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Monday 15th October 2007, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Minutes of the Bairns Trust Meeting
17th September 2007 at Falkirk Stadium

Present: (17). S Jackson, B Guthrie, P Jack, J Gardiner, M McIntyre, L Wilson, S Wilson, B Anderson, M Paterson.J Dick, J Jamieson, R Paterson, T Smith, I Sneddon, G Williamson, + 2 others.

1) Chairperson's opening remarks.

Meeting was hosted by Chairperson S Jackson.
Minutes were taken by Treasurer P Jack following the resignation of Secretary.

Copies of the agenda were available.

Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.

2) Apologies. - T Paterson, R Stirling, Jnr. 

3) Minutes of previous meeting.

Following the formal resignation last month of Secretary, Minutes presented for approval of last two meetings. Copies were available.
Mon 18/06/07 – Proposed by B Guthrie. Seconded by M McIntyre.
Mon 20/08/07 – Proposed by M McIntyre. Seconded by J Gardiner.

Boardroom Experience:

Winner and reserves unable to attend for Sat 22/09/07 v Motherwell so supplementary draw made from meeting attendees. 4 entrants:
G Williamson, J Dick, R Paterson, + 1 other. Winner J Dick.

4)        Secretary's Report. - Covered by Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Treasurer in absence of a Secretary.

Vacancy to be advertised in this week's Falkirk Herald seeking a Secretary.
Latest Supporter's Direct magazine received and made available to attendees for perusal.
Supporter's Direct letter received offering upto £1,000 50:50 matched grant aid funding.
Supporter's Direct balance of circa £156 outstanding for BairnsTrust initial setup costs usage, e.g. mail outs, postal ballots, hire of meeting room, etc. Treasurer to determine whether any old invoices meet criteria by 30/11/07 claim deadline.
18th Annual Review of Football Accounts received and made available.
Treasurer confirmed £50 Supporter's Direct annual subscription and membership form posted.
Supporter's Direct insurance scheme literature received. Benefits include – coverage for fundraising events, public liability insurance, interest free direct debit premium, Trust Executive Board liability insurance, coverage for Executive Board, etc.
Supporter's Direct national annual conference on Fri 19/10/07 at the GMEX Centre, Manchester. BairnsTrust have been represented at the National before. Supporter's Direct have asked for BairnsTrust to send reps as are the model Trust. Circa £30 return rail fair to be met by Trust for attendees.
Copy of Dee4Life Trust August paper newsletter obtained and made available.
Letter from George Foulkes MSP at Scottish Parliament re Fair Trade foods at football grounds received and made available.

5)      Treasurer's Report.


3 Corporate Members – JH Kilt Hire, BRS Building and Renovation Services, Beijing Villa Chinese Restaurant.
19 Adult Members.
2 u-16 concessions.

45 new Members.
80 renewed Members.
12 u-16 concessions.
3 Corporate Members.
12 Sharesave Members, generating £154 per month.
Contingency Fund at £496.82, following £250/200 shares bought by BairnsTrust in Falkirk FC.
DVDs sold x 1.
Video sold x 1.
Programmes from stall and eBay £37.33 inc. £8.50 held with PayPal.
Photos sold of various sizes x 3. One photo invoice cheque now cashed for £17.00.


£58.75 re 200 membership card laminated pouches.
Sharesave claim made in the period for £250. Refund for overpayment at £26.00
Supporter’s Direct Scottish Annual Conference cheque finally cashed at £25.00.
£7.50 paid from £100.00 float to FPA for Trust membership form mail outs.
£100.00 fee paid to Chairman tonight for handing to 3rd Auditor.

£250.00/200 shares bought by BairnsTrust in Falkirk FC outstanding cheque to be cashed.
£75.00 website server hosting for 2 years outstanding cheque to be cashed.
£50.00 Supporter's Direct annual subscription outstanding cheque to be cashed.

£4,855.61 balance at present, meets long-term liabilities with circa £2,000.00 spare.

