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Monday 20th April 2009, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Minutes of the Bairns Trust Meeting
16th March 2009 at Falkirk Stadium

Present: (12).

Committee (8) – S Jackson, B Guthrie, P Jack, M McIntyre, S Monfries, T Paterson, R Stirling, Jnr., B Anderson.

Members (3) – J Dick, M Dickins, I Sneddon.

Non-Members (1) – K Beattie.


The evening commenced with a Hustings Question and Answer session with the two final candidates standing for position of Fans BairnsTrust Boardroom Rep for seasons 2009-2011; S Monfries and T Paterson. Responses not Minuted.

1)   Chairperson’s Opening Remarks.

Meeting was hosted by Chairperson S Jackson who thanked all Members for attending and offered best wishes to the two final candidates standing for position of Fans Boardroom Rep.
Minutes were taken by Treasurer P Jack in the absence of a Secretary. Seeking replacement.

2)   Apologies. F Caldwell, J Gardiner, D Robertson, L Wilson, S Wilson.

3)   Matters Arising.

Meeting with The Brockville Spirit (TBS) – Trust Vice-Chairman mentioned that meeting with TBS representative took place at Cladhan Hotel and not at Motherwell Social Club as previously Minuted. Duly noted.

Former Players Association (FPA) – Reiterated that Trust run FPA on behalf of FFC on a matchday. Senior FPA’s to be Trust Members? Cannot guarantee to join. Trust Committee to meet with FPA’s? Younger FPA’s to attend matches?

Mention then made of new Europe wide FPA initiative “Mindbox.” This provides training for FPAs on coping with age related problems such as dementia. Trust Fans Rep M McIntyre attended inaugural meeting at SPL club Aberdeen. 10 other clubs now involved. Pictures available from event. Trust to use for FPA promotion? This type of initiative BairnsTrust encourages and can assist if required. Can also be run by an FPA Committee.

Other Matters – Covered later in agenda points.

4)   Minutes of Previous Meeting.

All Minutes can be viewed online prior to meetings, reducing need for future paper copies.

Following a request from a former Member a small phrase was duly removed from February Minutes online. A second reference was maintained as was included in Falkirk FC (FFC) Boardroom discussions. Trust Chairman will discuss with complainant.

Revised Minutes - Proposed T Paterson. Seconded M Dickins.

5)   Secretary's Report.

In the absence of a Secretary, Treasurer covered electronic correspondence:

Trust Committee been very busy over past month. 189 emails have been sent over period to Members of Committee. Highlights:

- Trust IT team setup a survey on messageboard re third stand seating.
- Trust IT team posted information re new Fans Forum date on various websites and messageboards.
- Trust IT team fielding pre-submitted questions for Fans Forum via Trust mailbox.
- Lots of work involved in preparing, hosting and deciding on the two final candidates standing for position of Fans BairnsTrust Boardroom Rep for seasons 2009-2011. Took place on Mon 09/03/09 in home dressing room of the Falkirk Stadium.
- Treasurer compiled and sent letter to 7th Corporate Sponsor; JH Kilt Hire welcoming.
- Trust’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) documentation compiled. To be hosted onto website.
- Contact with FFC shop manager re selling of FFC merchandise from second concourse Trust stall. To be in place for Inverness home game. Did not occur.
- Notification of resignation received from Committee Member F Caldwell.
- Numerous email correspondences from Members fielded and for Committee discussion. Vice-Chairman will compile a reply to one specific piece of correspondence.
- Trust IT team assisted with and sent out electronic newsletter # 59.
- Inverness Cup game issues.
- TBS fanzine #2 article issues.

- Treasurer compiled February Minutes and tonight’s Agenda. Both circulated tonight.
- Secretary’s matters arising dealt with above.

In the absence of Secretary, Chairperson covered paper correspondence:

- None received.

Question received from floor – TBS fanzine #2 article content? Trust has a right of reply and Vice Chairman has duly supplied formal BairnsTrust response and list of Trust achievements.

6)   Treasurer's Report.


7th corporate sponsor of season confirmed – JH Kilt Hire Ltd. Business logo and advertisement will be retained on all BairnsTrust media. Thanks to Vice Chairman for securing.
Significant cheque received from potential 8th Corporate Sponsor of season to be used in new BairnsTrust/Falkirk TV initiative. Sum to be used to pay invoices for e.g. equipment purchases.
16 Sharesave Members, generating circa £200/month.
Old programme sales still selling well along with new keyrings.


