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Bairns Trust Meeting
18th July 2011 at Falkirk Stadium


1) Welcome/Opening Remarks & Apologies:

Chairman T. Paterson welcomed everyone to the meeting. 
Apologies – R. Stirling, M. Dickens, B. Dick

2) Minutes of Previous Meeting/Matters Arising:

There were no matters arising from the previous minutes.  Proposed by: B. Guthrie Seconded by: I Sneddon.

3) Secretary’s Report:

Latest electronic newsletter No 84 has been sent to all members. BairnsTrust change of address has been confirmed by the FSA. Robert Stirling has handed in his resignation due to his employment situation; he has taken up a post at Macclesfield FC as Shop Manager. All at BairnsTrust thank him for his service to the trust and we wish him well for the future. Another visitor to BairnsTrust was Adrian Ward, the new Marketing Manager of Preston North End, after a tour around the stadium and meeting with our Matchday Sales team, Adrian was given a few gifts to take back to Preston.

4) Board Report:

Was to be S. Monfries first of the season but unfortunately could not attend.  

5) Treasurer’s Report:

Four cheques have been received in lieu of calendar advertising, another two are outstanding. A sum of money has been set aside for the Tom Jamieson Memorial Trophy; it is believed that the competition has been set back until September this year.
BairnsTrust bank account accrued an annual interest of .53p this year.
We hold just short of £5,000 in the bank, and over £1,600 to purchase shares with.
Supporters Direct funding has been secured for the next 3/4 months as it found a temporary sponsor.
A fan had emailed a query to purchase a small amount of shares for relative, relevant information and paperwork was passed on, but eventually the fan declined and did not go ahead with the purchase. Bill Anderson put forward a proposal to buy shares with the £1,600 in the bank available and M. McIntyre seconded that.

6) Social Convener’s Report:

B. Guthrie said that we should know by this week about the catering, the Family Marquee, running of the pie shops, Amarillo and the Eleven Club, and if it is all going ahead as planned.
The individual who wants to do the catering wants to make the Amarillo more family friendly and is open to anything and offered BairnsTrust the use of the Amarillo without charge for any future events, he also said that by August, we should know the dates proposed for our Quiz Nights.
B. Guthrie has 2 calendar cheques to collect from last season’s adverts. The calendars, cost £1,100 to produce and in total BairnsTrust raised £1,200 from them making £100 profit. Monies raised from Calendar sales were earmarked for Academy funds.
Anti sectarian workshops – BairnsTrust will be running them and B. Guthrie is currently trying to get grants etc for the workshops.

7) A. O. C. B. None

8) Date of Next Meeting:  

As the Warm Up area had been double booked for a meeting with the new Operations group, BairnsTrust elected to switch this meeting to Monday 22nd August 2011, 7.30pm at the Falkirk Stadium.

Everyone is welcome and can participate in discussion, but only members are allowed to vote on any issue.


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