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Bairns Trust Meeting
16th August 2010 at Falkirk Stadium

1) Welcome/Opening Remarks

New Bairnstrust chairman Tom Paterson welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2) Apologies

M. McIntyre, B. Robertson, R. Stirling.

3) Minutes of previous meeting

Proposed by; M. Dickins, Seconded by B. Guthrie.

4) Matters Arising

Most points covered in agenda points. A marketing campaign took part from 26th July – 4th August meeting 22nd July. Website has been considerably improved and online lottery was being discussed. Bairnstrust were given permission to sell the official calendar. Matchday music scheme, £25, and £50. If not selected, monies would be refunded.

5) Secretary’s Report

Secretary was not present

6) Treasurer's Report

Good sales in the stalls – South stand selling lots of items. Boost in money in the bank. Now have a 4th programme seller pitch in the family marquee. Membership cheques banked. Still need bank statements from previous Treasurer if not given by kick off on the next home game (11th September 2010) Bairnstrust should contact a legal representative. 

7) Social Conveners Report  

Annual football quiz has been arranged for the 4th October 2010, in the Castings Club, Etna Road Falkirk, entry fee is £10 for a team of 4 persons. T-shirts never arrived on time, 35-40 shirts done and 50 purchased at a discounted price.

8) Board Report

26th July - S.Pressley, L.Bullen and A. Smith signed a new 12 month contract. SP wants to get at least top 2 as maybe a 14 team league next season. Now over 2,600 season tickets sold. Bairnstrust thanked all club staff, who have now left, who had helped over the last few years. Club allowing Bairnstrust to run the new Family Marquee, club having new half time entertainment which will be called “Pie & Beans”.

9) Falkirk FC Disabled Supporters Group

Disabled supporters club has had its inaugural meeting on 11th August 2010, Keith Ferguson of CAFÉ was the guest speaker, and there were 20 attendees. Lots of issues raised that will be handled by Club, Bairnstrust and Disabled Supporters Group over the season. Trust has created a website for use. A steering group was formed with a view to organising a committee at a later date.

10) Supporters Direct Meeting

Trust Chair T Paterson and Vice-Chair S Monfries both attended a specially arranged "Directors" meeting in Glasgow. Good topics discussed and networking opportunities.

11) Boardroom Experience Draw

  • Queen of the South, Sat 11/09/10 – J Stewart
  • Greenock Morton, Sat 18/09/10 – A Leitch
  • 1st Reserve – J Imrie. 2nd Reserve – G Lawson

12) A.O.C.B.

  • G.Craig had promised that the brick pods on the walk up to the stadium are going to be fixed.
  • S. Jackson had a former players original letter saying that the Former Players Association group is to be run under the auspices of the trust so there was no problems for the club.
  • S.Jackson proposed Sandy Alexander to be an honorary member of the trust, B. Guthrie seconded this proposal.
B. Dick thanked the trust for his away boardroom experience which T. Paterson took him to at Ross County.

13) Date of Next Meeting

Monday 20th September 2010 at 7.30pm in the Warm-Up Area of Falkirk Stadium.

Everyone is welcome and can participate in discussion, but only members are allowed to vote on any issue.


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