AGM admin costs beginning.
Engraving of Quiz Night Trophy completed and shield now with winners.
Sponsorship of FCBraes04 Race Night on Sat 04/04/09 paid. Advert to appear in programme.
R Latapy kilt gift invoice settled.
Latest 4-figure Trust Sharesave claim currently with FFC for ratification at next Board meeting.

To remain on Minutes in case Member reviews. £250 for 1 lot of 200 FFC shares still to be purchased. Missing Member not responding. If anyone knows whereabouts of R King from New Carron Village, please can they advise Trust. Announcement broadcast at game v Hearts on Sat 13/09/08 and Trust newsletters seeking Member. Treasurer has also sent final chaser letter via recorded delivery. Royal Mail confirmed delivered and signed for on 02/12/08. Fellow Members decreed that as Member still paying by standing order they must be aware. Claim to be left open for longer. Final claim deadline as per Trust constitution would now be 30/09/09.

Loss in period as a result of above. Balance at present no longer to be mentioned.

Other issues Treasurer involved in:
- Online programme stock list updated. Await Holland v Scotland and Scotland v Albania U21s.
- Programme scans received from IT team. Treasurer to use for eBay sales. Since advertised.
- Easyfundraiser second commission cheque received. More registered Members required.
- Numerous AGM documents compiled and circulated amongst Committee. Will be posted to Members this week. Since done.
- Invite to all Corporate Sponsors to include their advertisement leaflets in Trust AGM pack to Members. Good response.
- Latest Sharesave claim paperwork compiled, distributed, received back and sent to FFC.
- Independent Examiner still working on Trust annual financial statements.
- Finances re Falkirk TV deal with Vice-Chairman.
- Request for raffle prizes for both FCBraes04 and Bairnfica Race Night’s on Sat 04/04/09 to be discussed at Committee Meeting after tonight’s Member’s Meeting. Since sanctioned.

Treasurer highlighted the predicted difficult cashflow status over the coming months and that some of the funding for planned expenditure will no longer be available.

Questions from floor – None.

7)   Social Convenor's Report.

Falkirk TV Sponsorship – BairnsTrust now involved in new Falkirk TV Channel 1876. Trust has bought new filming equipment this week. Four or five new programmes and more content, e.g. press conference round-up, live radio coverage at away games, interviews in pubs, filming of FFC Player of the Year dance, Fans Forum, old K McAllister Chelsea games, etc. All still for fantastic £4.99/month. Possible thanks to new tie-in with Minerva Business Systems. U19 Cup Semi Final v Hibernian to be filmed by Falkirk TV. Celtic TV films their U19’s games.

BairnsTrust International – Target of Bairns ex-pats. New package of £50/season to include Trust Membership and Falkirk TV. Estimated 50-100 Bairns ex-pats abroad. New podcasts, My Space and Bebo initiatives? Trust branding on TV. Trust IT team assisting.

Broadcast Professionals – This new venture specialise in business programmes and weddings. Willing to assist in making BairnsTrust commercial advertisement.

BairnsTrust U19 Sponsorship – BairnsTrust proposing a £100.00 bond. Trust Membership part of price. FFC advise to delay launch. Still on hold.


FFC Lottery – BairnsTrust will be backing the new FFC “4 number Irish Lottery” version. Terms of commission now changed to be 10% commission of jackpot prize if winner supplied by Trust. Application forms are now available from matchday stall.

Questions from floor – None.

8)   Board Report.

Board Meeting Thu 26/02/09 –

Football Report – This was given by G Craig as the Manager did not attend the meeting. He had a previous meeting with the Chairman and Managing Director as he thought that this would prove to be a more productive procedure. The Managing Director announced that there were fourteen players who remain in contract at the end of the season and offers were being made to a further seven. Would like to keep these confidential until the Manager has had a chance to talk to these players. Obviously there will be a movement of players in and out. Injuries were clearing up and morale in the camp remained high. The Manager wants the players to relax more and not let tension creep into their game.

