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Monday 18th August 2008, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Minutes of the Bairns Trust Meeting
16th June 2008 at Falkirk Stadium

Present: (14).
Committee (9) – S Jackson, B Guthrie, P Jack, M Ferguson, B Anderson, F Caldwell, J Gardiner, S Monfries, S Wilson.
Members (5) – J Dick, J Jamieson, I Mitchell, R Paterson, D Robertson.
Non-Members (0).


  1. Chairpersons opening remarks.

Meeting was hosted by Chairperson S Jackson.
Thanks to those attending tonight especially as Euro 2008 games on television.
Apologies for no May Minutes and formal Agenda for tonight.
Minutes were taken by Treasurer P Jack.

2. Apologies. - M McIntyre, R Stirling, Jnr., L Wilson.

3. Matters arising - None.

4. Minutes of previous meeting. 

Although hosted upon our website, due to no paper copies being available on the night ratification of the May Monthly Meeting Minutes will be held over until the next Monthly Meeting.

5. Secretary’s Report.

Chairman covered paper correspondence and Treasurer covered electronic correspondence.

Electronic correspondence received:

Disclaimer inserted in electronic newsletter #51 re Supporters Direct (SD) not sanctioning Utility Warehouse.
After 50 electronic newsletters, Treasurer has passed role to Trust IT team.
Stand Up for Falkirk electronic logo inserted on Trust website for download and on all Trust email correspondence.
Dutch pre-season final tour dates, games, venues and kick-off times received with thanks from Falkirk FC (FFC) days before made public on FFC website and media.
New BairnsTrust messageboard now launched and existing users advised electronically.
Treasurer compiled May Monthly Meeting Minutes and will also do tonight’s, before handing role to new Secretary.
Circulated ShireTrust Quiz Night details to BairnsTrust Committee. Fri 27/06/08, Auld Toll, Grangemouth. BairnsTrust Committee to confirm sending one team. Since done. Any BairnsTrust Members wishing to participate?
Treasurer handled all before and after event paper and electronic media re Supporters Direct Conference on Sat 07/06/08 to ensure BairnsTrust delegates briefed accordingly. Synopsis of workshops compiled by attendees made available to those interested.

Paper correspondence:

Notification from Inland Revenue re submission of Trust Independent Examination and Corporation Tax bill. Documents acknowledged received. Nil tax to be paid.
Financial Services Authority (FSA) re submission of two Trust 2007 AGM constitution amendments. Returned once again to due to the most petty of reasons. Treasurer to progress for third time. Formal complaint to be made to FSA?

6. Treasurer's Report.

Close season traditionally a quiet time for income generation.


15 Sharesave Members, generating £187/month.
Spot-the-team-card at last month’s meeting raised net £30.
M White books generating excellent commission income. Last payment/commission handed over for last season’s sales. Advised that BairnsTrust will be matchday vendor of M White’s new wartime book currently on sale.
Trust Member willing to sell old matchday stall programmes over summer at trade fairs and markets to raise income for Trust. First commission received with thanks.


SD cheque re Annual Conference still to be cashed but monies already received from all BairnsTrust delegates.
Spot-the-team-card prize at last month’s meeting £15. No card tonight. Apologies.
Treasurer costs of recovering electronic files following computer crash part reimbursed with thanks. No further costs to be paid by Trust.

£4,867.59 balance at present, meets long-term liabilities with £1,036.19 spare.

41 emails have been sent over period to members of Committee. Highlights –
Contact with FFC re Dutch tour.
Further enquiry with SD re £50 Grants and possible availability for Junior Bairns. Electronic application pack received. Covers expenditure on areas such as cooking and food classes, dance and music and road safety programmes, etc. Treasurer to further liaise with representative of Junior Bairns by application deadline of Mon 30/06/08.
Various fundraising ideas submitted by Treasurer and IT Team to Committee. Social Committee to review. Application pack for one such scheme since applied for.
Assisted IT Team with Newsletter #51 sent out to Members.
Treasurer compiled May Monthly Meeting Minutes and will produce tonight's.

Vice Chairman recommends all Committee and some members each take a spot-the-team-card to sell. Commence first game/monthly meeting of new season.
Chairman has surplus programmes for Trust to sell.
Unanimous decision to purchase 1,000 FFC shares x £1.25 per BairnsTrust Sharesave. Claim to be made. Treasurer to progress over close season. A number of our Sharesavers also maturing over Summer.

7. Board Report.

Last report of outgoing Fans Representative and Trust Chairman S Jackson.

Stirling Training Complex –

All Directors visited Stirling recently to view new facilities.
Completed Mon 26/05/08. 17 week build.
Two dressing rooms. Similar to Hampden with individual locker style.
Deep ice bath and ice making machines.
Kit room.
Upstairs contains - Youth coaches rooms, conference suite, Manager and Assistant Manager rooms, relaxation room, debrief room and balcony overlooking pitches. Better and cheaper than Ranger’s Murray Park and Celtic’s Lennoxtown?
Lesser running costs than Hibernian’s new facility.
Plaque on entrance in memory of Craig Gowans. Craig Gowans Football Centre.
Internal decoration contains players’ themed portraits and pictures.
Official opening ceremony in August 2008.

Finance Report –

Season ticket sales down 230 as at Fri 23/05/08.
Confident will reach target 3,400 sales over Summer.

