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Monday 15th May 2006, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Bairnstrust Committee Meeting

17th May 2004

Elliots, Graeme Road, Falkirk


Michael White
Bill Anderson
Murray McIntyre
Fergus Caldwell
Brian Guthrie
John Dick
Stewart Wilson
Jean Toft
Wayne Toft
Kirstie Adam
Douglas Hill
Euan McIntyre
Betty Johnston

In the absence of Stephen Bird, Kirstie Adam called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

Before the meeting in earnest began, Bill Anderson advised of the death of our fellow committee member Tom Jamieson the previous Saturday. Everyone was shocked and saddened by the news

1. Apologies for Absence
Apologies were received from Steven Adam, Stephen Bird and Jack Gardiner.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting
Last months minutes were formally accepted as an accurate record. Proposed Bill Anderson, Seconded Stewart Wilson.

3. Matters Arising
Kirstie confirmed that we do not have to formally alter item 109 of our constitution in view of the minutes being posted on the web site as we still formally agree acceptance of the minutes at our next scheduled meeting.

4. Financial Report
As of the end of last month the bank balance stood at £2700 although £1500 is earmarked for payment of bills. T-shirts have been slow sellers so far.
Fergus advised the meeting that a request had been received from a member to suspend sharesave payments and refund those made since the last allocation of shares. After circumstances were given Fergus proposed refund of the small amount paid since the members last share issue, Michael seconded and the meeting unanimously agreed.

5. Office Bearers
In view of Stephens absence and the unclear situation this was suspended till next meeting.

6. Next Years A.G.M. Early Arrangements
Again this item was suspended meantime as is not possible at the moment to judge the exact facilities that will be available at Westfield.

7. Trust Business Plan Review
A review of the Plan published on site was carried out and the following points raised: -
* No responsibility had been assumed for the Commercial Representative side of the Trust. Bill Anderson has been tasked with this.
* More interaction is required with the Board of the club. A meeting has been requested and this will be one of the matters raised
* Michael advised that the development of the Museum is on hold at the moment as confirmation is awaited of the area allocated.
* Renewal letters have requested e-mail addresses where available as an additional line of communication.
* Advertising is poor. Gordon McFarlane has given Brian an indication of programme space and deadlines for next season, which is a major help in co-ordinating the information for the programme next season and will be adhered to. Brian is to have a newsletter ready for issue in the next couple of weeks.
* Brian Bill and Michael are now looking at ways to increase the visibility of BairnsTrust on match days.

8. Supporter Submission
The following submissions were gratefully received from Stuart Adam and following actions agreed: -
* Supporters Charter. The meeting felt the document thorough. Michael and Stuart to liase on one or two areas to tidy up and the Charter to be submitted to the Board at our meeting with them with the recommendation it be adopted.
* Equal Opportunities Plan. Michael is to circulate copies of the clubs version of this, which incorporates EUFA’s ten-point plan. All comments should be made prior to the next Committee meeting when we should be in a position to agree a final version
* Supporters Liaison Officer. The general feeling of the meeting was that this was a fairer and clearer outline of the job. Michael recommended this too be discussed at the joint meeting with the Board and the meeting agreed.

9. Events/Press & Public Affairs
The video is completed but STV have insisted the Tennants Scottish Cup Captions are written out in full so editing has to be done. Sponsors will be confirmed in the next couple of days.
The social committee have had a few meetings and are concentrating on an affordable event for the majority of fans next season.
Euan confirmed that one of his remits was to look at a co-ordination diary to ensure any supporter’s events did not clash

10. Westfield Update and FFC Board Report


* The building still has not been handed over but it is expected any day now.
* Furniture has been delivered, carpets are down and painters are finished. All that is outstanding is training on how the building works.
* At present there is no telephone connection but this will be resolved shortly and the club will revert to the old telephone number. As soon as this happens they will be able to start selling season tickets.
* During the recent heavy winds 125 tonnes of sand were ‘lost’ from the site!
* The pitch went down a week later than planned but has already turned green and will shortly be cut.
* A soil test at the railway end has shown that it is suitable for a temporary stand of either 500 or 1000 with a base of crushed concrete.
* North stand building will proceed once all the legal documentation has been completed
* The club is financing a loan for the North Stand
* Michael confirmed he has put forward BairnsTrust to do the stadium tours.
* No one would take on the proposed bar at Westfield as a going concern and therefore these plans are being re-visited. The club are cognisant of the need for a Supporters Bar from day 1
* Pressure is to be brought to bear to try and have a bookmakers in the main stand for match days
* It has not been decided if the North Stand will be for home or away fans
* Police have insisted that all games at Westfield will be all ticket initially and therefore unreserved seating areas are not possible at the present time.


* The next Board meeting is Thursday 20th May and will be Bill Andersons first as a Fans Representative.
* Budget will be the main item on the Agenda and the figures the Board are using are based on selling 2600 season tickets
* Yogi will give a report on the playing squad side of things and a review of Youth Development.
* Michael no longer has day-to-day involvement at the club and has returned to his day job. Discussion will therefore be entered into as to whether to appoint a Managing Director.
* The Club shop will move into larger premises Callendar Square around September.

11. Any Other Business
* Everyone would like to do something to commemorate Tom Jamieson and his work for the Trust. Thought is to be given to perhaps a small trophy for handicapped children playing football.
* A letter is to be sent to our friends on the Inverness Trust wishing them well in their battle for SPL football
* Michael suggested we extend the hand of friendship to East Stirling Trust and any advice we can give them for their current plight.
* The meeting agreed to sponsor a players shirt next season
* Now that the club are about to move to Westfield the Trust feel it appropriate to issue a letter of thanks to Eddie Healey for his role in the early days of the crises
* The new Morrisons superstore at Brockville opens 7th June and has a tribute to Brockville and Falkirk FC within the store.
12. Date and Time of Next Meeting
The next meeting will be at 7.30pm on 21st June 2004 in the Community Lounge at Westfield Stadium.

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