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Monday 18th February 2008, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Minutes of the Bairns Trust Meeting
21st January 2008 at Falkirk Stadium

Present: (15). S Jackson, B Guthrie, P Jack, F Caldwell, J Gardiner, M McIntyre, S Wilson, B Anderson, M Paterson. J Dick, I Mitchell, S Monfries, R Paterson, T Smith, M. Dickins

1. Chairpersons opening remarks.

Meeting was hosted by Chairperson S Jackson.
Minutes were taken by Treasurer P Jack in the absence of a Secretary.

2. Apologies. - T Paterson, B Robertson, R Stirling, Jnr., L Wilson.

 3. Matters arising.

Concourse toilets - Old problems now resolved. Now new problems. Janitor employed.

A Lawrie Testimonial update - Not a BairnsTrust issue. However final evening to be arranged in Gala.

Outstanding Federation cheque - Federation Bankers has confirmed on 06/01/08 the signatories and has been sending quarterly statements to Secretary at address held. Cheque to be signed and account closed. Balance to be redistributed to BairnsTrust if Federation members in agreement.

3. Minutes of previous meeting.

Proposed – M McIntyre.
Seconded – J Gardiner.

4. Secretary's Report (2 months 21/11/07 – 21/01/08).

In the absence of a Secretary, Chairman covered paper correspondence and Treasurer covered electronic correspondence.

Paper correspondence received:

Trust Grant Application confirmation letter from Supporters Direct (SD) including cheque for £186.50 following Treasurer’s claim by deadline of 30/11/07.
Business Internet Directory request for full contact details re online business listing. Possible costs to be paid for hosting. Possibly provide address only. Trust IT Committee to review. Since done. Do not proceed.
Supporters’ Direct confirmation of receipt of BairnsTrust Membership payment and survey. Copy of Annual Accounts not received. Incorrect. Treasurer to contact and clarify. Since done. Now received.
Supporters’ Direct confirmation of BairnsTrust’s full member status and notification of James Mathie as main contact. J Proctor and E Millar to remain as dedicated development officers in Scotland.
Health Lambert Group Insurance Proposal and Cover documents for Supporters Direct Members’ Trust Committees. BairnsTrust Committee to review and decide whether to adopt.
Inland Revenue Annual Notice to deliver a Company Tax Return, Company – Short Tax Return form CT600 and Form guide to completion. Treasurer to progress with Trust Independent Examiner.
Financial Services Authority (FSA) rejection of re-amendment of Trust constitutional rules. Treasurer remarked that SD guidance and model was followed to the letter. Treasurer to advise SD of this rejection and request that FSA and SD resolve. Trust Annual Accounts accepted now.
BairnsTrust latest share certificate in Falkirk FC handed back to Treasurer for safe keeping.
Falkirk FC (FFC) AGM documentation received.
SD latest Newsletter received and made available.
FFC Burns Night Supper flyers in aid of Youth Academy on Wed 06/02/08 at Leapark Hotel, Grangemouth made available. Guest speakers and acts. Trust to take a table. Numbers sought.

Electronic correspondence received:

Submitted article, photo and logo to Falkirk Herald re Show Racism The Red Card Day. Not used.
Submitted article, photo and logo to FFC Matchday Magazine re Kick Out Bigotry Day. Not used.
Submitted article, photo and logo to FFC website re Kick Out Bigotry Day. Not used.
T Smith advised to resend for re-consideration. Since sent. Emails rejected.
Kick Out Bigotry e-Christmas Card received.
Boardroom Experience Winners contacted via email if applicable and telephoned by B Anderson where otherwise.
Boardroom Experience after-event questionnaires sent out. Positive responses received back.
Red Card Scotland seeking tenders to run their website. Trust IT Committee advised.
Contact with FFC re permission to run Dutch pre-season tour package. Granted with disclaimer not in any way FFC to be liable.
Request from author of new book on football chants and songs seeking any FFC submissions. Trust Committee researched and made recommendations.
Price Waterhouse Coopers’ Football Finance Report 2005/06 compiled Sep 2007 electronic website link received. Will be reviewed by Treasurer and possibly included in forthcoming monthly newsletter.
Agenda and November Monthly Minutes compiled, circulated and printed by Treasurer.
2 Member email changes effected on database.

Trust Secretary position. M McIntyre co-opted tonight on a temporary basis up to Trust AGM.

5. Treasurer's Report (2 months 21/11/07 – 21/01/08).


2 new Corporate Members. Thomas Johnston Butchers and Falkirk Signs & Print.
9 new adult members.
15 Sharesave members, generating £187/month.
Contingency Fund at £775.80.
DVDs and T-shirts sales still trickling in.
Old programme sales still biggest income. Healthy balance in PayPal account.
Bus Hire invoice and buffet cheques cashed for SRTRC schools seminar. FFC to refund £200. Claim away. Since settled.
M White books generating excellent commission income.