Manager's Report –

Signings since made public – D McCaffray – 3 year deal. L Bullen, N McCann, J McNamara – 2 year deals. J Barclay, S Gibb, P Gregg, M Staunton – 1 year deals.
Seeking another goalkeeper.
Happy with forwards currently at club.
Room/budget for one more player.
Injuries – D Holden leg pinned.

Question from Trust floor. A Riera back on loan from Sunderland? Little budget.
Question from Trust floor. January transfer window funds available? Yes if required.
Question from Trust floor. R Flynn back on loan from Liverpool? Unlikely as now breaking into their reserve team.

Shares –

FFC Director A Joyce considering standing down/retiring. Trust Chairman wishes minuted on behalf of BairnsTrust thanks for what A Joyce and others did to save FFC and should not be forgotten. Letter of thanks to be sent. Since compiled. To be held back until formal announcement.

BairnsTrust Issues –

Major Shareholders Group (MSG) disappointingly will not meet with Trust to discuss. FFC agree with this approach.
Start a Minor Shareholders Group unattached to BairnsTrust or push for BairnsTrust to gain necessary shareholding to become an MSG?
BairnsTrust hold more shares than most of FFC board combined.
Another form of words re FFC AGM Resolution 2 now submitted for MSG review. MSG is happy with it. Why not form of words submitted for BairnsTrust review as directly effects? Trust has argued accordingly.
Postal FFC Emergency General Meeting (EGM) upcoming regarding Resolution 2. All FFC shareholders to be circulated and balloted.
No individual can buy more than 20% of FFC shares.

Health and Safety Report – Not discussed at Trust Meeting.

Scottish Premier League (SPL) Meeting –

Gretna’s administration – All teams with reserve and youth games unplayed allocated 3 points.
UEFA circular re club’s licence to be renewed.
FFC attended sponsor Clydesdale Bank’s reception at Scottish Parliament.
Issue of alleged breach of SPL broadcasting rights by private bodies discussed.
SPL attendances down 4.8% season 2006/07.

8. Social Convenor's Report.

Trust events to be recommenced at Castings Club.
Quiz Night to be arranged on a Monday night in August. To be confirmed.
Adam Quest potentially night before FFC game versus Heart of Midlothian on Sat 13/09/08 or in run up to the away St Mirren game on Sat 20/09/08.
Social Convenor meeting with FFC’s T Smith re Trust merchandising on Wed 18/06/08. Will allow Trusts products into FFC shop. Let an area for Trust?
Social Convenor resurrecting contact with various suppliers.
Social Convenor attended the League Structure workshop at SD Annual Conference, highlights of which were briefly covered tonight. Now compiling a two-page report for SD.
FFC seeking good quality flats for rent for players near to Stirling training complex. Social Convenor has made recommendations.

9. Stand update.

Falkirk Councillor B Buchanan had “called in” application. Never any danger of not going ahead though.

BairnsTrust Chairman gave his personal view on the progress.
Meeting was then handed over to Trust Member D Robertson to give Stand Up for Falkirk’s view –
Everything has been kept quiet recently ahead of Falkirk Herald’s article due this Thursday. Stand Up for Falkirk will back FFC position once view made public.
Concern by all parties that wrong information will appear on unofficial messageboard ONEF. Stand Up for Falkirk will ensure this is not the case.
Possible Public meeting for Mon 23/06/08? No.
Third stand will commence build in August regardless of issues above. Mark event? Stand Up for Falkirk banner/flag/cutting of first sod?
BairnsTrust Vice Chairman also on Committee of Stand Up for Falkirk and has been made official correspondent for the BBC re the campaign.

10. A.O.C.B.

Trust Fundraising –

Sponsorship of a player’s boots for coming season rather than our usual top? Additional bonus for Member’s annual prize draw will be two tickets for the end of season sponsor’s event to collect said boots on behalf of the Trust. Agreed. Will be progressed by Trust Chairman.

Trust Membership –

£50 or £100 Member’s annual prize draw? £100 prize retained.
2007/08 Trust application form to be revamped for 2008/09. Change of dates and Membership Secretary address to be made. Trust IT team to do in time for printing by season ticket post-out. Since done.
Membership for 2008/09 season covering 01/08/08-31/07/09 now open.

Amarillo Bar Bistro – Trust discount is still available. Simply show Trust membership card.

SD Conference –

Incident at the Annual Conference between a new Celtic Trust delegate and members of BairnsTrust Committee was mentioned and discussed.
Not the view of Celtic Trust but of individual concerned.
BairnsTrust Chairman will write to long standing Celtic Trust Committee member for clarification.

BairnsTrust Boardroom Experience Draw –

Will be retained as still an excellent prize and FFC are accepting of.
2008/09 fixtures announced today. First few read to meeting. Rangers at home opening game Sat 09/08/08 then two away fixtures.
Trust membership officially opens Fri 01/08/08 therefore unable to make first draw until August Monthly Meeting on Mon 18/08/08.

11. Date of next Meeting.

No meeting on Mon 21/07/08 due to holiday period, pre-season friendlies that week and Dutch pre-season tour the following week.
Next meeting Mon 18/08/08 at 7.30pm in the Warm-Up Area of Falkirk Stadium.

Committee Meeting –

There then followed a brief Committee Meeting to discuss:

Form of words re FFC Constitution ahead of EGM.
Financial input to FFC from BairnsTrust over coming years.
BairnsTrust team for ShireTrust Quiz on Fri 27/06/08, Auld Toll, Grangemouth. BairnsTrust to confirm sending one team. Since done.



Everyone is welcome and can participate in discussion, but only members are allowed to vote on any issue.