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Monday 15th May 2006, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Minutes of the Bairns Trust Meeting
Monday 19th December 2005
at the Falkirk Stadium

S Jackson, W Sommerville, W Anderson, P Jack, S Adam, S Wilson, M McIntyre, B Guthrie, J Gardiner, S Monfries, S Williamson, J Williamson, J Black, S Bird, M Fraser and J Dick

F Caldwell, K Adam, J Toft, W Toft, M Paterson.


Steven Jackson welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for turning up at a very busy time of the year.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Had been published on the website and were circulated. Adoption of the minutes was proposed by M McIntyre and seconded by J Williamson.

Matters Arising

  • BairnsTrust would continue to help BairnsAid where possible but there would be no question of BairnsTrust being liable for financial costs, save for some contribution towards advertising costs that would be viewed as a donation from BairnsTrust to BairnsAid.
  • It was felt that Motherwell FC should be asked to justify their pricing for away fans by comparison with their main stand rather than the comparable stand behind the goals. Fergus Caldwell had indicated that he was prepared to take on this task in his role as Supporter Director and it was agreed that he should do so.
  • First batch of FFC Shareholders now about to be contacted re “donating” shares/proxy votes for forthcoming FFC AGM, see Shareholders Contact agenda point below.
  • New BT contact address to be made known to SPL Supporters Association.

Chairperson’s Report

A letter from the SPL Supporters Association had been received and a copy would be forwarded to the Club.

Secretary’s Report

  • Motherwell FC had eventually replied (letter posted on website) after 2 contacts from ourselves, a letter from George Craig and contacting the Well Trust. We will only be able to judge if they have eradicated the entry problems for away supporters on our next visit, but as mentioned in matters arising Fergus Caldwell will pursue a further explanation by asking Motherwell FC to justify their entry cost policy of using their main stand as the comparison.
  • The Secretary read out a very complimentary email received from a supporter who had thoroughly enjoyed the Wednesday tour of The Falkirk Stadium.
  • An email had been received from the charity group who completed the visit of 136 stadia earlier this year. They are planning a repeat of the feat this year and are trying to encourage other clubs to participate too. They wondered whether a group of 4 Falkirk supporters would like to be involved. This will be advertised on the website with a link to their site for anyone who is interested.
  • Fergus had intimated that he thought Hearts should be contacted by letter to congratulate them on their pricing policy. The meeting agreed that the Secretary should do so.

Treasurer’s Report

  • 5 new members (3 adult and 2 concessions) had joined in the past month and a new corporate member had also paid on the night bringing the total to 241 + 18 Junior Bairns and now 3 Corporate Members.
  • The Stadium Tours had brought in over £900 from admission charges, refreshments, sales and photo commission, leaving a healthy profit of £805.91 after advertising and expenses.
  • The Tee shirts for members who live at a distance have now all been posted out.
  • 4 Sharesaves had matured in the past month and were passed by the Board and certificates would be sent out soon.
  • There are still 28 Sharesavers in the scheme for whom shares will need to be purchased, most of whom will have to “top-up” by Apr 06 if they wish to take the last advantage possible of obtaining shares at the 61p share price, but provision has been made for transfer of shares purchased by the Trust if it is necessary.
  • The fifth electronic newsletter had been issued recently to members who favour being kept in touch by this method.
  • There had been contact from a student seeking information about football Trusts in relation to his coursework and the relevant information had been supplied, with a request for his completed dissertation to be returned when available.
  • Bank has confirmed Peter Jack now a cheque-authorised signatory with all banking correspondence also changing to him.
  • There are no known outstanding invoices due for settlement.

Social Committee Report

  • The Stadium Tours, with the exception of the technical hitch with sound on the first one, all went very well, and we would like to thank everyone who participated in them to make them a success. The possibility of similar tours in the future is to be investigated. BT secretary to write to both the club and the referee involved for an excellent night.
  • There is also the possibility of a Referees’ Night early in the New Year, perhaps with John Rowbotham as one of the participants.
  • The Dinner Dance on Friday 30th has 110+ confirmed tickets sold, exceeding last years attendance, although some have yet to be paid for. Among the many items for auction and raffle prizes on the night will be a portable 14” colour TV; a guitar and amplifier; go-kart vouchers; SPL goodies; Andy Thompson’s signed top and Hospitality for 2 at a game of your choice. We’d like to thank all that have already donated prizes and welcome any more. A suggestion was made that we should give another mention to this event on the Falkirk FC and Trust websites to attract any last minute ticket sales.
  • A 60’s Night & Beatles Tribute will be held on Friday 24th February 2006. Further details and tickets will be available early in the New Year. Advertising/printing costs are to be capped at a total of £150 (inc. Vat). We are grateful to Jimmy Black of Drew Norloch who kindly offered to pay half of the total.
  • The Brockville Lounge is to be made available on a monthly basis and the Social Convenor is looking into the possibility of organising some late night, top cabaret entertainment, possibly beginning in early 2006. Prices and availability of acts to be obtained and circulated by Social Committee. The long awaited Quiz Night is also on the cards now that the Bar/Bistro is fully up and running.