57 emails have been sent over past month amongst Members and Committee. Highlights:
- Supporters Direct Annual Membership Form completed. Attachments to follow.
- 300+ Dundee programmes obtained. Further liaison with Dee4Life Trust and UlsterDees for resale.
- Compiled with IT Team website postings, new compliments slips and Champions League Fantasy Football Competition.
- Contacting of Boardroom Experience winners to notify of prize and arrangements.

Newsletter #40 sent out to Members via IT team.
Treasurer compiled August Monthly Meeting Minutes.
2 x eBay adverts posted, invoiced, receipts received and despatched by Treasurer.
Annual Audit paper files returned and “signed off” by 3rd Auditor.
£47 invoice received from Vice-Chairman re 200 laminated pouches. To be paid. Since done.
Details of 2 potential Corporate Sponsors received. Membership Secretary to progress contact
Vice-Chairman named 4 potential Corporate Sponsors and Chairman named 2 possible.

Question from the floor re programmes. Programmes or sale at stall are not from hospitality as has been suggested. Chairman intimated the grateful acknowledgement of programme donations from private collections of Jack Gardiner, Peter Mosson, Campbell Christie, Martin Ritchie, Douglas Paterson, A Totten and periodically from stewards, BairnsTrust Members and Committee.
Rare Alloa Ath programmes obtained. Were by donation and only to home support. Trust secured 35 for £5. 8 copies sold to Falkirk supporters on the night. Were 2 versions.
No France v Scotland programmes obtained! See eBay!

6) Board Report.

  1. Manager’s report

Disappointed not getting results.
D Robertson back from injury end of October.
G Barratt only 80% fit and still improving.
G Aafjes was injured when arrived at club. Now ok.
BairnsTrust Chairman view is that manager doing fantastic job and going right way.

  1. Financial report – Another 1st class report from D Webster.
  2. South stand report – Commencement March.
  3. Managing Director’s report –

Lotto kit not arriving quickly enough. Kilmarnock has no away kits on sale at all.
Health & Safety Executive report received. All ok.
     e)   Remuneration Committee report –
Staff wages discussed.
Manager’s contract discussed. Now extended.

  1. BairnsTrust 2nd Representative discussion –

Trust Chairman disappointed with certain individuals on the Board re the matter. Individuals were directly asked for views. Poor response.
All Trust codicils/caveats accepted except merchandising. Will not be allowed to sell within ground if uses club badge or competes against club’s ideas. Trust have never/will not go against this policy. Merchandise acceptable to Club can even be stocked in Club shops. Further meeting with C Graig Sat morning.
Trust position will be decided at forthcoming Club monthly Board meeting next week.

Congratulations were offered to C Christie on appointment to SPL Board. Signed, framed shirt presented.

Question from the floor re whether Club Board Meetings are Minuted. Yes.
Question from the floor re update on Club shareholding register cleanup. D Webster still looking at. Will be a long task. Trust Vice-Chairman will assist by offering Supporter’s Direct advice on the matter.

7)      Social Convenor's Report.

Meeting held with D McGillivray of Alchemy Inns Ltd the stadium catering company. Hope to have Amarillo back open 7 days a week. Trust disappointed that although keen to have events held in Amarillo any have to be arranged by the outside parties with no input from Amarillo staff. Acts still wary of bad reputation caused by previous owner. A sum was mentioned at meeting by Alchemy Inns Ltd willing to allocate to host events.

Tramps Ball. No Castings Club free Friday evening until after Christmas, therefore cancelled.

Fri 09/11/07. Silly Connolly over for Children in Need on Saturday. He has been commissioned to write the Scottish Children in Need Charity single and will be performing it at Celtic Park that day. Trust could have a show on Friday evening with TV cameras present. Adam Quest possible.

Show Racism the Red Card Day. Sat 20/10/07 v Kilmarnock.
Tie-in with Kick Racism out of Football.
Trust has been asked to make more high profile this year.
SRTRC will produce the red cards, reducing Trust expenditure.
Trust Vice-Chairman and Club's R Wilson and G Craig potentially to go round local schools with educational pack. To be confirmed.
Club willing to split costs again.
Educational pack cost £20. Includes 300 page file and DVD.
Lapel badges 18p x 100 for all Club staff to wear on the day discussed.
Magazines £50/100.
Will obtain as many complimentary products as possible, e.g. stickers/posters.
At Trust Committee Meeting after Monthly Meeting, £100 set as budget for Trust expenditure.