Small eBay hosting advert costs and p & p for sales.
Trust 2007/08 application form printing invoice settled.
2 PVC banners bought from Falkirk Signs and Print.
Website domain names x 2 for 2 years settled.
1 x Sharesave payment of £250.00 made in period.
Andy Laurie Testimonial Committee advised that their advertising invoice still to be received.

Loss in period.
£4,992.87 balance at present, meets long-term liabilities with £637 spare.

171 emails have been sent over period to members of Committee. Highlights:
- Correspondence with FFC re build up to Kick Out Bigotry day on 24/11/07 v Rangers.
- KOB after-event wrap up articles submitted to KOB, FFC and Falkirk Herald.
- Dutch tour application form compiled.
- Club happy for Trust to offer Dutch tour package with disclaimer not liable to FFC.
- Full stock list prepared of 180+ programmes bought for stall. All old programmes now listed electronically.
- New eBay advertisements compiled with IT Team and posted. Eire correspondence.

Newsletters #43, #44 and #45 were sent out to members, including e-Xmas card.
Treasurer compiled Nov Monthly Meeting Minutes and produced copies with tonight's Agenda.
Submitted constitutional amendments signed by Justice of Peace to FSA.
Supporter's Direct unallocated setup cost claim submitted. Included Treasurer PC repair costs. Cheque now received.
Treasurer has compiled draft set of accounts for Independent Examination.
Treasure compiled Letter of Engagement for Independent Examiner. Existing Auditor can do.
Seeking an Independent Examiner for this year's accounts. Names discussed.
Copies of M White's new book sold and distributed to exiled members.

Chairman has obtained more donated programme stocks from P Kidney with thanks. Since received and electronically listed.

6. Social Convenor's Report (2 months 21/11/07 – 21/01/08).

Mention made of change of staffing at Amarillo.
To return to open 7 days a week.
Events at Amarillo will incur higher fee if < 100 attending. Trust for free?! No. 300 required at £3/head.
Public function in Amarillo can be negotiated.
Private function in Amarillo requires JV to obtain a fee as require licence and security.
Trust can liaise with T Smith if firm event plans provided to negotiate best terms.
Annual BairnsTrust Quiz Night due now.
Further anti-racism event on 06/02/08 as R Latapy, a youth player, FFC staff and Trust Chairman and Vice-Chairman tour local schools.

7. Board Report (2 months 21/11/07 – 21/01/08).

Manager's Report –
Loan deals and injuries discussed.
T Krul loan period extended to end of season.
Manager praised on performance.

Stadium Report –

As mentioned in Club's new newsletter, ongoing.
FDC Planning Committee Meeting due 31/01/08. No paper prepared. Delayed one month.
FFC have outline planning permission not detailed permission yet.
Since stated that 3rd stand will commence April.

Other –

Holland tour mentioned.
Local schools to be visited as part of ongoing Trust/FFC anti-racism campaign. Players to be supplied and Club staff.
FFC AGM Thu 07/02/08 in the Amarillo. One non-shareholding Trust member to be permitted attendance. Names sought from meeting. J Gardner passed.

Question from floor. Past two games power cut at stadium. Occurred after Board meeting. Have since found cause.

Question from floor. Gesture from MAAD Ltd to reissue Amarillo/Hospitality tickets for free to attendees those “power cut” days. Chairman will raise with one of MAAD Ltd directors.

8. Boardroom Experience Draw.
Third Boardroom Experience Draw of season made:
Sun 27/01/08 v Celtic – S Wilson, Stenhousemuir.
Sat 16/02/08 v St Mirren – S Traynor, Falkirk.
Wed 27/02/08 v Hibernian – G Forster, Falkirk.
Sat 01/03/08 v Motherwell – R Stowe, Stenhousemuir.
Sat 29/03/08 v Kilmarnock – J Jenkins, Falkirk.
Reserves in order – H Wardlaw, Polmont, K Muir, Bo'ness, N Baillie, Edinburgh, P Jack, Falkirk.

9. Falkirk FC AGM.

FFC AGM Thu 07/02/08 in the Amarillo.
AGM pack received by BairnsTrust.
One non-shareholding Trust member to be permitted attendance. Names sought from meeting. J Gardner passed.
Each of the six AGM resolutions was debated with special discussion on Resolution 2 as concerns Trust 2nd Representative in FFC Boardroom.
Resolution 2 concerns radical changes to various areas of FFC Articles of Association.
Articles of Association part re BairnsTrust read out to meeting along with abbreviated version.
Further clarification to be sought from FFC Company Secretary on Resolution 2 as abbreviated differs from actual. Vice-Chairman to progress.
No "unreasonable refusal" part is included.
Appointment and retiral of FFC Directors now proposed. Didn’t have legalities in place in time for last FFC AGM.
J Gardner advised on how to vote accordingly on each of the six AGM resolutions on behalf of BairnsTrust. Not Minuted to remain confidential and not to influence fellow shareholders.

