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Minutes of Bairns Trust Meeting
15th February 2010 at Falkirk Stadium


1) Welcome/Opening Remarks Chairman Steven Jackson welcomed everyone to the first meeting of 2010.

2) Apologies J. Bennie, J. Gardiner, C. Paterson

3) Minutes of previous meeting Proposed by S. Monfries; Seconded by M. McIntyre

4) Matters Arising Matters arising are covered in other agenda items.

5) Secretary’s Report The Secretary reported of correspondence received regarding the FFC board stance on Eddie May.  This was forwarded and acknowledged by the board.  Fielded many requests for shares-duly passed on and processed. Enquiry looking for a list of FFC managers-forwarded to Club historian and now dealt with.  Newsletters 67, 68 & 69 sent out.  Read out positive message received from member via e-mail.  Attended SD Secretary training on 31/01/10 – very informative and useful information obtained.  The membership database has been tidied up in order to be ready for AGM mail out.  Advanced notice of SD Scottish conference on Sat 29th May – any member welcome. More details will follow nearer the time.

6) Treasurer's Report Chairman informed members that Derek is no longer Treasurer due to new work commitments.  This has resulted in delays with the membership database and the accounts.  Chairman reassured membership that accounts have been completed and everyone owed money has received it.  He also thanked B. Guthrie and T. Paterson for their help in resolving these issues.  SD & FSA have been notified on current problems with treasurer to avoid fines.  From current statement £1509.19 in bank with about £5-600 still is waiting to be banked.  Received share certificates from recent purchases of 6000 shares in FFC.  This should keep BT in same position following the share rights issue.
Q from floor – Is C. Paterson going to help with accounts? A – Yes
Q from floor – Can you give details of the share issue? A – Full details cannot be given at the moment due to legal implications but target of £250,000 was surpassed and signings of Pele, Lima & Moutinho were made from this money.  Club accounts from AGM will give full details of FFC’s finances.  Around 300 brand new shareholders were made through the administration effort from BT.

7) Social Conveners Report The calendar was successful with more than £3000 raised.  Discussions are on-going with one company to sponsor the entire calendar next year.  Another General Knowledge Quiz Night will be held on Monday 22nd March 2010, at Castings Club.  This date will be confirmed soon.  Amarillo are hosting an after match party on Sat 20/02/10 with a free disco and optional £3.50 buffet.  If successful, this will be a regular event.  Another International fans day will be held soon.  Talks are on-going.  BT Vice-Chair is involved with Falkirk Solutions on 11th March with a racism seminar and on 3rd March with a jobs fair at Forth Valley College.  This may provide an opportunity to draft in volunteers to help BT.

8) Board Report Dec 17th – Finalisation of the share issue and ambassadors club.  Board informed by manager that Finnbogason and MacDonald will be leaving.  Zerara is asking for too much money so will not be kept.  Moffat and McCaffrey have been released and Robertson may have to retire due to injury.  A few young players have been put out on loan – these players cannot be recalled except Bloom.  Paul Green and James McBride have had their contract terminated.  The manager was asked about the form of Flynn and Marceta and stated that these players will deliver by the end of the season.  An SFA grant of £10,000 and an extra Europa League payment of £15,000 have been received.
Jan 28th – Pele will be on crutches for 6 months.  McNamara has been approached by Partick Thistle and has a coach release clause.  The Club are predicting a loss this year and are taking cost cutting measures to combat this.  No offers were received for any players except a 30,000 euros bid for Lima which was rejected.  7/8 people have signed up for the Ambassadors club.  There will be a few changes to the FFC board structure with some leaving and new faces coming in.
A fans meeting with new manager Steven Pressley on 12/02/10 went extremely well and a larger fans forum will be confirmed for next week.  SP said that he had his own ideas that he wanted to try out.  Eddie May had intimated that he would like to thank every fan for their support throughout his time at the Club, even the negative ones, and it is believed by everyone within the Club that the new structure he set up will benefit FFC for the future.  St Johnstone match will take place on Sat 13th March 2010.  Scotland U21’s versus Azerbijan will be at Falkirk Stadium on Tue 2nd March 2010.

9) A.O.C.B.
Car Park Permits – A number of people with permits are being refused entry.  They should contact the Club in the first instance but BT will also follow up again.
South Stand Flags – Handed out to kids for free but taken back at end of game.  This is a police matter as they deem the flags to be an offensive weapon outside the ground.  G. Craig is continuing discussions with police to resolve the problem.
Complaints – BT will take up any complaints received as long as a genuine name is attached.  This allows it to be given credibility when put to the relevant people.
Nets for nesting birds – Nets will not be in place until the de-merger goes through in September.
AGM problems – The committee has decided to move the AGM to Monday 19th April, members will receive a revised timetable soon.
Negativity– Following negativity of BT from some fans, an open informal night is proposed for dissenters to give their views and question BT.  Chairman to progress.

10) Date of next meeting Monday 15th March 2010 at 7.30pm in the Warm-Up Area of Falkirk Stadium.

Everyone is welcome and can participate in discussion, but only members are allowed to vote on any issue.


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