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Bairns Trust Meeting
16th May 2011 at Falkirk Stadium

1) Welcome/Opening Remarks & Apologies Chairman T. Paterson welcomed everyone to the meeting. 
Apologies – M. McIntyre

2) Minutes of Previous Meeting/Matters Arising Proposed: B. Guthrie, Seconded: I. Sneddon

3) Secretary’s Report Latest newsletter sent out.  Changing Scottish football website is up and running. Fans can register to send a postcard of their support.  An inquiry was received to view the members list – after correspondence with Supporters Direct, viewing offered but not accepted.  Matter finished.  Scottish conference is on Sat 4th June at Hampden ‘The future of Scottish football’ Promises to be very interesting, BairnsTrust to send delegates.  E-mail received from Colin Pike of Berwick Trust looking for research information, passed to Board representatives.  Alan Harris, chair of the SD Scottish council, attended his first SFA council meeting.  This will give fans proper representation at the SFA if ratified at June AGM.  Change of address form to be sent to FSA.

4) Treasurer’s Report  Sharesavers still going strong.  Two bucket collections were held recently – Partick £750 & Ross County £245.  Shares to be bought with this money.  Stall & marquee money from last game £147 with 95% stock sold thanks to great effort from Mrs Jack and I. Sneddon.  £600 profit from marqee this season.  Expenses – website renewal £50, £20 for buckets.  Thanks to all the match day volunteers.  E-mail received from Northwich regarding running a beer festival has useful information if to be followed up.  £4,800 in bank, £1,000 needs to be kept for sharesavers.  FSA and SD documents sent, awaiting inland revenue.  Calendar money still due but will be collected ASAP.  No commission has been received for selling programmes.
Q. What payments to FFC are donations/for shares? First payments up to £3000 were academy donations, anything over this will be for shares.

5) Social Convener’s Report The show bigotry the red card event held on 27th April was a massive success.  Many thanks to member I. Steele for donation to cover catering costs.  Bairnstrust led from the front with lots of press and TV coverage.  Letter received from SRTRC giving congratulations on an excellent event.  Family marquee has been a big success this season and thank you to all the volunteers.  Hopefully this will be in place for next season.
Q. Is the Lt. Stardust event postponed or cancelled? Postponed with plans to hold in Aug/Sep this year.  Calendar of events for next season to be drafted as an aid for planning.

6) Board Report Board Meetings in April (28th & other dates) Gary Dowson has been released as part of a cost cutting exercise. Steven Pressley told us of his plans to release players who are out-of-contract and because of the financial restraints within the club we are not in a position to offer these players contracts
The list of players released is as follows: Jamie Barclay, Michael Andrews, Robert Olejnik, Craig McLeish, Mehdi Khalis, Brian Mclean, Burton O’Brien, Chris Mitchell, Carl Finnigan, Pedro Moutinho, Tam McManus, Euen Grant, James Bloom, Keiran Stallard, Scott Davidson, Grant Santi, Joseph McCafferty and Lewis Bonar.
Andy Thomson has been appointed as a director of the club.  The Board of Falkirk FC Ltd has announced proposals for a new governance structure for the business.  A new Management Committee, chaired by Andy Thomson will report to the Main Board and will assume responsibility for football and operational matters.  It will comprise of people with professional qualifications, skills and experience in areas such as accounting, legal, sales and marketing and media and others with specific experience and knowledge of the different facets of the Club.  The Committee for this board will be appointed by the Main Board through an open recruitment process and roles will be advertised through the Falkirk web site. The roles will be unpaid.
The Main Board will retain responsibility for all aspects of corporate and fiduciary governance, strategy, budgeting, raising finance and monitoring business performance.
Why the new board? Because we are operating within severe financial constraints, it was felt that we need to change the way we manage the Club to ensure we continue to direct and control day to day activities in a more cost-effective and efficient way. The club need to tap into the talents and skills of our supporters and the new structure will enable more people to be engaged in sustaining and growing the business again.  The club will be looking for very high calibre individuals, who have the experience, energy and time to make a real difference at the Club.  Some good news, the financial situation has not escalated and now seems to be in control as long as season tickets are being sold.  Every season ticket holder should by now, have received their application form to renew, the first two 10 year season tickets have been snapped up by BairnsTrust members.
Q. Who decided which players were released? Steven Pressley & Ross Wilson
Q. What happened with the Crabbies sponsorship? No deal was ever on the table

7) A. O. C. B. None

8) Date of Next Meeting Monday 18th July 2011, 7.30pm at the Falkirk Stadium

Everyone is welcome and can participate in discussion, but only members are allowed to vote on any issue.


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