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Bairns Trust Meeting
22nd August 2011 at Falkirk Stadium

1) Welcome/Opening Remarks & Apologies:

Chairman T. Paterson welcomed everyone to the meeting.   Apologies – M.Dickins, B. Dick

2) Minutes of Previous Meeting/Matters Arising:

Adrian Ward of Preston North End thanked BairnsTrust for the gifts and his very enjoyable time at the stadium and the match and was very impressed.      

Proposed by: M. McIntyre           Seconded by: J. Gardiner

3) Secretary’s Report:

Supporters Direct have suggested new rules (which are similar to the current rules) and it is up to members which of those rules to accept. Rules can be accessed online.
All BairnsTrust paperwork has undergone change of address e.g. membership forms etc.
Website domain names invoice received. To be settled by November 2011.
New Trust Secretary required.

4) Board Report:
The FFC board have options on who to choose regarding the hospitality and food kiosks at the stadium, they hope to narrow down their options and choose a new caterer shortly.

5) Treasurer’s Report:

BairnsTrust 1st corporate sponsor of the new season, Barbers Pole, has again come forward to sponsor the Trust for another season. Sharesave monies are still coming in and we are still collecting donations via membership forms.
The BairnsTrust stall is open in the main stand. As we are no longer an official programme seller, we have decided to purchase a number of programmes to cater for our regular customer base.
Costs have increased by £370 this month but that is due to 1000 membership forms and other articles which have been produced.
Treasurer is looking into creating another current account which will gather interest for any surplus funds. Paypal account to be cleared before financial year end. At present BairnsTrust have funds to buy more shares.

6) Social Convener’s Report:

Hoping to have the Amarillo open for 7 days a week, one caterer has offered a lump sum up front to the club for catering etc. we are also eager to have the Family Marquee set up for the Dundee game.
Missing Trust banner now found saving cost and can be used for promotional events.

7) A. O. C. B.

J. Dick said the pigeons are still causing problems leaving a mess on the seats which have made them unusable. S. Jackson then said that L. Miller is dealing with this long running issue and the mess should be cleaned up soon.
T. Paterson said that if anyone knows a sponsor for BairnsTrust they should contact the Trust and they will get in touch with the proposed sponsor.

8) Date of Next Meeting: 

Monday, 19th September 2011

* If you have not yet renewed your 2011- 2012 Annual Membership, Forms are available at this meeting; feel free to take a copy for one or more of your friends.

Everyone is welcome and can participate in discussion, but only members are allowed to vote on any issue.


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