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Monday 15th May 2006, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Draft Minutes of the Bairn’s Trust Meeting held 19/10/04


Stephen Bird, Brian Guthrie, Fergus Caldwell Jameson, Jack Gardiner, B Johnston, M Watt, M Cattanac, D Robertson, W Sommerville, J Dick, J Sauton, Kirstie Adam, Sandy Monfries, Tom Paterson, John McCreadie, Sandy Williamsom, Janice Williamson, Stuart Wilson, Murray McIntyre, Ewan McIntyre, Steven Jackson, Wayne Toft.

1. Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2. Apologies:Jane Toft, Steven Adam, Bill Anderson.

3. Previous Minutes. Moved Jack Gardiner seconded Stuart Wilson.

4. Matters arising from previous meeting. The Chair agreed to take the following points:

Trust Elections.
The Chair apologised for the postponement of elections this was due to the tight timescale and not enough time to carry out the elections as per the constitution. Timescale was discussed and agreed as per constitution.

Junior Bairns Certificates:
The money due is between £170 and£175 and certificates will be issued once money is received. It was agreed that the Secretary will liaise with Junior Bairns committee and resolve issue.

Supporter Direct Nomination:
The Secretary reported he had contacted Supporters direct and confirmed nomination was invalid.

5. Reports:

The Secretary had received correspondence from John Holt ex Dundee United player who now runs a flag ordering business and was offering his service to the Trust. There was not much interest at present and the Secretary will keep correspondence on file.
A letter was received regarding a five a side competition to be held in November. There was no interest from Trust members.

The Treasurer provided a full and accurate report on the Trust’s finances. Current membership stands at 120 with more membership forms to be added. Several members were coming up to the period when they will be entitled to purchase shares and money will be made available for this. The financial year end September and returns are now due this will be completed prior to Christmas.

6. Election of Supporters Representative

The reporting officer Ian Souter reported that 3 candidates had put there name forward for election. The candidates are Fergus Caldwell, Steven Jackson and Murray McIntyre.
The chair thanked Ian for taking on this role and was pleased to see that there would be an election for the first time.
The constitution does not lay down election criteria.
Brian Guthrie proposed the Single Transferable voting system. This was seconded by Kirstie Adam. There were no objections to this. It was agreed closing date be 15th November which is the next Trust Meeting. Ballot papers would be issue no latter than Saturday 30th October. This fits in with the constitution.

A session took place with each candidate having the opportunity to put forward there reasons for standing in the election followed by a question and answer session allowing members to question the candidates.

This proved to be a great success and at the completion of the session the Chair thanked the Trust members and particularly the candidates and wished them well for the elections.

7. Any other Business.

Videos and Dance.
Brian reported that £6500 had now been take in on video sales plus £1000 from the previous month and we were now only 130 copies away from making a profit. The video will shortly be available by mail order from the club shop. The planning for this season’s video is also ongoing.
The dance is now organised and tickets are now available at £20 per ticket.
Raffle prizes would be much appreciated. Kirstie agreed to see if the Supporters Direct have reciprocal arrangements in place regarding donations to each others functions.
Brian also reported that the ideas he had come up with at the previous meeting and had arranged a meeting with the club to discuss had been taken forward by the club prior to the meeting taking place and the Trust had no input into.

Wrexham FC
It was brought to the attention of the Trust the current position of Wrexham FC and how the club was in danger of folding. It was agreed to send a letter of support to the Wrexham supporters on behalf of Bairns Trust.

Anti Racism Campaign
Brian reported that 4000 cards were issued prior to the St Mirren match and had been mentioned several times over the tannoy prior to the match. There was some dissent from a small element of the support but overall it was a success.

Board Report:
The chair reported on behalf of Bill Anderson.
The club shop will not now relocate until Easter 2005.
A stall will be set up and manned in the Howgate Centre to cope with the festive sales
The share price remains at 61p per share and may be re-valued at the AGM in May.

5 a side update.
Agreed to purchase 7 gold and 7 silver medals as well as a trophy. The club will supply a goody bag for all participants. It was hoped to make this an annual event.

Back the Bairns Dance.
This had been arranged for 16/04/05 and will again be held at Little Kerse.

8. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 15th November 2004 Graeme Hotel

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