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Monday 17th September 2007, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Minutes of the Bairns Trust Meeting
20th August 2007 at Falkirk Stadium

Present: (16). S Jackson, B Guthrie, P Jack, F Caldwell, J Gardiner, M McIntyre, L Wilson, S Wilson, M Fraser, B Anderson, M Paterson.
J Dick, G Forster, J Jamieson, R Paterson, S Williamson.

1)Chairperson's opening remarks

Meeting was hosted by Chairperson S Jackson.
Minutes were taken by Treasurer P Jack following the formal resignation tonight of Secretary L McDaid.
No copies of the agenda were available. Apologies offered by Chairman.

Chairman welcomed all back and hoped all had a good holiday/break.

Apologies. - T Paterson, D Robertson, R Stirling, Jnr.

 3)Minutes of previous meeting.

Not available following the formal resignation tonight of Secretary L McDaid.
Previous and this meeting's Minutes will be presented for approval next month.

4)         Matters arising. – Will be covered during Treasurer's Report.

5)        Secretary's Report.

Not available following the formal resignation tonight of Secretary L McDaid.
Vacancy to be advertised on BairnsTrust website and was mentioned in latest monthly electronic newsletter seeking applicants.
Secretary position does not need to be a member of Trust Executive Board.
Retired Secretary with experience acceptable.

6)      Treasurer's Report. (Covered the 2 month spell from 18/06/07 – 19/08/07)


Close season always difficult for income generation but new season generating subscriptions.
29 new members.
50 renewed members.
5 u-16 concessions.
12 Sharesave members, generating £154/month.
Contingency Fund at £746.82.
DVDs sold x 4. 1 at £6 via website online shop, paid by PayPal.
Video sold x 1.
T-Shirts x 3 sold to stadium catering staff.
£106.46 earned from eBay PayPal account and from matchday stall programmes.
One photo invoice cheque still to be cashed for £17.00.


£10.00 for misc stationery and envelopes.
£25.00 Supporters Direct conference cheque still to be cashed.
Vice Chairperson Telephone costs for arranging cabaret nights cashed at £90.00.
Membership cards printing and cards paid £116.05.
Small eBay/PayPal costs of £7.23.
Sharesave claim made in the period for £250 and refund for overpayment cashed at £85.00.
Chairman to supply invoice for application form printing, circa £60.00.
Chairman to pass over website invoice received.
£4,567.19 balance at present, meets long-term liabilities with £1,515.37 spare.

159 emails have been sent over past 2 month to members of Committee. Highlights:
- Supporters Direct Conference questionnaire and feedback forms.
- Dutch tour guide and liaison with Dutch fans re photos.
- New FFC eBay advertisements compiled with IT Team and posted.
- Handover to Membership Secretary of paper/electronic files from Treasurer.
- 300+ Dundee programmes obtained. Liaison with Dee4Life Trust and UlsterDees for resale.

Newsletters #38 and #39 were sent out to members.
Treasurer compiled Draft AGM Minutes and June Monthly Meeting Minutes.
Last of Bank of Scotland SPL merchandise donations collected by Treasurer.
Contact made with existing Corporate Sponsors seeking renewal.
Two potential Auditors contacted re Trust Annual Audit. Neither able to undertake.
Details obtained from Trust Chairman re a third Auditor willing to check Trust Annual Audit. Circa £100.00. Files to be passed over on 21/08/07.
Treasurer instructed to purchase 200 shares in FFC at £250.00.
Treasurer to contact administrator of "travellingbairn" website seeking BairnsTrust website hyperlink. To be reciprocated.
Treasurer to progress completion of FSA and Supporter's Direct Membership forms in absence of Secretary.

Matters Arising from last meeting, concluded by Trust Committee over the close season:

#1 Confirmation evidence circulated to Committee that LCN website invoice settled. Cheque for £32.97 cashed.
#2 Six delegates for Supporters Direct Conference sought from Committee and confirmed.
#3 Competitors for ShireTrust Quiz sought from Committee. Team of 4 attended.
#4 Decided during Holland trip not to progress Millwall and Ajax badge merchandise.
#5 Final version Application Form to be decided. Finished in time for season book distribution.
#6 BairnsTrust banner. Sizes obtained. Social Convenor to collate prices.
#7 Committee decision on whether to purchase shares in FFC. 200 shares to be progressed.
#8 Last of Bank of Scotland SPL merchandise donations to be collected by Treasurer. Done.

First FPA expense claim settled for £7.50 re postage of Trust Application Form to 33 FPAs.
Question from the floor re whether Blind Club cheque cashed. Has been so.
Stock of Bank of Scotland SPL products discussed. Shirt raffle v Hibernian possibly. Have to contact FFC first. Contact Hibs Trust/Supporters Clubs instead.
Temporary stand occupants wish to join Trust. Require to set up temporary stall.
Write/email/leaflet potential members at upcoming home game. Agreed Sat 15/09/07 v Hibernian.

First Boardroom Experience Draw of season made:

Sat 25/08/07 v St Mirren – Guest of BairnsTrust Chairman.
Sat 15/09/07 v Hibernian – J Smith, Falkirk.
Sat 22/09/07 v Motherwell – M Wilson, Stenhousemuir.
Sat 20/10/07 v Kilmarnock – J Toft, Falkirk. Previous winner still to undertake prize.
Reserves – A Ferrie, Falkirk and A Wilson, Carronshore.

