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Bairns Trust Meeting
17th January 2011 at Falkirk Stadium

1) Welcome/Opening Remarks & Apologies

Apologies - M. Dickins, S. Jackson, C. Paterson

2) Minutes of Previous Meeting/Matters Arising

Quiz Night to be Feb not Jan.  Matter arising from stewarding/policing of games – problems at a number of games with fans invading pitch. Police look disinterested and didn’t deal with situation properly.  G. Dowson highlighted that this was being sorted, with a possible new security team and procedures coming in. 
Proposed: M. McIntyre, Seconded: B. Guthrie.

3) Guest Speaker

G. Dowson, Falkirk FC Head of Commercial Affairs.  G. Dowson gave an informative insight into his personal past and an overview of his future plans for the Club.  Key points included enhancing current available products, theme days, Tott’s tavern, new match day structure, pay back sponsorship, secure a lucrative shirt sponsor.  A lot of hard work to come.  New tagline of “Your support is our strength.”
Q. Who are you targeting for sponsorship? Looking at national/international companies (Jewson/B&Q/Forth Valley College) as well as local businesses.  Also bringing successful scheme ‘By official appointment’ from Burnley.
Q. Why did you start the Falkirk Vixens?  It was thought that cheerleaders were missing from match day entertainment.  If majority of fans don’t want it then it will not continue.  They are not paid.
Q. Players not turning up to fans functions?  G. Dowson will try to improve communication between players and fans.
Q. Misleading calendar advert posted on the website?   Advert produced by Garthland and was unaware of inaccuracies.  Will bring up at pre-arranged meeting with Garthland on Thursday.

4) Secretary’s Report

Various e-mail and letter correspondence received.  Kenny Butler of Celtic Trust has asked for nomination to the new SD Scottish committee.  Chairman will meet with him at SD event next Sunday to decide.  R. Stirling & B. Guthrie have been invited to attend SRTRC event promoting the new Show Bigotry the Red Card campaign at Easter Road.  John Keith of Dundee Trust invited up to ten fans to take part in a half time challenge at next week’s away game.  SD fans survey sent out between all clubs to find opinions on league reconstruction.  Over 5000 replies received in total.  Following request to question SRTRC’s decision not to provide any funding, a letter was sent and response was received.  Unfortunately there is a nationwide lack of funding but still concerned that no organisation in the Stirlingshire area has been identified as receiving funding.  Academy donations continue to come in.  A couple of concerns have been raised that no certificates sent out yet.  List to be sent again to FFC.  AGM timeline was decided in December. 31st Dec 2010 Deadline for membership to be able to vote, 1st Feb 2011 AGM documentation to be posted out, 14th Feb 2011 Nominations and 250 word election address. Deadline 7.30pm Fri 11th for postal votes or 7.30pm in person on Mon 14th, 19th Feb 2011 Selection Day if more than two nominations for Fans Rep Position, 21st Feb 2011 Normal meeting along with Hustings night, if needed. Ballot Papers sent out along with any constitutional amendments, 21st Mar 2011 BairnsTrust AGM and Election Results Announced. Deadline 7.30pm Fri 18th for postal votes or 7.30pm in person on Mon 21st. 
Brockville spirit sportsman’s dinner organised for Sat 28th May at Inchyra, £50 per person.  All profits raised will go to the Academy.

5) Treasurer’s Report/Calendar Sales

AGM will be held a month earlier which means its difficult to produce the accounts but working on it.  Best income since becoming treasurer, balance currently £5,500.  Income: calendar sales & calendar square sales = £1800 banked; share save still coming in; academy donations through Paypal; sales on stall; family marquee has been the biggest income, thanks to Ian for taking stock home for storage.  Expenses: costs paid for mailout; ebay sales fees; figure to be paid to FFC for merchandise sales; fine for non-submission of annual return - appeal letter to be sent; invoice in for calendar printing.
Q. Fine? It is £100 after oversight from previous treasurer.  Appeal letter will be sent.
Q. Suggestion made that invoice is not paid immediately until issues are discussed with Garthland?  To be decided by committee.

6) Social Convener’s Report

Family marquee continues to be a success.  More volunteers are needed to help out.  Ideal position would be to have a pool of people to allow a rota to be made.  The general knowledge quiz night is planned to be held on the last Monday in February (28th) Full details will be published when confirmed.

7) Board Report

*December board meeting was held as a conference call and I could not take part due to technical issues.  *Thursday 13th January - Sandy Alexander was present as an observer.  Steven Pressley talked about player contracts for next season, whether we were in the SPL or still in the SFL.  Other than that, all other issues were about finances (all financial matters are confidential) *A ten year season ticket was discussed, details to follow.  Limited to 100 people.  *Academy Structure meeting - The football club are trying to bring the Academy players through to the first team quicker to save Academy costs.  *Supporters Direct meeting - There is a meeting of the Scottish football trusts at the Falkirk Stadium on Sunday 23rd January 2011, it will be about league re-construction and what we as trusts can do to influence any changes. Sandy Monfries and I will attend on behalf of our trust.
Q. 10 year season ticket, make it transferable?  This suggestion will be taken back to Board.
Q. B. Guthrie expressed an interest in attending meeting

8) A.O.C.B.

*VAT increase on tickets – handout produced and distributed by member Mr Campbell.  Communication from club is an issue as they did not state full facts.  Proposal made to take increase off kid’s price.  Chairman will follow up with FFC managing director.
*Member I. Steele raised the issue that a child vandalised seat E166 and has still not been fixed after one month.  Admittedly, not a serious problem but concerning that it has not been dealt with.
*Any further information on hosting a meeting on a match day?  The committee will endeavour to make this happen at some point.  There is a difficulty in that many committee members are involved in match day operations.
*Is it possible to ask Steven Pressley to attend as guest speaker at a future meeting?  Chairman will ask and try to agree a time.
*Boardroom Draw? A pool of winners were drawn in November, new draw will take place at next meeting.

9) Date of Next Meeting

Monday 21st February 2011 at 7.30pm in the Warm-Up Area of Falkirk Stadium.

Everyone is welcome and can participate in discussion, but only members are allowed to vote on any issue.


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