Board Members Report

A full report appears on the website (NB

Saturday Meetings

  • A full report has already appeared on the website (NB
  • With regard to the complaints about the procession of flags at Ibrox, Rangers FC have asked for clarification of the nature of the complaint. It was suggested that this information should be conveyed directly to David Murray. It was felt that the Rangers Worldwide Confederation event the following day would have been a more appropriate venue for this display.
  • Concern about the treatment of Falkirk fans at away matches has already been registered. It was felt that appointing Supporters Liaison official reps to be made known to the police before games might be the answer. Steven Jackson, Stewart Wilson, Bill Anderson and Fergus Caldwell have been installed and the idea will be trialled at Tynecastle on Boxing Day.
  • The club has contacted a number of fans after complaints of prolonged foul and abusive language. It was found that in some instances the Season Ticket holders had passed on their ticket to somebody else. This is actually against the rules according to the terms & conditions of season ticket issue.

Shareholders Contact

The first Shareholder Contact letters are now ready for posting to a sample of shareholders after the festive period.

The Former Players Association

Many of the Falkirk legends visiting the Bar/Bistro on matchday are expressing interest in joining the Former Players Association. A more formal approach will be made early in the New Year to all former players, using the contact details held by the club.

Andy Lawrie Testimonial

The Andy Testimonial Committee has held its first meeting and has been working on an action plan and events on the agenda include a corporate dinner, a dinner for supporters, a disco in Gala and a testimonial match. More details will be issued as plans are finalised, with the next meeting early in New Year.

Boardroom Experience Draw

The draw for the first 2 home games of 2006 was made and the lucky winners, who will be contacted soon, are:
Brechin – Brian Heggie.
ICT – Alan P Dawson.
Winners are urged to visit the stall a game in advance for a pre-event briefing.

AGM Arrangements

As previously minuted, the Chairman and Secretary have put together election materials for sending out in late December/early January. These covers the election of one Supporter Director as the post held by Bill Anderson becomes vacant in May 2006. Bill is eligible to stand for re-election.
Several BairnsTrust Committee places are also available, and existing members are entitled to stand for re-election. The plan is for anyone interested in standing for the Committee to use the same form to indicate their intention without supplying a Proposer and Seconder at this point.
A ballot will be organised if there are more candidates than places available.
Brian Guthrie queried the viability of using the same form for both types of candidate and also whether a proposer and seconder is a requirement for candidates for the Committee and this will be checked out before the election notification is sent out.
AGM is set for Mon 20/03/06. Nominations and Resolutions to be delivered to BT Electioneer Sandy Monfries by Mon 20/01/06. A 250-word (max) election statement should accompany completed Nomination forms. Membership of BairnsTrust at 25/12/05 is a condition of eligibility for election.


  • A meeting was held with Eleanor Ellison of the RNIB who had a tour of the stadium and a mock commentary using the equipment for blind supporters. Her comments were very favourable about the Blind Club and the stadium set-up and there may be a possibility of further grants for more receivers.
  • It was suggested that we purchase some more re-chargeable batteries for the receivers to have spares and to allow for the fact that the original ones are starting to deteriorate. The possibility of linking up with compatible hardware at away grounds and vice versa for visiting fans to the Falkirk Stadium being investigated.
  • The point was made that Car Parking stewards aren’t doing enough to direct the flow at the end of games when three rows of vehicles are trying to merge into one. Sensible direction is required to keep things moving and prevent accidents.
  • It was also noted that the Larbert “99 Special” bus left so sharp after the Kilmarnock game that supporters in the far end of the stand didn’t have time to get to where it was parked before it left.
  • Steven Jackson is to arrange a suitable time with George Craig to accompany him to Stirling to address the players following a training session with a view to explaining the work of BairnsTrust to them and asking for their support by joining the Trust.
  • Concerns regarding the slow delivery of the new “£15 for name on seat plaques” were voiced with Treasurer Peter Jack in the process of obtaining an explanation.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of BairnsTrust will be at 7.30pm on Monday 16th January 2006 at the Falkirk Community Stadium. The Secretary will make the required booking.
The Chairman closed the meeting by thanking everyone for their hard work throughout the year and wishing everyone all the best for Christmas and the New Year.