Finance Report – There was a long and detailed discussion on the finance side of the club and again most of this confidential, but as matter of the £80,000 "loan" is general knowledge and been published in the press, can report on this. This so called “loan” is money that is due to the club from the SPL. There is still another £20,000 still to come and FFC took this money early as a precaution as this is a quiet period for cashflow. This money is available to all clubs in the SPL. There was further discussion of finances coming into the club but was personal and must be kept confidential. Can report that although things are tight FFC are in no worse position than a few clubs and maybe even better than some in the league.

Sales and Marketing – D White gave this report. Budgets have been prepared for next season, for the SPL and we hope will not be implemented, a drop into the First Division. Season ticket prices were discussed and the club realises that next season, no matter what league FFC are in, money will be tight for supporters. Therefore prices will not be higher than they are at present. D White was delighted to announce at a meeting that day the Sales team had secured a new sponsor for the North Stand; Street Lighting Services. D White announced the re-launching of the Bairns Bonanza lottery with a weekly prize of £100 and a jackpot prize of £1,000. It is proposed to sell season tickets for the South Stand but these will be capped at 1,000 leaving 800 for “walk-up” fans. On a first come first served basis the first 500 season tickets will be sold for a price which will again take into consideration the credit crunch and which league FFC will be in next year.

FCSL – The demerger talks were still going on and the Board saw no hitches in the procedure.

Appointments – D White has taken up the role of club Secretary dealing with the SFA/SPL/SFL on daily basis regarding fixtures, suspensions, loan applications etc. S Alexander, who has no ambition to be on the Board himself, has appointed P Kenny to be his representative and will attend Board meetings acting in S Alexander’s interest.

A.O.C.B. – The Fans Forum question was raised and the full Board insists that if a date can be arranged when Manager is available, he must attend. Since arranged for Tue 17/03/09.

Date of Next FFC Board Meeting – The meeting closed with the date for the next being arranged. Since confirmed as Thu 02/04/09.

Question from Trust floor – Date for selling new stand season tickets? Not known, but will be earlier than Main Stand.

9)   Falkirk FC AGM Report.

Thu 19/02/09, 7pm in the Amarillo at the Falkirk Stadium.
Trust proxy J Dick was unable to attend. Apologies.
Eight FFC Resolutions were passed including both Board Members reinstated.
Managers Report went well. No difficult questions raised.
Managing Director’s Report went well.
Finance Report – Accounts showed a loss. FFC have no overdraft. Large cost cutting exercise ongoing. Continue to trim. No SPL reserve league next season will mean fewer players required. Each Board Member to invest £5,000 into FFC. Since done. A few private loans sought from shareholders.

Question from AGM floor – How will FFC resolve financial predicament? Was answered accordingly.

10)   BairnsTrust AGM.

Mon 20/04/09, 7.30pm in the Warm-up Area at the Falkirk Stadium.
Committee have been working hard on pre-AGM formalities. Will be posted to Members this week. Since done.

11)   Boardroom Experience Draw.

Winners of 5th round draw for FFC fixtures up to end of season were:

Inverness 21/03/09 – No winner.
Rangers 05/04/09 – E Brown, Helensburgh. M McIntyre’s guest.
Heart of Midlothian 18/04/09 – E Millar, Glasgow. B Guthrie’s guest.
Dunfermline 26/04/09 – No winner.
1st home game after SPL split – Drummond at Stadium. B Guthrie’s guest.
2nd home game after SPL split – J Duncan, Falkirk. M McIntyre’s guest.
3rd home game after SPL split – P Jack, Falkirk. B Guthrie’s guest.

Reserves in order:

1st – F Caldwell, Edinburgh. 2nd – M McIntyre, Falkirk. 3rd – B Robertson, Polmont. 4th – D Webster, Stirling.

12)   A.O.C.B.


13)   Date of Next Meeting.

AGM – Monday 20/04/09 at 7.30pm in the Warm-Up Area of Falkirk Stadium.


There then followed at Trust Committee Meeting to finalise AGM issues and paperwork, tomorrow night’s Fans Forum and prizes for FCBraes04 and Bairnfica Race Nights on Sat 04/04/09:

. Boardroom Experience for one at a Category C game of BairnsTrust’s choice next season.
. Bargain bundle of programmes.
. Voucher for Barber’s Pole/Perfection from Corporate Sponsors with thanks.
Treasurer to advise.

Everyone is welcome and can participate in discussion, but only members are allowed to vote on any issue.


© Copyright 2009 BairnsTrust. All rights reserved