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Bairns Trust Meeting
18th April 2011 at Falkirk Stadium

1) Welcome/Opening Remarks & Apologies Chairman T. Paterson thanked everyone for their attendance despite the Easter weekend holidays.  Apologies – S. Jackson, M. Dickins, C. Paterson, J. Dick & B. Dick

2) Minutes of Previous Meeting/Matters Arising Proposed: B. Guthrie, Seconded: I. Sneddon

3) Secretary’s Report Latest newsletter 81 sent out to members.  An end of year report has been drafted and will be sent out when complete.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to help the AGM run smoothly.  The trust has received correspondence from supporters direct of the main party election manifestos and their ranging commitments on the enhanced role of supporter’s trusts.  It was highlighted that the SNP have pledged their full support to supporter’s trusts and a commitment to work with the SFA to deliver the reforms of the McLeish Report.  There will be a shake-up of IPS law as of 12th April 2011.  Changes will have particular relevance to electronic communications, including allowing the trust to distribute annual return and accounts by e-mail, move towards electronic submission of FSA documents, making it a requirement to include an e-mail address on the register of members, as well as further changes to come later in the year.  Information on this will be given when advised.  E-mail received from Northwich trust giving details of their successful beer festival, this can be followed up if required. 

4) Treasurer’s Report Memberships have stopped coming in due to nearing season end but share save still going strong.  Two share savers have matured - £640 paid to FFC.  End of March – £500 Disabled FSC funds resting in account have now been withdrawn.  Good income at stalls from t-shirts and programmes.  Marquee shop income average of £70-80 /game.  Minor costs incurred from dance postponement.  Tickets bought can be refunded.  Independent Examiner fee of £100 paid out.  £2000 cheque given to club as academy donation and £1,500 remaining in bank account.  Treasurer indicated he was surprised with amount of questions asked at AGM but all were answered and he is willing to continue in position until at least end of season.  AGM Independent examiner highlighted the need to provide more documents as evidence of money in and out.

5) Social Convener’s Report Regretfully, the proposed dinner dance had to be postponed but the decision was held off until the latest possible time.  It has been left open to be re-scheduled, hall deposit of £50 only outgoing.  Quiz night has been put back due to lack of suitable nights at venue, new date to be confirmed soon.  Bucket collection will be in place for final two games, volunteers required.  Possibility of academy parents helping?  Collection could be done at Stirling away game as well?  To be looked into.  Wed 27th April confirmed as date for Falkirk SBTRC event.  Election candidate’s attendance confirmed.  Event moved from warm-up area to Amarillo due to numbers involved.  £100 costs for catering.  B. Guthrie to enquire whether SRTRC will cover these costs.  Falkirk FC to supply two players plus manager.  Excellent opportunity for national exposure with press and television coverage.

6) Board Report Board meetings have been taking place weekly to discuss financial matters.  Discussion then took place at the meeting regarding the current financial position of FFC.  T. Paterson indicated that Mr Cattanach of the Three Kings has offered the option of holding a fundraising event from Sun – Thurs.  He will provide meals and entertainment.  August bank holiday a possible date.  Mr MacKintosh of the Dutch Inn also to be asked for help.  The trust has 40 Crawford Baptie prints for sale at £40 each.  T. Paterson proposed to the meeting that BairnsTrust buy shares with the surplus bank balance we currently have at 80p each – unanimously agreed.
Q. Would there be any objections from the FFC board to a new share issue?  No, can be carried out again if deemed necessary.  Season ticket sales are the priority at the moment.

7) A. O. C. B. Member Mr Campbell put forward a motion for BairnsTrust to give a vote of no confidence in FFC managing director G. Craig.  A majority of members voted against the motion.

8) Date of Next Meeting Monday 16th May 2011, 7.30pm in the Warm-Up Area at the Falkirk Stadium

Everyone is welcome and can participate in discussion, but only members are allowed to vote on any issue.


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