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Monday 15th May 2006, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Minutes of the Bairns Trust meeting
Monday 21st March 2005 at the Falkirk Stadium
by Steven Jackson

Members: Stewart Wilson, Steven Adam, Janice Williamson, Sandy Williamson, Brian Guthrie, Fergus Cladwell, Euan McIntyre, W Sommerville, Jim Jamieson, Bill Anderson,John Dick, Douglas Hill, Steven Jackson, Steven Lyn D Robertson, Michael Allen, Jack Gardiner, Murray McIntyre, Peter Jack.
Non- Member Margaret Watt

Welcome: The chair welcomed everyone to the Meeting
Apologies received from Jean Toft Wayne Toft Kirstie Adam and Stephen Bird.

1. Minutes of previous meeting:
The minutes of the previous meeting were not available and will be carried forward to next meeting.

2. Business arising:
Membership Cards can be purchased for £65.00 for 500 cards. This item will be carried forward until after AGM.
Referee’s night. A poor turnout at event. Concerns were raised that the advertising could have been better with the programme also mentioning it. Agreed to organise another night.

3. Secretaries Report
The secretary read out a letter from the Supporters Direct advising of the annual conference to be held in Stirling University. A couple of names were given as representatives. It was agreed representatives would pay their own expenses.

4. Treasurer’s report:
The Treasurer reported that the accounts had now been audited and will be forwarded for AGM and report issued to FSA.
Cash in bank stands at £5000 and £2000 is left to pay some small debts due. Small amounts of money still coming in £180 from shop £45 from Partick game £25 from game following Partick game £30 due for ties.
Current membership stands at 210

5. Video and Dance.
Brian reported that the DVD had brought in sales of £4510 with the video sales being £9489.93. This gave the Trust a profit of around £2000.
Amicable Marques are still due to pay money in.
The agreement with the Club to receive money from Budvar is causing some concern. The Trust’s understanding was that agreement had been reached with the club to receive the payment. The club can not recall any such agreement.
Several members raised concerns and it was agreed that the board representatives raise this at the next board meeting.
Brian reported balance due to AMA productions is £3566. Agreed to pay AMA a further £1000.
Stephen Bird still has the invoice for the ties which are not selling very quickly.
The club have agreed that the Trust can produce Championship winning T shirts Brian will take this forward and report back with further ideas.
The Christmas dance for this year will be either 29th 30th December. Brian has arranged 2 artists to perform and will confirm dates by next meeting. It was also agreed to look at an alternative venue and Stewart will report back at next meeting.

6. Board Report:
Bill reported the North stand will be ready on time and arrangements have been made to contact the SPL re final details.
5 a side pitches are now open for business. Concerns were raised that they were a bit small for adults.
The issues of the undersoil heating are still being explored. Goalmouths are now covered if cold weather approaches.
The Bistro negotiations are ongoing and it will be open 7 days a week. Visit to the stadium by Ian Blair went very well with no issues of concern raised.
The club sponsors will be announced shortly and it is hoped strips will be available by the end of the season.
McDonalds have sponsored the School of football and Tesco have sponsored the Primary School initiative

7. Report from Saturday meetings.
The report from the last meeting can be found on the web site.

8. Prices for next season.
The Board are currently looking at all options and will come to the Trust for discussion on the price for next season. The Trust representatives were asked to specifically discuss the High School child’s price as this was very expensive this year. A proposal to the board from the Trust was that the price should remain as priced for this season.
Discussion took place regarding disabled facilities and in particular blind supporters. Murray stated the blind club were looking at cost of installing radio commentary equipment for blind supporter. A proposal that the Trust could become involved in raising money was welcomed by Murray on behalf of the blind club.

9. Football Tournament.
This had been held up by bad weather but is now progressing. Trophies had been organised and the club will supply goody bags for all participants.

10. Parking
Concerns were raised that disables supporters could not get full access to parking as these were being used by police officers and the catering company. Representatives to raise at next Board meeting.
The bus service introduced is very popular and may be extended to other areas.

11. Stadium Tours.
Tours will be staring very soon. Back the Bairns are funding the cost of putting pictures up around the stadium

12. AGM
The constitution states that half the board should now stand down but will be eligible for re election. Several board members had resigned during the year leaving only 1 member to stand down. Steven Adam indicated Kirstie Adam wished to stand down.

13. Any other Business:
Brian Guthrie reported items were still coming in for the Tsunami fund and would need to be sent to collection point shortly. He also reported he had been involved in other fundraising ventures on behalf of the Trust and has helped in raising around £15000
Concern was raised that the web site was too congested and not a lot of people were using it. Agreed to look at trimming site and encouraging people to use more.

14. Date of next meeting:
Monday 18th April at the Falkirk Stadium 7.30pm.