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Monday 19th March 2007, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Minutes of the Bairns Trust Meeting
19th February 2007 Falkirk Stadium

Present: B. Anderson, S. Jackson, F. Caldwell, P. Jack, L. McDaid, B.Guthrie, M. Fraser, S. Wilson, S. Monfries, L. Wilson, J. Dick, M.Paterson, T. Paterson, G Elliot.

1. Welcome/opening remarks.

Apologies - J. Gardiner, M. McIntyre, L. Edmond, D.Robertson, R. Stirling, Jnr. (R. Stirling, Jnr. had emailed to say he was unable to attend but I had not read this before the meeting).

2. Minutes of previous meeting. Taken as read - proposed by S. Wilson, seconded by   S. Monfries.

3. Matters arising:

Membership - standing at just over 200, corporate members - 4 paid, another 2 possible.

Former Players - this is going well, players are going to lounges meeting the fans.   £100 invoice with club. Settlement expected soon.

Andy Laurie Testimonial - Tuesday meeting in one week at Elliotts 7pm re game and dinner.

Website - this is now fully operational.

Inform website of which players will be in the Amarillo on the Saturday to have it announced. FPA Committee to inform as early as Tuesday before home game of attendees.

Small stock of Trust products to be held away from Stadium to meet online orders.

Vice Chairman to provide further electronic imagery for upload to site.

Junior Bairns - advised their table is there. S. Scott apologised and will try to get someone to man the table on a Saturday.

1876 launch - felt it was too late to start this season and has been delayed by Club too often. Trust was able to proceed since Nov/Dec 06. No major prizes have been announced and Trust would like to see the amended proposals first before committing.

4. Secretary's report:

1. Gathering all the former players' info and passing details on to Falkirk F.C. Have been in the Amarillo on a few Saturdays to speak to the players and they are thoroughly enjoying the day.

2. Sent emails out to several local trusts re quiz night in Castings, also a former players team. Had some response.

3. Got an email re concern at quiz being held in Castings. Acknowledged this, passed copy to committee for info and a reply was sent to the gentleman concerned by one of the Social Committee.

4. Letter sent to R. Smith at the Amarillo thanking him for the half time hospitality shown to the former players. They very much enjoy the day and the half time hospitality is appreciated by them.

Chairman B. Anderson thought the Castings was a good venue.

Concerns expressed re Amarillo shutting early in the week.

5. Treasurer's report:

2 corporate members, 5 new adult members, sharesave doing well, 13 new members and two possibles bringing in monthly £176/month, no contingency donations. Fund at £785.

T-shirts selling, less than 30 left.

Programmes - £32 made on stall in past month.

Silly Connolly CDs - any sold include donation to Bairns Trust.

New photographs doing well. £80 made so far. Production costs of £47 due back to supplier.

Michael White's book includes a percentage for the Bairns Trust.

Quiz night - this was a good night quite a lot of money raised and hopefully an enjoyable night for those who attended.

Some items not auctioned could perhaps be sold on auction site?

£3,824 bank balance, covers outstanding liabilities.

Took and typed up minutes of the last meeting.

Newsletters #29 and #30 sent out plus >118 emails to committee members.

Photos from the club can be used on our website subject to seeking permission.

Shiretrust - fundraising scheme - are we interested?

£100 back from Falkirk FC re former player's admin.

Problem with positioning of programme sellers, hard to find as not always in the same place. Could Bairns Trust sell some programmes and get sellers fee - £4. This is now in place.

Supporters Direct - we are not a charity. Complications still arising re Trust Annual Audit.

Arranged numerous a meetings with auditors. Met accountant that compiles Raith Rovers Trust accounts, willing to do it for £350, another meeting Wednesday 21/02/07 planned plus C.A.B. woman recommended another possibility, lowest bid wins!

Chased up members re donations for Quiz Night - no response.

Eric at Castings and member S. Knox donated great prizes.

7 Boardroom experience winners contacted and in place, questionnaires ready to go out.

Funds available to buy from sharesavers willing to sell. Still to process? Treasurer instructed to write to sharesavers involved.

Letter of condolence sent re Mr. J. Manson.

Member sent copy of Falkirk FC Accounts as requested.

Test transaction made by Treasurer out to auction site and in from Paypal from Trust bank account. Now operational.

Offer of Boardroom hospitality to be made to Bank of Scotland contact for all generous donations received. Since made.

6. Social Convenor's report:

Quiz night was a success. Trophy engraved.

Planned date for Tramps Ball clashed with Lt. Stardust at the Castings and also Comic Relief day. Date of Tramps Ball moved to May hopefully still in Dobbie Hall, need to see if still available on a Friday in May. Wait and see or find new venue? Ochiltree Club a possibility?

Chairman concerned re selling tickets in May at end of season.

Shiretrust - Holding a Dinner Dance. Specifically for Shire fans and players. Hoped for BairnsTrust to attend.

Social Convenor has a karaoke machine, which was donated. Available for auction/raffle and donate monies to Trust.

Raffle at home games?

T-shirts problem solved - excess from rock band order - small order now in hand will be ready next week.

Legends and UN t-shirt - samples should be available for next meeting.

7. Board meeting - this Thursday 21/02/07.

8. Supporters Direct - E. Millar new Development officer at Supporters Direct working with James Proctor and would like to attend a Bairnstrust meeting. Invited to next meeting.

9. A.G.M. - information for website read out and handed over - date 16th April at 7.30.

Official Notice - Chair's Report, Treasurer's Report, Secretary'sReport, Election of Committee, Election of Supporter's Rep, etc.

Positions for election Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Board Rep, etc. forms to be returned by 23/03/07.

Proposer's and Seconder's have to be members of Trust.

Issue of formal notification 12 weeks before event NOT in BairnsTrust constitution.

Proxy form only to be issued if ballot required.

Last years' AGM Minutes are off our website.

Motion re Independent Examination and outstanding overpayments?

Co-opted Committee Members now have to stand.

Potential numbers of persons willing to stand as Boardroom Rep. Do not have to declare until 23/03/07 deadline.

Tables and chairs to be in place for A.G.M.?

10. Tom Jamieson trophy - Tom Elliot said should be March not February 21st. Since delayed to 28/03/07. Mrs. Jamieson informed of change. Tom Elliot buying medals, goodie bags available. Mrs. Jamieson then treated to lunch afterwards.

11. A.O.C.B. - Press advisor - should be one person responsible for putting info in to press. Social Convenor offered to be responsible as it is usually him who deals with it. Contact with Falkirk Herald/Central
FM/Matchday Announcer. Passed.

Should also be a piece in the programme about the Bairns Trust but this is not happening! Trust logo does appear.

1957 Celebration Dinner, Cladhan Hotel, Sunday 22/04/07 - this is a sell-out, tickets £25.

F.F.C. Masters v S.P.L. Select taking place Sunday 25th March, Westfield, in aid of kidney kids for Scotland.

David McIntosh. Boardroom hospitality to be offered to him v Hibs game for hosting the quiz night.

The problem of being kept in after the Old Firm games was mentioned. Could something be done? Letter should be sent from the club to Strathclyde Police. Boardroom Reps to mention at Saturday meeting.

Golf Tournament mentioned for football supporters at Dalmahoy on behalf of Charity. Advert to follow. Now on website.

12. Date of next monthly meeting - Monday 19th March at 7.30pm.


The next meeting of BairnsTrust will be at the Falkirk Community Stadium. 
Everyone is welcome and can participate in discussion, but only members are allowed to vote on any issue.