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Monday 21st January 2008, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Minutes of the Bairns Trust Meeting
19th November 2007 at Falkirk Stadium

Present: (15). S Jackson, B Guthrie, P Jack, J Gardiner, M McIntyre, L Wilson, S Wilson, B Anderson, F Caldwell, M Paterson, M Fraser.
J Dick, S Monfries, W Robertson, I Sneddon.

1) Chairperson's opening remarks.

Meeting was hosted by Chairperson S Jackson. Minutes were taken by Treasurer P Jack following the resignation of Secretary.

Copies of Agenda, September and October Minutes were made available to meeting.

Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.

2) Apologies. – T Paterson, David Robertson, R Stirling, Jnr., G Williamson.

3) Minutes of previous meeting.

Sep Minutes 17/09/07 – 2 outstanding invoiced Corporate Member's status? Reminders sent.
Proposed S Wilson. Seconded M McIntyre.

Oct  Minutes 15/10/07 – 3rd outstanding Corporate Member status? S Wilson to verbally remind.
Proposed M McIntyre. Seconded B Guthrie.

4) Matters arising.

Comment that too much financial detail contained in Treasurer's Report. To be curtailed.
‘Kick-Out Bigotry’ pledge returned to Football For All by Treasurer.

5)        Secretary's Report. - Covered by Treasurer in absence of a Secretary.

‘Kick-Out Bigotry’. Various correspondences between Trust and Campaign Co-Coordinator ahead of action at game v Rangers on Sat 24/11/07. Promotional materials for distribution received by Treasurer. Trust arrangements now in place. Treasurer to email club to confirm. Since done. Concern that Match Commander may veto.
Show Racism The Red Card (SRTRC) vacancy circulated and included in latest newsletter.
Share in Ebbsfleet United for £35? One Trust Committee Member has applied. BairnsTrust not to apply.
Trust member sought clarification shareholding in Falkirk FC (FFC) accurately recorded. Passed to FFC Co Secretary. Confirmed all is correct.
Contacted FFC to verify BairnsTrust full page advert for A Lawrie Testimonial Matchday Programme was acceptable as contained FFC crest. Passed.
R Stirling, Jnr. contacted to supply article to 4-4-2 magazine. Submitted and published as individual viewpoint.   

6)      Treasurer's Report.

Comment that too much financial detail contained in Treasurer's Report. To be curtailed.


Falkirk Signs and Print to become Corporate Member having supplied 2 Trust banners.
20 Adult Members joined this past month, including FFC Directors and Former Players.
2 U16 Members joined this past month.
3 new Sharesave Members. Total now 17 generating monthly reserved income.
Contingency Fund contributions continue.
DVDs sold x 2.
Video sold x 1.
Programme sales at stall still continue and eBay sales held with PayPal pending transfer.
SRTRC school bus hire invoice received.


Increased eBay postage and stamps.
£50.00 FSA Annual Registration fee cashed.
2007/08 Trust Application Form printing settled tonight via Chairman.
Website domain name renewal for 2 years from 11/11/07. T Paterson settled by deadline. To be reimbursed. Since done by cheque.

£5.2k balance, meets long-term liabilities.
New costs to be covered include residual for 2 banners and invoice from A Lawrie Testimonial Committee for back of shirt sponsorship, R Latapy shirt sponsorship and programme advert. Meeting agreed not to exceed a certain sum. To remain confidential.

89 emails have been sent over past month amongst Members and Committee. Highlights:
- Norwegian Members have now renewed Membership.
- Copy of last Trust Annual Accounts requested by new member. File forwarded to Chairman.
- IT Team settled domain name renewal. Electronic receipt obtained.
- First batch of latest Boardroom Experience winners contacted.
- Tidy up of Membership database with notified amendments.
- Poster design for A Lawrie Testimonial programme and video sale.
- Trinidad members to supply account of SRTRC day for publicity article. Since received.
- Falkirk Herald pre-advised of ‘Kick-Out Bigotry’ campaign this weekend. Article to appear.
- Newsletter #42 sent out to Members via IT team.

- Charity event around Scottish grounds. Trust not to be involved. Any FFC fans?

Treasurer compiled October Monthly Meeting Minutes.
3 lots of FSA and Supporters Direct documents returned by Chairman. Unable to source Justice of the Peace to ratify documents. Potential names mentioned. M McIntyre to progress.
Little setup costs can still be claimed from Supporters Direct pot. Treasurer will attempt to recover various IT costs by 30/11/07 deadline.

7)         Social Convenor's Report.

New host of Amarillo still keen to host events and willing to pay acts in advance. More ideas discussed. Trust can do raffles at events.
BairnsTrust possible quiz night now January/February in Amarillo.
SRTRC – Ongoing commitment between BairnsTrust, FFC and local schools following our inaugural schools seminar at Stadium. 70 children from Larbert, Grangemouth and St Mungo High Schools attended. Scotsman and Herald covered event. Popular tabloids did not. FFC's G Craig and R Wilson agree to more visits to Council Offices with Trust presence for workshops. Costs so far only for bus hire. Await invoices for catering, stadium hire and Red Card promotional materials before grant aid for residual can be claimed. Trust to pay £200. Matched by FFC. Trust Vice-Chairman now on Central Scotland Racial Equality (CSRE) panel on behalf of BairnsTrust. CSRE to reciprocate? Invite to give talk at Trust meeting? Trust Vice-Chairman to give speech at the CSRE end of year Dinner event. Less averse views than previous years re SRTRC message. Attitudes changing. Local MP M Connarty also highlighted campaign.

