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Monday 19th November 2007, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Minutes of the Bairns Trust Meeting
15th October 2007 at Falkirk Stadium

Present: (15). S Jackson, B Guthrie, P Jack, J Gardiner, M McIntyre, L Wilson, S Wilson, B Anderson, M Paterson, M Fraser. J Dick, J Jamieson, S Monfries, R Paterson, I Sneddon.

1) Chairperson's opening remarks.


Meeting was hosted by Chairperson S Jackson.
Minutes were taken by Treasurer P Jack following the resignation of Secretary.

No copies of the agenda or last month's Minutes were available. Apologies from Chairman.
September and October Minutes will be carried forward for approval at November meeting.

Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.

2) Apologies. – F Caldwell, D Robertson.


3)Minutes of previous meeting. – Not available.

4) Matters arising. – None.


5)        Secretary's Report. - Covered by Vice-Chairman and Treasurer in absence of a Secretary.

Vacancy to be advertised in this week's Falkirk Herald seeking a Secretary.
Supporter's Direct letter received and made available informing SD current funding cycle ends in April 2008. Seeking support to lobby MSPs to ensure funding contract extended. BairnsTrust give full backing and will Chairman will contact Falkirk MSPs.
Supporter's Direct letter received re Football For All (FFA) to request Trust's active support for ‘Kick-Out Bigotry’ action, 20th November - 15th December 2007. BairnsTrust Chairman to sign pledge and Treasurer to return to FFA.

6)      Treasurer's Report.


1 Corporate Members – Land-Drill Geotechnics Limited. Cheque to be deposited.
2 Corporate Members invoiced. Awaiting cheques. Amarillo?
Vice-Chairman advises of potentially 6 more. 3 possibles and 3 confidents.
Falkirk Signs and Print to possibly become Corporate Member in return for supplying 2 Trust banners. Vice-Chairman to progress. Sizes required 2.4m x 600mm.
25 Adult Members joined this past month.
Membership Secretary advised of 172 Members so far this season.
12 Sharesave Members, generating £154/month.
Contingency Fund at £504.00, following £250/200 shares bought by BairnsTrust in Falkirk FC.
DVDs sold x 3.
Video sold x 1.
Programmes from stall and eBay £70.39 inc. £15.00 held with PayPal.
M White's book sold x 3. £12.00 owed to M White, rest donated by author to Trust.


£49.00 re 200 membership card laminated pouches and misc stationery.
£75.00 website server hosting for 2 years cheque cashed.
£24.00 Membership Card postage costs paid to Membership Secretary.

£4,914.61 balance at financial year end of 30/09/07, meets long-term liabilities with circa £1,500.00 spare.

25 emails have been sent over past month amongst Members and Committee. Highlights:
- PayPal transfer for year end accounts. Was not received in time.
- Chaser to Trinidad and Norwegian Members to renew Membership. Dutch contact still possible.
- IT Team website postings requested for Corporate Member Form, Individual Application Form and Programme stock list, now on site.
- Ebay Sales correspondence.
- Newsletter #41 sent out to Members via IT team.

Treasurer compiled September Monthly Meeting Minutes.
3 lots of FSA and Supporters Direct documents signed by Chairman and Vice-Chairman tonight in absence of a Secretary.
Chairman has sourced Justice of the Peace to ratify FSA and Supporters Direct documents.
Certificate for 200 shares bought by BairnsTrust in Falkirk FC (FFC) received. Cheque cashed out with financial year end. Certificate wrongly addressed?
Little setup costs can still be recoverable from Supporters Direct pot. Possible website costs?
Rare Stirlingshire Cup Final programmes obtained. Trust secured unsolds for free.

Second Boardroom Experience Draw of season made:

Sat 20/10/07 v Kilmarnock – J Toft, Falkirk. Previous winner still to undertake prize.
Sat 03/11/07 v Gretna – Y Young, Polmont.
Sat 24/11/07 v Rangers. Previous winner of Trust raffle still to undertake prize.
Sat 08/12/07 v Dundee Utd – A Hermiston, Madeley, Telford, Shropshire.
Sat 26/12/07 v Inverness CT – M Wilson, Stenhousemuir. Declined. J Steel, Denny.
Sat 29/12/07 v Heart of Midlothian v J Rae, Grangemouth.

