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Monday 19th March 2007, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Minutes of the Bairns Trust Meeting
15th January 2007 Falkirk Stadium

Present: B. Anderson, S. Jackson, F. Caldwell, P. Jack, B. Guthrie, M. Fraser, J. Gardiner, M. McIntyre, R. Stirling, Jnr., S. Wilson, L. Wilson, J. Dick, M. Paterson, T. Paterson, D. Robertson, S. Williamson, A. Harris of BSH Ltd.

Minutes taken by Treasurer P. Jack in the absence of Secretary L. McDaid.

  1. Welcome/Opening remarks/Apologies - L. McDaid and S. Monfries.
  2. Sponsorship in Football – Rodger Crosswaite – Director Falkirk FC ('FFC'):

Rodger Crosswaite gave a detailed and interesting talk on Sponsorship in Football and specifically FFC's attempts to entice sponsors and fielded numerous questions both during and afterwards.

Minutes of the previous meeting:

Adopted by M. McIntyre.
Seconded by J. Gardiner.

Membership / T- Shirts:

Membership - The Falkirk Herald article re our Norwegian Member has generated a renewed interest in the Trust. Message of thanks to the Sports Editor of the Herald. Articles to hopefully appear on Trust Social Events and Former Players Event v Kilmarnock.

Trust's Fourth Corporate Sponsor Alan Harris of BSH Limited was asked to explain more about his business and his lifelong support and sponsorship of FFC. Message of thanks to Alan for joining. Two further Corporate Sponsors being targeted.

T – Shirts - Samples lost in post and original supplier now unable to produce numbers required. Second choice too dear. Apologies to all Members. Two new designs forthcoming at slightly higher price. Available for view at next home game. Full cash refund to those who have paid will apply if not wishing to purchase one of the newly design shirts.

Former players / Andy Laurie / Website / Junior Bairns / 1876 launch:

Former Players ('FPA') – This is going extremely well and is proving popular with the ex players. Poster on entering Amarillo commented upon. Numbers nearing maximum and ballot may soon be necessary. Nine further names to approach mentioned. Contact details of four passed to FPA Committee. Matter arising re seating position resolved – Row L rather than Centre Stand. Rejected Rows A & B. Tickets for Category C Games only as was. £25.00 agreed as first payment towards costs of administering FPA to be obtained from D Webster at FFC.

Andy Laurie – No meeting since Testimonial Dinner. One required to progress next events, e.g. Second Dinner at end of March. Will not clash with "1957 Event." Some monies still outstanding.

Issue with "Federation" bank account to be resolved by writing to current bankers.

Website – Vice Chairman to relinquish combined "IT Co-ordinator" role now website relaunched. Continue to use as main point of electronic contact with Trust. Message of thanks to IT Committee for work done. Messageboard administrator access to be reviewed and altered. New Hit Counter software reveals visitors from Poland, Australia, Norway and Virgin Islands! Photos to appear on Main Page border. Old programmes will be available online and at stall from Vice Chairman's private collection with donation back to Trust based on sales.

Mention at this point made of Falkirk Herald's website story re Norwegian Member.

Junior Bairns – Trust have now bought a table for Junior Bairns which they will have to man themselves on match days.

Preliminary negotiations of Trust buying back FFC Shares from two previous Sharesavers mentioned at this point.

1876 launch – FFC now have Trust logo for marketing purposes. 200 Club will transfer to 1876 Club on launch. Previous details between BT and FFC remain as was. £10.00 per month annual membership contract as was.

FFC AGM called for Thu 01/02/07. Papers received by Trust. Special Resolution read and decision taken to vote FOR the proposal. Delegate from Trust advised.

Draw for boardroom experience:

Kilmarnock 27/01/07 – F. Strathern, Stenhousemuir as prize-winner from last Trust Social Night.
St Johnstone 03/02/07 – J. Paterson, Denny.
Motherwell 10/02/07 – C. Mailer, Polmont.
Aberdeen 03/03/07 – M. Webb, Polmont.
Celtic 17/03/07 – J. Patrick, Falkirk.
St Mirren 31/03/07 – J. Manson, Laurieston.

6. Secretary's report (2 months Tue 20/11/06 – Sun 14/01/07):

Collecting ex players contact details, passing them on to FPA Committee. Several players have said how much they are enjoying it.

Received and replied by email to "Save our Staggies" following their 15th and 16th Dec 2006 drive to all 42 SPL and SFL grounds in 24 hours as a fundraiser. Intrigued about FFC's own "Buy a brick". Supplied information.

Email correspondence from S Powell, Head of Development, Football Supporters’ Federation re "Safe Standing at Top-Flight Football Stadia - House of Commons Early Day Motion". Duly gave Trust's reply in return. Related more to English clubs.

Received email correspondence from R Blackwood, Business Development Manager, Piggotts re provision of "huge crowd surf flags you see around the grounds." Photographic evidence circulated to Committee. Declined. Trust has had ongoing discussions for 18 months with another, cheaper supplier.