Question from floor. 10 FFC Directors. Even number? OK. Most clubs only 3 or 4 Directors.
Question from floor. Seek update form Club Company Secretary on Shareholder list clean-up and if FFC still acceptable for Trust to buyout the small shareholders with 1/2/5/10 shares to ease administrative burden for Club. Vice-Chairman to progress.

Proposal from floor for BairnsTrust to purchase £750.00 (600 x 125p) FFC shares. Passed. Treasurer to progress. Claim since done.

10. BairnsTrust AGM.

BairnsTrust AGM Mon 21/04/08 in the Warm-Up area of the Falkirk Stadium, 7.30pm.
Deadline for eligible Membership for Committee positions and to vote is tonight Mon 21/01/08.
Trust Committee to send out nomination forms, seek proposals and AGM notification to Members after Mon 04/02/08, 7pm.
Date of next Trust Meeting Mon 18/02/08.
Return of nomination forms for Committee positions by Mon 25/02/08, 7pm.
Proposed "Hustings" at Trust Monthly Meeting on Mon 17/03/08 subject to more than one application for the position of BairnsTrust Associate Director on FFC Board.
Ballot papers to be sent out Mon 17/03/08 subject to more than one application for any Committee position or for the position of BairnsTrust Associate Director on FFC Board.
Ballot papers if applicable to be returned by Mon 21/04/08, 7pm to Scrutineer.

11. BairnsTrust Dutch Tour.

Club happy for Trust to offer Dutch tour package with disclaimer not liable to FFC.
No fixtures announced yet. Could be as late as one month before trip and subject to change.
Dwingeloo for BairnsTrust party to be based? Not recommended. Groningen/Heerenveen?
Buses/Hotels to be sourced.
Deposits can be made to Trust bank account.
Last year's advert and application form to be resurrected and relaunched.
Minimum number required to progress.
Trust Committee or Members willing to assist sought.
Deadline for numbers by Trust March Monthly Meeting on Mon 17/03/08.

12. A.O.C.B.

Former Players Association -

29/12/07 v Hearts. S Crabbe and A Seaton attended.
23/03/08 v Kilmarnock, J Pearson and S Reid attending.
B Brown and G Smith been present recently.
G Hamilton been contacted. Awaiting feedback.

Question from floor. Need more mingling by FPs with supporters in Amarillo. Need to sign to Trust! List of attendees required before or immediately after match to host on Trust website.

Aberdeen Cup-Tie Ticketing –

Complaint from member who attempted to buy their season ticket seat for Aberdeen home cup-tie on day of Aberdeen home league game after the 1pm deadline. Three staff at counter and no others in shop. Did not sell a ticket. T Smith advises at discretion of seller but common sense should have prevailed. Other methods to buy ticket had been advertised to supporters and advertised well by Club. Member had been out of country. Club have noted.

"Shuttle" Bus Invite –

"Shuttle" Bus Convenor invites Trust Committee Member to travel on bus to an away game to explain Trust and recruit Members.
Dundee Utd on 23/02/08 suggested and volunteers confirmed.
Treasurer to revert back with "Shuttle" Bus Convenor. Since done.

Bus parking at Away grounds –

Complaint from Bus Convenor and Member of distance for elderly passengers to walk back to buses in winter.
Senior Bairns Bus gets alight/departure points close to ground.
Trust Chairman had discussed with Kilmarnock Directors at New Year game on Wed 02/01/08.
Can contact K Hogg at FFC before away match to be included in Match Commander Meeting.

Turnstiles at Hibernian –

Only 2 turnstiles were open until 3pm. Another 2 were then opened for large FFC support.
FFC, Hibernian, Stewards and Police were fully aware.
FFC had submitted accurate travelling support figures to Hibernian.
Hibernian employee 4 turnstile operators, 2 of which are in unopened turnstile booths at all times.
Opening of additional turnstiles at discretion of head Steward not Police.
Matter noted by all parties.

Pre-match Match Commander Meetings –

BairnsTrust Committee Members have attended Pre-match Match Commander Meetings in past and found them to be very formal.
Any concerns re bus parking, prices, turnstiles, seating arrangements, etc. ahead of away games can be informed to K Hogg at Club in advance of the Friday afternoon prior to fixture and will be raised at Match Commander meeting and acted upon. This previously unknown facility is open to Trust Members via notifying BairnsTrust and to Bus Convenors in the first instance.

13. Date of next Meeting.

Monday 18th February at 7.30pm in the Warm-Up Area of Falkirk Stadium.

Everyone is welcome and can participate in discussion, but only members are allowed to vote on any issue.