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Monday 16th June 2008, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Minutes of the Bairns Trust Meeting
19th May 2008 at Falkirk Stadium

Present: (30).

Committee (7) - S Jackson, B Guthrie, P Jack, M McIntyre, R Stirling, Jnr., S Wilson, B Anderson.

Members (10) - A Cruse, J Dick, G Elliot, S Monfries, B Robertson, D Robertson, R Smith, G Williamson, S Williamson, L Wilson.

Non-Members (8) - M Allan, S Antzcak, S Bird, G Brown, Mick, C Paterson, I Paterson, M White.

Councillors (5) - D Alexander, J Lemetti, J Patrick, M Nicol, P Reid.

1. Chairperson's opening remarks.

Meeting was hosted by Chairman S Jackson.

Minutes were taken by Treasurer P Jack.

2. Apologies. - J Gardiner. 

3. Ratification of previous minutes. Proposed B Guthrie. Seconded S Wilson.

4. Matters arising from previous minutes.

“Shuttle” bus – Trust Chairman and fans rep S Jackson travelled aboard bus to Dundee United game on Sat 23/02/08. Enjoyable trip. Good bunch. Aim to sign as Trust members.

T Krul – Back playing when recovered. Yes. Loan ends. Now back at Newcastle.

Referee issues – Discrepancies with Falkirk Football Club (FFC) Manager. Ongoing!

BairnsTrust Articles of Association – To be possibly reviewed after FFC EGM.

FFC Dutch Tour – No Trust involvement due to InterToto Cup uncertainty. Now confirmed as 28/07/08 for 1 week.

A Laurie Testimonial – Final event at Gala Fairydean. Good night. Excellent band. Healthy sum handed over with small amount still to be collected. A Laurie thanks to all for making possible.

Trust AGM – All administration completed and successful AGM held.   

5)       Secretary's report (Covered 3 month period 19/02/08 – 19/05/08):

Treasurer covered electronic correspondence –

184 emails amongst Committee. Highlights include:

- Arrangement of meetings for posting of Trust AGM paperwork and election documents.
- Contacted Falkirk Herald seeking photos of FFC Manager for St Mirren book author.
- Posted FFC Annual Accounts to exiled Trust Member.
- Posted Trust Independent Examination to Trust Member.
- Ensured Trust IT team have e.g. Trust toolbar, newsletters, minutes and adverts all hosted on website promptly. Website is right up to date.
- Concern from Trust Member re AGM election process. Chairman has since replied in person.
- Boardroom experience winners all contacted before, during and after their respective prize winning event. All after-event questionnaires still highlight it is a fantastic prize.
- Supporters Direct (SD) Trust Committee training event at Broadwood, Sun 06/04/08 - Two representatives required and sent. S Jackson and R Stirling, Jnr. S Jackson mentioned very good day. Local trusts attended – Falkirk, Airdrie United, Clyde, Clydebank. Will be rolled out to full Trust Committee.
- Linlithgow Rose’s D Smith Testimonial – Liaison with Testimonial Committee before, during and after event. Ensured announced at FFC home game week before match on Public Address as missed matchday programme. Advertised on Trust website, message boards and requested and got on FFC website. Successful event. Thanks to all for making possible. 
- Workers Beer Company – Seeking reliable volunteer applicants for upcoming major events, e.g. Glastonbury, Leeds Festival, Edinburgh Hogmanay Street party. Cuts out security checks. Will be working on site bars, including “accommodation.” Not stewarding. Any interested parties contact Trust in first instance.
- SD and Kilmarnock Trust advised of game v FFC to be £1 for u-16s and in week running up to match further advised £10 for adults. Vice-Chair and Treasurer spoke at length with SD and KillieTrust reps about issues before game in Park Hotel foyer.
- SD Scottish Annual Conference at Stirling University, Sat 07/06/08. Names sought. £10 per Trust Committee Member, £25 others. Four required. Trust since sending six Committee Members - S Jackson, B Guthrie, P Jack, M McIntyre, S Wilson, B Anderson. Application form since completed and acknowledged.
- Community Service Volunteers - £50 grants available until end of June to alleviate child poverty in the area for funding e.g. Football festivals, arts and craft materials, provide free swimming, etc. Suggestion from floor to contact Junior Bairns. Treasurer to progress.
- SD and Utility Warehouse – Correspondence from Swansea Trust was included in latest Trust electronic newsletter. SD contacted to state NOT yet sanctioned by SD. May well be in future. BairnsTrust happy to retract. Mention will be made in next newsletter.
- Agenda and Monthly Minutes compiled, circulated and printed by Treasurer.