Complaint received from Dunfermline FC fan re behaviour of FFC ball boy at Saturday 13/01/07 fixture. Matter of how Stewards resolved incidents at same game discussed. Both issues to be taken to next Saturday Meeting.

Latest Boardroom Experience Winner questionnaire circulated at meeting. Another positive response.

Website Hit Counter analysis circulated at meeting.

Any member finding electronic activity from Trust excessive can have email address removed from distribution list by contacting Trust.

Minutes typed.

7. Treasurers' report (2 months Tue 20/11/06 – Sun 14/01/07):

Asked that Treasurers' report be shortened.

Income -
New Members – 1 Corporate Sponsor JH Kilt Hire, 7 adults, 12 concessions, 0 u-16 = £230.00.
Share save £220.00. £165.00/month – 12 members, 1 forthcoming.
Contingency Fund donations £47.00 = £785.00 cumulative to date.
DVD and Videos - £17.00.
T-shirts – 3 new orders. Discounted sales at stall going well.
Spot the team card x 1 - £15.00 gross in.
New programme sales introduced and initial sales show promise - £8.00.
Silly Connolly CD sales slow. Profits to Trust. Cost to be held for payment back to artist.
Red Cards. FFC paid half and this was much appreciated.

Spot the team card x 1 – Winner took voucher prize.
Postage for membership cards £15.00 to Membership Secretary.
FSA invoice settled for £45.00. £60.00 last year.
Junior Bairns table and batteries for blind headsets purchased - £35.68.

Lots of funds have to be held back e.g. contingency fund, cumulative and outstanding sharesavers, t-shirt order, disabled 5s tournament and potential audit fee. Est. £3.2K. Bank account balance now covers.

Newsletters # 25, 26, 27 & 28 sent out. Still too big. Asked to be shortened, text version only without attachments and/or simple link to website sent out instead.

3 x Boardroom Experience Winners contacted, briefed, after event questionnaires issued and retrieved.

Transfer and latest batch of sharesaver applications with FFC for ratification at January Board Meeting.

173 emails sent out in period – not discussed.

Great progress on website from new IT Committee. Initial task of updating Minutes and Newsletters online complete. Redesign of site complete. An Online shop with "Pay Pal" facilities is now in place. Membership Certificate has been redesigned. Headed notepaper has been redesigned. OneF football team "Bairnfica AFC" advert merits debated.

Two new auditors sourced. New Charities Commission SORP legislation to be investigated further as may release requirement to produce financial statements.

Full set of 2006 Annual Accounts compiled by Treasurer. Requires Audited.

Spot the team winner – No card at this meeting.

8. Social Convenor's report:

First 2007 Community Event –

Quiz Night. Monday 12/02/07, 7pm at Castings Club, Etna Road, Falkirk. £10.00 per team of 4. Falkirk Herald article to appear. Secretary to contact local Trusts. Advert on Trust website. Anyone can buy tickets online via "Pay pal". Host confirmed. Questions to be compiled. Vice Chairman to contact FFC for players to attend and/or participate as last year. Donations, auction and raffle prizes sought. Local Clubs to be approached for teams.

Second 2007 Community Event –

Tramps Ball. Friday 16/03/07, 7.30pm at Dobbie Hall, Larbert. Hall, Disco and Caterers booked. Ticket price to be confirmed.

Need prizes for events.

Merchandise ideas debated. Not Minuted for confidentiality reasons. First available for Kilmarnock game.

T-shirt designs discussed. Not Minuted for confidentiality reasons. Will not be Trust branded or dated.

9. Board report:

Majority of last month's meeting information now in public domain. Highlights were:

Looking at Inverness CT goalkeeper, Blackburn and Norwich players.

Physio left to join Hearts FC.

Barratt, Rodrigues, Churchill, Gibb rehab ongoing. Ireland played game in recovery.

Signed eight players from youth on one year extensions.

Gow offered two year extension. Hibs approach for Gow on pre-contract.

Milne, Ross, O'Donnell offered extensions.

Stokes discussed. Since gone.

Cup strip to be worn for CIS Semi Final having agreed with Kilmarnock. Just over half tickets received. FFC
Directors x 10 for Motherwell Boardroom, no guests, Kilmarnock same. CIS same. Guests in separate hospitality. FFC hospitality packages at £85.00 from Falkirk Stadium then bussing to Motherwell Centre Stand. Open to any FFC supporter.

Squad to Algarve in January. Match arranged.

Stirling University and South Stand. Ongoing discussions. Further at Thursday 18/01/07 Board meeting.

Trust Boardroom Experience mutually well received.   

10. AOB:

Trust AGM Mon 16/04/07. Vice Chairman will prepare standard AGM calling documents timeously. Notification of AGM will be made via Trust website and Falkirk Herald newspaper.

11. Next meeting:

Committee Meeting TBA.

Members Meeting Monday 19/02/07 at 7.30pm.


The next meeting of BairnsTrust will be at the Falkirk Community Stadium. 
Everyone is welcome and can participate in discussion, but only members are allowed to vote on any issue.