Invite to BairnsTrust Committee and Members to attend a "Gentleman's Evening" in a large mosque in either Glasgow or Edinburgh. Details still to be confirmed.

8)        Board Report.


a) Manager’s Report – Players going out on loan listed.

b) BairnsTrust 2nd Representative –

2nd Boardroom Rep/Alternate Director asked to leave meeting whilst matter discussed.
BairnsTrust have accepted proposal as is.
FFC will put agreed terms to AGM and will guarantee that BairnsTrust 2nd Representative will appear on AGM proposals and be recommended to be adopted by shareholders. Any card vote will be recommended to support and adopt.
Motion will be included at proposed January/February 2008 AGM.
Alternate Director obtains privileges of a Boardroom guest but representing BairnsTrust.
If current Trust Boardroom Rep unable to attend meetings, 2nd Boardroom Rep/Alternate Director steps in representing BairnsTrust view.
Hereafter referred to as BairnsTrust Falkirk FC Alternate Director.

Question from floor re Press v FFC v Directors v FFC Manager – Stemmed from home Celtic game when D Barr was red carded. 3 members of the press accosted the player out with normal press area. FFC not happy. Introduced new procedures for after match press conference in warm-up area of stadium whereby 2 nominated players and FFC Manager appear from home dressing room onto a stage in front of assembled media. Hand must be raised before proceeding with questioning. FFC adopting similar position as Old Firm. Press unhappy at this.

Question from floor re 3rd stand. No further news.

9)        A.O.C.B.

a) Rearranged Celtic game –

Concern from Trust Member and Bus Convenor re FFC agreement to play the re-arranged fixture against Celtic on Tuesday night 11th December giving FFC Supporters 3 away games on the run up to Xmas. Why did FFC agree?
Do FFC not consider the fans when arranging?
St Mirren v Rangers has not been slotted in yet.
Why was the rush with no Scottish Cup starts until mid January or Champions League until late February?
Plenty other dates mid Jan-mid Feb which could have been allocated.
Trust Chairman and BairnsTrust Rep to raise valid concern with club.

b) New BairnsTrust Banners –

Now purchased and were in position at A Lawrie Testimonial in Kier Homes Stand.
Club Commercial Manager wishes removed as is for Kier Homes advertising.
Trust now trying for suitable location in Main Stand.
Banners can be used at Trust events as are portable.
Trust Corporate sponsors logos to be inserted.

c) Andy Lawrie Testimonial –

BairnsTrust were NOT the organisers. 4 Committee Members of Trust were on Testimonial Committee. Lots of work to arrange for Testimonial Committee.
Event went very well. Poor crowd of 1,338. Financial success despite stick on messageboards.
Email message of thanks sent by Testimonial Committee to Sunderland FC. Reply received.
Testimonial Committee Chairman to thank formally by letter. 
Sunderland FC backroom staff were fantastic at stadium. Agreed to sign all strips, balls, etc.
Sunderland FC manager R Keane impressed with FFC setup.
Sunderland FC players inc. A Cole and K Jones impressed with setup and standard of pitch.
FFC used 23 players inc. 5 ex-players A Lawrie was asked to recommend.
Many ex-FFC players turned up and all paid to watch.
Sponsorship was great success.
BairnsTrust received R Latapy shirt duly signed along with Norwegian youth E Kjono.
A Lawrie was overcome with the reception received and thanks all for attending.
Testimonial Committee thanked all for arranging, helping, sponsoring and attending.
Further Dinner in Gala still possible.

Compliments to Brockville Lounge staff at Testimonial for superb food and service. S Wilson to pass on. Since done.
BairnsTrust offer thanks to Testimonial Committee for arranging.
Crowd did not include hospitality boxes. Breakdown – 1,027 in FFC Main Stand, 305 Sunderland Supporters, 63 Corporate Hospitality, 50 Boardroom Hospitality.
All players got commemorative trophy. One also presented to J Gardiner for help.
Lots of programmes left. To be resold with funds to A Lawrie. Thereafter sales to BairnsTrust.
Invoice to come from Testimonial Committee to BairnsTrust for sponsorship.
Number 2 shirt kept back. To be framed along with Programme and Menu and presented at event later at Gala Rugby Club by Testimonial Committee.

d) 1876 Club Launch  –

Covering letter, advertising leaflet and membership card all in separate postings.
Advise club to merge into one envelope. Since done.

e) Amarillo Discount Rate to BairnsTrust Members –

A member reported to Trust that did not receive discount recently.
Isolated incident. S Wilson to investigate with Amarillo.
Amarillo still keen to attract Trust Members and discount still applies.
Still to renew Corporate Sponsorship. S Wilson to remind.

f) State of Concourse Toilets –

Club Commercial Manager advises that if not acceptable on matchday to report to FFC.
Is an issue for JV to resolve before going into match event mode.

g) FFC old Programmes to BairnsTrust –

4,000+ unsold old programmes from recent seasons offered for £800.
Declined by Trust.

10)      Date of next Meeting.

No December meeting on Monday 17th December due to proximity to Christmas.
Next meeting Monday 21st January at 7.30pm in the Warm-Up Area of Falkirk Stadium.


Everyone is welcome and can participate in discussion, but only members are allowed to vote on any issue.