Trust Secretary position. Potential candidate to attend June Meeting. Apologies for missing tonight.

Chairman covered paper correspondence –

- Co-op Enterprise – Application pack to join. Treasurer since reviewed. Free banking, legal advice and support for one year. No mention of annual fee thereafter. Not progressed.
- Member application form received at registered address. Passed to new Membership Secretary.
- Paper copies of SD Scottish Annual Conference at Stirling University, Sat 07/06/08 received.

6)       Treasurer's report (Covered 3 month period 19/02/08 – 19/05/08):


Traditional quiet time for membership income generation.
2 new members.
15 Sharesave members, generating £187/month.
DVDs, videos, photos and t-shirts still selling.
Spot the Team Card raised net £15 at AGM. Another £15 tonight.
£72 more earned from old programmes. Includes £40 from new member and 2 lots of matchday commission as now selling in Amarillo.
M White books still moving well. Paid author last of sales for this season tonight.


Small postage costs re old programme sales.
Second load of AGM postage costs at £102.62. Printing generously compiled and supplied free of charge by IT team at very short notice.
Sharesave claim made in the period for £250.
A Laurie Testimonial BairnsTrust sponsorship cheque cashed as per budget set.
A Laurie framed shirt cash paid at AGM to Chairman. No budget for this.
Independent Examiner’s fee paid at AGM to Chairman to pass to Examiner.
£750.00 for 600 shares x £1.25 cheque cashed by FFC. Certificate received by Treasurer.

Large hit in period of £1000+ as per above.
£4,778.69 balance at present, meets long-term liabilities with £1,417 spare.

Full stock list of programmes updated. All old programmes now listed electronically. Chairman advises more to come as a donation.
Offer from member to sell old stock during close season.
Newsletters #47, #48 #49 and #50 were sent out to members.
Lots of communication between Trust, FFC, Falkirk Herald and Falkirk supporter’s team Bairnfica re match at East End Park v Dunfermline supporters. Before and after photos and reports now available online.
Treasurer compiled Draft AGM Minutes, February and May Monthly Meeting Minutes.
Treasurer posted FSA Return and Inland Revenue form from Paisley on afternoon of St Mirren game on Sat 26/04/08 to meet month end deadline. Await feedback if accepted.
Trust acted as 50:50 seller at home game v Inverness CT. Very successful. No commission.
New small traders advertising pages on Trust website mentioned. £5/month or full page for £25.
Trust Independent Examination now online at Trust website.

Spot the Team Card winner – Brechin. C Paterson.

7)       Social Convenor's report (Covered 3 month period 19/02/08 – 19/05/08):

Very little since AGM last month.
Local Social events to be decided upon by Committee. Very busy now to book Castings as venue. Can pick from a selection of remaining dates. Annual Quiz to be arranged.
Now co-operating better with FFC re our own merchandise. Will get space in FFC shop.

Question from floor re using new indoor marquee rather than Castings. Marquee hires £500/night!

8)         Board report (Covered 3 month period 19/02/08 – 19/05/08):

New Trust Director M McIntyre gave report.

Managers Report –  
D Holden injury update and re-signed to club.
New players list discussed. Since signed all.

