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Bairns Trust Meeting
19th July 2010 at Falkirk Stadium

1) Welcome/Opening Remarks Chairman Steven Jackson welcomed everyone to the meeting and presented the 2010-11 version of Bairnstrust information leaflet/application form which is to be sent out with season tickets next week.

2) Apologies J. Bennie, B. Dick, C. Chalmers.

3) Minutes of previous meeting Proposed by T. Paterson; Seconded by B. Guthrie.

4) Matters Arising Most points covered in agenda points.  Noted that everyone who attended the SD conference in Stirling had an excellent time and that it was good to meet up with a number of contacts and old friends.  Some members met with Keith Ferguson of the Disabled Supporters Group who had produced a league table rating SPL grounds for disabled facilities.  Falkirk came 10th out of 16.  BairnsTrust would like to invite him to a future match to identify any areas which can be improved.  Several local Councillors willing to assist BairnsTrust with this.

5) Secretary’s Report Electronic newsletter No73 sent to members.  £62.63 transferred from PayPal account to bank account.  Members notified of the Real Radio Scottish football forum as part of the festival of politics at the parliament takes place Tues 17th August 6pm-8pm.  The leaflet had been discussed at a prior committee meeting where it was decided to stick with APB printing who, although were more expensive than some other quotes, are corporate sponsors and could provide graphics and set-up in a small timescale.  Secretary asked members how they would prefer the minutes to be published.  It was decided that any future minutes would be perused and edited by the committee before being sent in draft form to members via the newsletter and then published on the website after ratification. Membership renewal period has begun and all previous sponsors and members will be contacted in person either by e-mail or by post.

6) Treasurer's Report Memberships starting to come in.  8 people still contributing via share save.  Annual interest of £2.24 received!  £1,640 currently in the bank.  Treasurer attended the ShireTrust AGM.  Noted that they have 3 people on the Shire board.  Attended SD conference Membership and Fundraising sessions. Highlighted at Supporters Direct conference that grants can be obtained from a few sources if needed for upcoming projects.  Met with Northwich Victoria supporters group committee member fans who gave brief details of a beer festival they held which raised £2,700.  BairnsTrust to host similar?  Good attempt made so far, but still tidying up the ledger, require files from previous treasurer.  Merchandise collected from pre-season is now on sale.

7) Social Conveners Report The mail out to season ticket holders will take place next week.  Volunteers needed for this and telesales campaign during the evening.  Updated shareholder list from share rights issue should be received soon.  T-shirt designs will be ready in the next few days.  Guaranteed delivery for 7th August for a small run of upto 100.  This means not being tied to a big investment and provides a good profit margin.  Social Convener has been liaising with Airdrie Trust as they have been asking for advice on share rights issues.  Following this, they may also start a share save scheme similar to ours.  Suggestion to have a charity bowling match between trusts.  Idea to be looked into.  There will be no more meetings with Henry McLeish this year as his reports get published.  Dennis Canavan has given BairnsTrust 10 autographed copies of his book ‘Let the people decide’ to sell at £10 each with BairnsTrust receiving a commission. The BairnsTrust annual Champions Football Quiz has been set for September, watch out for details.

8) Board Report 24th June – Sandy’s first meeting, G Profit was in attendance as observer/shareholder, he gave an excellent talk re marketing.  Signings of Higginbotham and Marr agreed.  Pre-season fixtures confirmed.  Two trialists currently at the Club.  G Crawford reported that there is interest in the development of the east stand.  On 8th July – BairnsTrust members attended Craig Gowans memorial service.  The Club asked for volunteers to help with the season ticket campaign in the Howgate.   Mrs P Jack twice and Dads Army helped.  BairnsTrust representative attending the first marketing meeting this Thursday.  Fans feedback from Mr Campbell and others raised concerns regarding prime seats.  Operations report – temporary stand now removed and pitch is in perfect condition.  Currently just over 2000 season tickets sold.  Central FM advert quotes wrong telephone number. More incentives to take hospitality will be in place this year.  The Club AGM will possibly be held in November this year.

9) A.O.C.B. Open day on Sunday at stadium including charity match starting at 1pm - BairnsTrust volunteers required to help out.

Q from floor – Boardroom draw will reconvene at August meeting. One outstanding prize-winner to be contacted to arrange.

Q from floor – Following previous problems in the rear corners of the stand are the seats still being covered?  As far as is known yes, but BairnsTrust will double-check.

Q from floor – Who is updating website as it appears to have improved?  Ross Wilson and Tony Smith.

Proposal by B. Anderson that Mike Dickins be co-opted onto the committee.  Seconded: B. Guthrie – Confirmed

Steven Jackson announced that due to health reasons he was stepping down as Chairman.  He stated that he has had a great time spent as Chairman, making some mistakes but doing a lot more good, and believes that the BairnsTrust model is the way forward.  He thanked the committee for all their support and wished everyone well for the future.  Steven will continue on the committee.

BairnsTrust would like to thank Steven for the commitment he has shown throughout his tenure as Chairman.

10) Date of next meeting Monday 16th August 2010 at 7.30pm in the Warm-Up Area of Falkirk Stadium.


Everyone is welcome and can participate in discussion, but only members are allowed to vote on any issue.


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