7)      Social Convenor's Report.

New T-shirt rough designs wished to be seen by FFC Commercial Manager. Samples for end of month.
Events for next 6 months on hold due to meeting on Thu 23/08/07, 8.30pm with Alchemy Inns Ltd the stadium catering company. Confirm for next Monthly Meeting. Amarillo available for Trust events. Another Quiz, Castings or Amarillo. Amarillo refurbishment will allow events and social nights.
False rumours re Amarillo not emanating from Trust. Moreso from the ONE-F forum. Amarillo willing to pay acts up front to repair reputation. Trust to do raffle.
Prices of drinks went up following last Trust meeting!
Question from the floor re whether £2 per game access Amarillo still required? Yes. Run as RS Inns Ltd, a separate entity. Required to police numbers. Money raised to go to charity?
Question from the floor re whether refurbished restaurant opening on Thursdays? No.
Question from the floor re whether Tramps Ball still happening. Possibly at stadium.

8)      Board Report.

Report by C Martin re success of Learning Direct suite. Making good monies. FFC get good percentage deal.
Report by T Smith re merchandising. Going well.
Increase to £3 for matchday programme. Not well received by supporters.
Replica tops still at £40. Some clubs £32, most now down to £35.
Works commenced at Stirling training complex.
Report by J Hughes on players wanted.
New 3rd stand. Test drill samples already taken. Foundations being looked at.
Construction possibly starting March.
New van for groundsman received. Sponsored by Land-Drill.
J Dawson in running again for “Pitch of the Year.”
Next Board Meeting – Wed 22/08/07.

9)      Trust Board Representation.

3 Trust Committee met with FFC board on Wed 15/08/07.
FFC Chairman put forward good points.
Trust Committee put forward equally good points.
Compromise offered by Club:
1) Trust to retain one full Board Member, currently Trust chairman S Jackson.
2) Trust to be given one Alternate Director position, to be recently Trust elected M McIntyre. Will be entitled to attend all Board meetings, but not eligible to vote unless Trust full board Member not present. Home Boardroom attendance, but no access to Away game Boardroom.
BairnsTrust caveats/codicils:

1) FFC to undertake Board rotation, e.g. 3 annual re-elections. Last club AGM did try to introduce but retracted due to legal problems.
2) Merchandise. Trust to be allowed to market own products if FFC not doing similar.
3) FFC to have Alternate Director positions with Home Boardroom attendance, but no access to Away game Boardroom, etc.

The Trust believes that:

FFC need EGM to pass, FFC Articles of Association part read to attendees. Supporters Direct Lawyer states “full of holes.”
FFC Secretary and Trust working together to tidy up FFC Shareholders List.
Supporters Direct state Trust has “cast-iron” good case.
Trust Committee to continue to press and progress matter possibly by balloting Members re accept/decline compromise with caveats/codicils.

10)      Trust website.

Website currently down caused by worldwide virus hitting server. Outwith Trust control.
IT Committee to submit invoice for server hosting. Since received, circa £70.
Domain name due for renewal Nov 2007.
Chairman has received invoice re domain name transfer.
Increased hits to website when Dutch photos were posted.
IT Committee submitted article re FFC to 4-4-2 Magazine. Recently published. Obtain free copies of issue for matchday stall?
New fantasy/prediction competition to be launched when website returns.

11)      Andy Laurie Testimonial.

Free Saturday in October. Fri 16/11/07 evening possible for game. Opponents Sunderland/Newcastle? Letter to clubs to be sent.
Federation cheque discussed again. Course of action advised for Federation to consider.
Monies still outstanding.
Further Andy Laurie Testimonial Committee Meeting required.

12)      Membership.

Current 2007/08 membership uptake 50 renewals, 29 new adult, 5 u-16s. Total = 84.
Disappointing so far considering now only £5.
Blitz to be undertaken by as many Committee and volunteer Members at Hibs game on Sat 15/09/07. More forms required for this.
Vice Chairman to confirm whether able to have matchday stall at temporary stand that day.
Hibs shirt raffle same game? Try on eBay instead.

13)     A.O.C.B.

Celtic game Sun 12/08/07-
Pouring with rain and turnstiles remained closed until 11.40 for 12.30 KO.
No clean towel rolls in toilets again. JV tasked to replace.
Seats in back corners of Main Stand not cleaned following mess.
Police still not stopping drinking outside stadium.
Falkirk fan arrested at game for sectarian comments.
Abuse of Celtic staff in away dugout unacceptable. Stewards and Police to deal with better.

Falkirk Stewards at Away games-
Falkirk FC wants to take 6 stewards to away games and were looking to see if supporters' buses could accommodate travel. Bus convenors unable to provide seats due to lack of seats available.

14)      Date of next Meeting.

Monday 17th September at 7.30pm in the Warm-Up Area of Falkirk Stadium.

in the Warm-Up Area of Falkirk Stadium.

Everyone is welcome and can participate in discussion, but only members are allowed to vote on any issue.