Other highlights –

New billboard to be erected in Grangemouth Road to advertise upcoming games. Council have passed.
Craig Gowans scholarship now in place for 4 students.
Puma now supplying kit to Stirling University.
Third stand at planning permission stage.
Long discussion on shares. To remain confidential.
FFC Board Meeting with Major Shareholders Group (MSG) re new proposed Article of Association to be convened. Trust to be involved? MSG refused.
FFC not seeing Trust community events. Countered with SRTRC, KOB, etc. Excluding FFC, most column inches in Falkirk Herald and airtime on Central FM has been of Trust’s community events. BairnsTrust still seen as model Trust by peers.
Moves to get more fans in. Preaching to converted? Trust or FFC to do? Trust members agreed FFC staff have to get more fans in not volunteers in Trust. Trust Chairman and full FFC Director S Jackson had not been told of this view in previous Board meetings. S Jackson’s last FFC meeting will be Thu 29/05/08 and will raise.
Only Trust and Trust Sharesavers have put money into FFC in past 2 years. S Jackson’s will reiterate. 

Question from floor re claim FFC believe Trust not bringing enough fans to FFC. Quite insulting to those who volunteer time and effort. FFC job to get fans in.

Question from floor re using Trust newsletter/message board to poll independent shareholders seeking view on MSG dealing with FFC and not Trust. Donate votes and proxies to Trust cause.

Question from floor re success of match day 50:50. £400-£500 each game profit. Prize varies. BairnsTrust members are both sellers and buyers.

Question from floor re getting fans in. FFC set prices. Needs attractive team. FFC to sort not Trust. New stand will give more options re pricing. Pay to get in?

Question from floor re temporary stand. Will remain in place for 2008/09 for Away support. No seat in third stand, especially if for FFC season ticket holders.

Question from floor re post SPL split free tickets. Good idea to boost crowd. Antagonises existing season ticket holders though. May backfire as many see chance next season to pay at gate and get cheaper entrance post split. Possibly less season tickets sold.

Question from floor re FFC PR department. How to improve club’s PR as at present it can be very slow.

9)         Open Forum – Stadium issues

The meeting was handed over to Trust Member and spokesperson for Stand Up For Falkirk D Robertson.
Mention made of 12-hour Council Public Meeting at end of April, recent press and police investigation.
Numerous questions were fielded and fully discussed.
Many local councillors were in attendance, heard a balanced debate and were able to use forum to give responses.
These Meeting Minutes will not record or give a Trust view on the matters.
BairnsTrust will assist Members wishing to campaign further.

10)      Any other business.

Good to see so many local Councillors attending tonight. Falkirk stadium and its surrounds is a community facility. Use opportunity to make town even better. Appreciated that many Councillors are FFC fans as well.

11)      Date of next meeting.

Monthly Meeting - Monday 16th June at 7.30pm in the Warm-Up Area of Falkirk Stadium.


There then followed a BairnsTrust Committee Meeting to determine matters arising from tonight, upcoming issues, Social events and new Committee positions.

BairnsTrust Committee for 2008/09 season, backdated to 21/04/08, up to AGM in Mar/Apr 2009:

Steven Jackson       Chair                                                      (Appointed 21/04/08)
Brian Guthrie           Vice Chair, Alternate FFC Director, PR Officer & Social Committee
                                                                                                  (Appointed 21/04/08)
Peter Jack                 Treasurer / Acting Secretary              (Appointed 21/04/08)

Murray McIntyre       FFC Fans Director                               (Appointed 21/04/08)
Sandy Monfries        Membership Secretary    (Co-opted 19/05/08)
J Jack Gardiner        FPA Committee                                  (Appointed 21/04/08)
Tom Paterson           IT Committee                                       (Appointed 16/04/07)
Robert Stirling, Jnr.   IT Committee                                      (Appointed 16/04/07)
Stewart Wilson          Social Committee                           (Co-opted 19/05/08)
William Anderson      Committee                                          (Appointed 21/04/08)
Fergus Caldwell        Committee                                          (Appointed 16/04/07)

Everyone is welcome and can participate in discussion, but only members are allowed to vote on any issue.