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Monday 15th May 2006, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Draft Minutes of the Bairn’s Trust Meeting held 15/11/04
Graeme Hotel Falkirk


Jack Gardiner, Murray McIntyre, Stewart Wilson, Lorna Strathearn, Kirstie Adam, Steven Adam, Janice Williamson, Sandy Williamson, James Miller, William Morrison, Brian Guthrie, Fergus Caldwell, Stephen Bird, J Johnston, Sandy Monfries, Steven Jackson, Jim Jamieson, Euan McIntyre, Andy Baillie, Tom Paterson, Margo Cattanach.

1. Welcome:

The chair welcomed the large turnout to the meeting.Before the meeting commenced the chair read out the results of the Trust representative to the Board election results.

First ballot: Steven Jackson 32 votes
Fergus Caldwell 28 votes
Murray McIntyre 17 votes

Following the redistribution of Murray’s votes
Steven 3 votes
Fergus 13 votes

The final result was that
Fergus Caldwell received 41 votes
Steven Jackson received 35 votes.

Fergus Caldwell was elected to be the Trust representative for the remaining period until the AGM.

2. Apologies;

Received from Jean and Wayne Toft, and Bill Anderson who was attending a Board meeting.

3. Minutes of previous meeting:

The adoption of the minutes was moved by Murray McIntyre and seconded by Fergus Caldwell.

4. Business arising:

Any business arising would be taken as agenda items.

5. Secretaries’ report:

The Supporters trust has arranged 2 seminars for membesr. It was agreed that Fergus Caldwell and Steven Jackson would attend on the 28th November at Dunfermline FC and Kirstie Adam and Bill Anderson will attend on 5th December at Dumbarton FC.

6. Treasurer’s report:

The Treasurer reported that he is in the process of issuing letters to members who are nearing the period to receive shares.

There will be a large number of members reaching the minimum allocation under share save and after discussion it was agreed that further shares be purchased from current funds to meet the liability rather than transfer a proportion of our existing shareholding.

The current bank balance is £10500. He also reported that there is a small amount of expenses to be paid as well as money to be sent for video payments.

Membership has risen by 4 since the previous meeting.

7. Video and Dance.:

Brian Guthrie reported that since the last meeting video sales had totalled around £1000 giving a total sale of around £7800.

The stall in the Howgate and Callander square will be supplied with videos to sell.

Brian agreed that he will provide information promoting the sale of videos and dance tickets. When this information is received it will be uploaded onto the web site.

Brian will look into the possibility of telephone sales he is also looking into the possibility of holding a Burns Supper next year.

Brian will contact press with details of Fergus’s election.

Dance tickets are available to purchase now at a cost of £20 per ticket.

8. Board Report:

There was a meeting called for tonight re budget and Bill Anderson will attend.

There should be a club facility within the stadium from the start of next year as Budvar are organising this.

It has been reported that several players have shown an interest in the Trust. Fergus will take this forward. Other issues Fergus will take forward are the fact that the Trust had been promised regular meetings with the Board and this had not happened.

Supporters Charter: The club had issued a charter on the club site and had not taken into account any of the amendments the Trust had put forward as far back as April. Concern was raised as to wither the club had just ignored the work done by Trust members in producing amendments. Fergus will raise this at the next Board Meeting.

9. Any other Business.

Concern was raised that a supporter who had been banned from travelling on the buses had been travelling on the official travel club bus to away games. The club had been made aware of this and are dealing with the situation.

Concern was also raised that the club had failed to keep its promise to visit the supporter who had fell at the recent Hamilton game. It was reported that the club now had this in hand and contact would be made this week.

A lengthy debate followed regarding communications between the club and fans were at an all time low. Concerns raised included a fan being told they could hang up a banner by one member of staff then told they could not by another member of staff, supporters buses reps being brushed aside by reception staff when trying to hand over large sums of money for tickets and being told they could not speak to senior staff members on a Saturday, the lack of co-operation in securing space in the match day programme and the decision regarding the issue of the recent Say no to Racism day. The club is being perceived as moving away from the core support.
Fergus will take these issues forward.

A point was raised regarding the issue of tickets for games having a player’s picture printed on them as these would be collectable season ticket holders would also like to have access to these tickets. Several suggestions were made and Fergus will take these to the club.

Murray indicated that he had listened to what people were saying about the club for some time and that he was fed up with the Trust always criticising the club. Several members pointed out that the Trust is only putting forward supporters view and if the club were better at communicating with the Trust these issues would not come up. It appeared that the Trust was always left out in the communications loop and did not even feature in the clubs official brochure. It was pointed out that the Trust is the voice of the fans and not the club.

A newsletter is required. It was agreed that the chair would take this forward.

It was also agreed to write to the club on behalf of the trust to congratulate the team on winning the Bells Cup.

10. Date of next Meeting

Monday 13th December at 7.30.


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