Reserves in order – E Wylie, Falkirk, T Grieve, Brightons, W Robertson, Polmont, I Scott, Falkirk, I Meiklejohn, Falkirk, J Wilson, Falkirk. Declined. E Wilson, Falkirk. Declined. S Hastings, Falkirk, B Dick, Falkirk.

Previous winner on Sat 22/09/07 v Motherwell - J Dick recounted at meeting of the experiences enjoyed in the FFC Boardroom. Thoroughly enjoyed with nothing negative to report and recommended as a great BairnsTrust prize for members.

7)         Social Convenor's Report.

Meeting had with new host of Amarillo.
BairnsTrust possible quiz night November/December in Amarillo.
1st floor at stadium. 02/11/07 is Opening night event. 09/11/07 Children In Need Fundraising Night. Both subject to Building Certificate clearance. Trust can do raffles at events.

8)        Board Report of Thursday 27/09/07.

a. Matters Arising –

SPL Board have changed rule on retiral age to 70.
FFC Board nearly completed J Hughes and B Rice contract extension. Since done.
Policy of Unacceptable Behaviour signs now in place around stadium.

b. Financial Report – Another excellent report from D Webster. Slight overspend.


c. FCSL Report –

South Stand still moving along. Commencement March.
All FFC Directors visited Stirling University to view training and new build.
Pitch used by u19s and youths classed as best in Scotland by visiting teams.
Scotland national team looking to use. FFC have a 99 year lease so refused.
Groundsman J Dawson now has 2 full time assistants and 1 apprentice. G White helps out.

d. Managing Director’s Report –

Serious problems getting Lotto kit to both club and shops.
Still 2 years to go on contract. There is a get-out clause if things don't improve.
Shirts are not exclusive as are "off-the-peg" with logos embroidered on.
Fully stocked by Christmas.
Scotland kits in shop will sell well.
Matchday security arrangements going well.
Andy Lawrie Testimonial discussed.

e. Manager’s Report

R Wallner? Coming on well. Was playing more as an individual. Becoming team player now.
If to progress may need to pay much bigger wages. Example quoted of a Chesterfield target on £15k/week.
Goalkeeper R Olejnik still working hard and would go straight into team in January when T Krul returns to Newcastle. Goalkeeper not at fault for majority goals conceded.
K Milne having an unlucky season.
P Moutinho had fantastic pre-season and full of confidence.

f. BairnsTrust 2nd Representative –

Form of words decided upon by Trust Committee after last Trust monthly meeting. Submitted to FFC September Board Meeting.
First matter re 1 rep nominated by Trust with approval not unreasonably withheld. FFC lawyers rejected clause.
Question from floor. If candidate declined, FFC have to give BairnsTrust genuine reason. FFC unlikely to reject a Trust duly elected candidate.
Second matter re Trust member serving for 1 year and rotates roles with outgoing 2nd Trust member. Accepted.
Third matter re following approval at AGM/EGM is representative of Supporters groups and not based on Trust shareholding. Accepted.

There then followed a lengthy debate by the Trust Meeting on the points, outcomes, potential problems and aims of the above, including:

FFC will put their terms to AGM on the BairnsTrust 2nd Representative and will guarantee that BairnsTrust 2nd Representative will appear on AGM proposals as per above and be recommended to be adopted by shareholders. Any card vote will be recommended to adopt.
Vice-Chairman B Guthrie wishes a separate document that confirms will be applied to follow good practice to ensure FFC Board do put proposal to FFC AGM and do not insert a counter proposal to scupper.
If someone at FFC AGM wishes to counter propose Trust Rep, FFC Board will vote FOR their own proposal.
BairnsTrust have tried all avenues and best to accept proposal as is.
Trust Chairman and Boardroom rep S Jackson did put a strong argument and left FFC Board under no illusions about Trust view on the matter as a fundamental objective of the Trust.
 Vice-Chairman B Guthrie wishes that if/when vote passed will be registered with Companies House within the required 90 days and not 7 years as per some FFC legislation.
Copy of FFC Board Minutes accepting previous Boardroom rep F Caldwell enough? Still need standard Director resignation form to be signed and lodged?
Trust Committee Meeting to accept original form of words? Not required as consensus of meeting to go with as is.
Trust Chairman and Boardroom rep S Jackson recommended that Trust unlikely to get any more without legal action. Department of Trade and Industry investigation would be of no cost to Trust.
Cannot guarantee what the AGM floor will do on the night.

8)        A.O.C.B.

a) FFC supporter infighting –

Noted nasty atmosphere between FFC supporters at Inverness and Hearts away games.
Edinburgh police had been told by Inverness Police of this.
No BairnsTrust Liaison Officers this season.
Fans Forum required?

b) Andy Laurie Testimonial –

Reply from Sunderland FC. Game now confirmed and contracts signed for Thu 15/11/07.
Sunderland expenses and travel accommodation to be met by Andy Laurie Testimonial Fund with no match fee. Potential accommodation costs read to meeting.
Match prices confirmed at £10 adult and £5 concession to all supporters in all areas of ground. Cash gate will be available.
A small number of Complimentary tickets to be made available to Sunderland.
Use of training facilities at Stirling University on the Wed afternoon and Thu morning agreed.
Sunderland Supporters group have already placed an advance order for 100 programmes.
Circa 500 Sunderland supporters expected to attend.
Should be Sunderland first team players minus those on International duty at the time.
£150 Hospitality deals and sponsorship opportunities.
20 special FFC strips will be worn. Displayed to meeting. Sponsorship front and back possibilities with name in programme for £100.
Announcement has already appeared on Sunderland website referring to A Riera.
Last played Sunderland in 1992 Hummel Cup.
2 kid's football teams are keen to attend.
15 pairs of white shorts and socks to be kindly supplied by FFC.
Money owed from Dinner? Federation cheque?
Further Dinner in Gala still possible.

c) Show Racism the Red Card Day (SRTRC)  –

Confirmed as this Saturday 20/10/07 v Kilmarnock.
10th year of FFC involvement in campaign.
Supporters Direct, FFC and BairnsTrust willing to mark with a much bigger event on Sat.
Each clubs minimum commitment is t-shirts for players and unveiling of 2 large hoardings.
Free team posters, red cards and stickers will be distributed within ground by BairnsTrust.
Every Trust Committee Member, FFC member of staff, catering and JV staff to be issued with unique glass lapel badge.
6 volunteers being supplied by SRTRC to be matched at least by BairnsTrust. Meet for 1.30pm at Stadium reception.
Circa 500 youth and academy players attending.

Wednesday 24/10/07. Schools educational awareness event at FFC stadium.
Police and Council Education Department will host.
Larbert and Graeme High School pupils to be bused to stadium for interactive seminar.
Scotsman and Glasgow Herald newspapers and local radio will cover event.
Lots of arrangements involved.
Promotional materials to be picked up from Glasgow for Saturday and Wednesday.
£100 budget decided at last month's BairnsTrust meeting agreed.
Increased tonight to £200 in light of extra event and to match FFC £200 commitment.
£1,000 SRTRC maximum grant available. £450 donation to FFC/BairnsTrust.
Trust can apply for retrospective grant claim for any further shortfall.
Senior Bairns willing to attend and help on Wednesday.

d) Kick Out Bigotry –

November matchday date planned similar in format to SRTRC.
Invite to BairnsTrust Committee and Members to attend a "Gentleman's Evening" in November in a large mosque in either Glasgow or Edinburgh. Details to be confirmed.

10)      Date of next Meeting.

Monday 19th November at 7.30pm in the Warm-Up Area of Falkirk Stadium.

Everyone is welcome and can participate in discussion, but only members are allowed to vote on any issue.