jean Toft and Wayne Toft will meet before the next meeting.

* Brian is to investigate the possibility of a BairnsTrust stall at this years Grangemouth fete dependant on date.

* BairnsTrust will have representation with the club at Big in Falkirk on May 2nd

* Brian is working on ideas for a newsletter and hopes to involve another two people – names with held from minutes at the moment for obvious reasons. The first newsletter should be out in the next couple of weeks.

8. Fans Charter-1st Draft
Michael will circulate the draft to Kirstie and Fergus and a meeting will be arranged to discuss as soon as possible. The draft will be posted on the website as soon as possible and fans opinions sought.

9. Westfield Update and FFC Board Report


* The building will be handed over to the club any day now once staff are fully coherent in the working of the building. There is a possibility that initial access will not include the top floor at the moment.

* The sand on the pitch site will be covered tomorrow with topsoil and a fast acting agent to encourage growth and the seed sown.

* Floodlights will be focussed on 17th May.

* A meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 21st April where it is anticipated the Regulatory Authority will give the go-ahead for the East Stand and Technicians Training Centre. The South stand will be discussed at a council meeting on 5th May.


* The last Board meeting last Thursday concentrates on the playing side and budgets for next season

* A pre-season tour of the North East of England taking in two games is pencilled in for 12th-18th July and the club have been asked to play pre-season friendlies at East Fife and Hamilton.

* It is anticipated to have possibly premiership opposition up for the show case opening of Westfield on 24th or 31st July. The pitch consultant has confirmed he expects the pitch to be ready by then.

* Next seasons strip is due in the shop the first week in June. No details have been given other than it is navy blue and will have a ‘novel’ feature.

* The Club will shortly receive more money from Bristol City due to Lee Miller having completed 40 games.

* Once again it was highlighted that Ochilview had been a huge drain on the clubs resources.

10. Any Other Business

* Concern was expressed over the wording of the job specification for Euan McIntyre’s new role. Both BairnsTrust and Euan wish to emphasise that BairnsTrust representatives on the Board represent ALL Falkirk fans and as such are a contact for all fans

* It was confirmed that the roof will be removed from the temporary stand for the last games of the season. It was suggested the club should be looking at ways to minimise the damage done by this by issuing a statement in the local press as soon as possible. Season ticket holders in this area have already received letters.

* Arrangements for Fans forums are at an advanced stage. The first Forum will be scheduled for 27th April, followed by dates on 28th April and 5th May. Further details will be announced once confirmed but the meeting suggested that the club consider holding an additional meeting in the Stenhousemuir area.

* Stadium tours will be the remit of the JVC but Michael has suggested BairnsTrust provide the guides for the tours.

* Concern was expressed from the floor at the relationship the Falkirk Herald seem to have with the club. Michael confirmed this has been ironed out.

* Michael confirmed that subject to space they are looking at the possibility of an overspill bar area for the opening few games at Westfield.

* No further developments have been forthcoming as yet from the OFT

* The request that BairnsTrust logo be on the board used for television interviews has still to be put to the Board.

* Kirstie requested all reports and updates be submitted by e-mail rather than phone to prevent misunderstanding.

* BairnsTrust will request a meeting with the club board following the club AGM to discuss the club/trust relationship and what input the Trust can have in community issues.

* A member has requested a copy of the Clubs Equal Opportunities statement. Michael will forward.

12. Date and Time of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be at 7.30pm on 17th May 2004 in the Community Lounge at Westfield Stadium

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