Annual Supporter's Direct Conference attendance discussed.

Merchandising in lead up to Christmas discussed. Samples that don't breach Club terms to come.

BairnsTrust banner purchase outstanding. Vice-Chairman to progress.

Question from the floor on behalf of Councillor Angus McDonald. The National Mod comes to Falkirk next year and Trust approached re our contacts. Possible stadium usage for Highland Select v Falkirk and District Select (Falkirk/E Stirling/Stenhousemuir/Alloa) match at end of season. Club are ok with this.
Gaelic concert at stadium? Runrig to perform? JV approached and delighted. End of May only suitable time to hold. Same cost to hire equipment for 1 day as 3. Resurrect the 3 day weekend concert previously discussed. Could be Pop/Gaelic/Pop over the 3 days. Trust to offer contacts and assist in arranging only. No Trust funds involved. Falkirk Council to fund?
Problems if South stand commenced. Inverness pitch ruined after E John concert. JV/Alchemy Inns ok with opening all areas for concert. 18,000 capacity? Usage of local schools/College/CSA car parks and shuttle buses discussed. Primal Scream? £30 tickets?
Seeking to increase Stadium profile and promote Falkirk District.

1st floor at stadium. JV willing to host events. Initial 6 month contract. Trust to hold raffles at events.

8)     A.O.C.B.

  1. Meet Match Commander – Request by Club's K Hogg for BairnsTrust and Supporter's Associations to send a representative for a meeting on the new "acceptable behaviour" policy. Trust will attend.
  2. Concourse Toilets – Somebody from Club to inspect state of toilets. Breach of Health & Safety? Club issue. Recruiting a Janitor being looked at. Hearts FC where reported for similar pre-Tynecastle upgrade and nearly had to cancel a game. Cleaning of seats top, back corners of Main stand? Are covered during week. Not working.
  3. Free Shuttle Bus – Advised that deal struck to make the "Shuttle Bus" free on Sat 22/09/07 v Motherwell and Tue 25/09/07 v Dundee Utd. Supported by CIS.
  4. Andy Laurie Testimonial – Trust Chairman has written to Sunderland and Newcastle for potential October game. Possibly too late? A St Johnstone fixture would attract less than 1,000. Getting embarrassing. Another Dinner in Gala where monies raised to be handed over?
  5. £2 Amarillo Admission – Half to Charity? Been raised but will not happen. Clubs way to police attendance/numbers. Club have to hire Amarillo on matchdays. Amarillo says not the case. Is a cost on Club's annual budget. Trust Chairman will re-ask.
  6. FPAs – Could not get served in Amarillo at last game. Suggestions included line up drinks in advance of peak times, e.g. full time? Bottle bar back in the corner? No draught drinks at full time until quietens down? Bar too small. Food service poor as person taking orders have to also fetch and deliver.
  7. Membership – Blast of recruitment required at other end of Main Stand and Temporary Stands. Needs more volunteers to assist. Need more forms printed. Has first 4,000 print run bill been paid? Treasurer to check.
  8. Trust Website – Bandwidth to be extended to cover increased hits? IT Committee to cost.
  9. Volunteer – Member willing to help Trust with FPA when 2nd Trust Rep moves to Boardroom. Trust Secretary position still available.


9)      Date of next Meeting.

Monday 15th October at 7.30pm in the Warm-Up Area of Falkirk Stadium.


Committee Meeting.

There followed a Committee Meeting on the matter of the BairnsTrust 2nd Boardroom Rep and Trust codicils/caveats ahead of decision at Club Monthly Board Meeting next week.

Supplementary Committee Meeting also held on Monday 24/09/07

Everyone is welcome and can participate in discussion, but only members are allowed to vote on any issue.