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Bairns Trust Meeting
21st November 2011 at Falkirk Stadium

1) Welcome/Opening Remarks & Apologies
Chairman T Paterson welcomed everyone. Apologies from M Dickins, S Jackson, S Macdonald, D McIntosh and C Paterson.

2) Minutes of Previous Meeting/Matters Arising
Seating option. This was further discussed. Proposed: J Gardiner; Seconded: B Anderson.

3) Secretary’s Report
Various e-mail and letter correspondence received. BairnsTrust were asked by the fans to survey supporters re seating proposal, duly obliged. Handed out 600 survey forms. Circa 200 back. Results will be passed to club after next home game to allow for any postal votes.

4) Trust Representative's Club Board Report
Manager's Report - Injuries to K Duffy, T Scobbie and C Sibbald. D Fulton, J Fulton and A Graham signed new contracts. N MacFarlane joined as new coach.
Friday night football discussed. Not at Falkirk as Central Scotland Police against idea.
Financial Report – Covered in confidential detail at Board Meeting.
Concert on the pitch was discussed.
Amarillo now branded Westfield Lounge under the auspices of FCSL on their terms. Still £5 entry which FCSL retain.
The Trust Meeting then discussed:
South stand patrons access to Westfield Lounge is possible. Former Players were prevented from entering Westfield Lounge unless paid £5 entry. They are able to use Player's Lounge for  no charge.
Fans Charter has been removed. BairnsTrust will vehemently challenge this and have it returned in its prior state. Trust as fans body were not consulted on its removal. No reply from club yet to our questions on the matter.
Bonus packages were debated by Trust as was the furnishing of the Westfield Lounge with Falkirk FC memorabilia.
Terms of BairnsTrust elected nominee onto the Falkirk FC Board were discussed.

5) Treasurer’s Report
Report covered last 3 home games, including Stirlingshire Cup Final.
Good sales income from all 3 matches with old programmes, Legends poster frames and C Baptie prints as well as signed photos and new t-shirts all raising good sums.
Outgoings included printing costs for West Stand Survey Forms, website renewal costs for 2 years, FSA Annual Fee paid, BairnsTrust monetary donation to Strathcarron Hospice in memory of former Club Chairman; C Christie. Medal and trophy costs for the T Jamieson Memorial 5-a-side tournament with Carrongrange School. Trust will send delegation to Carrongrange School assembly for Mrs T Jamieson presentation of awards.
Other – Treasurer compiled last month's Meeting Minutes and fielded some seat survey reactions. Contacted latest two Trust Boardroom Experience winners to ensure smooth running. Thank you card received from winner M Ross. Assisted Membership Secretary with Trust database. Latest Club shareholders list obtained. Still dated 30/09/10. Ongoing correspondence with HMRC re Trust's Corporation Tax status. Formal reply sent back to Inspector. Trust was well represented at the Junior Bairns Race Night on Fri 19/11/11. Noted no Club officials or players were in attendance. Grant received from Red Card Scotland for materials at SRTRC Day v QOS on Sat 15/10/11. Exchange for SRTRC merchandise. Discussions followed on best time for Trust to buy more shares in Falkirk FC which are currently at 50p per share.

6) Social Convener’s Report
Calendar going into print. Found last minute sponsors after late call-offs. Callander Square initial contact establish regarding another spell with a Trust stall on run up to Christmas. Street trader's licence to be obtained. Westfield Lounge can be used for Trust purposes. Have built up a new working relationship with Junior Bairns they are willing to assist Trust in selling calendars. Will be a calendar signing night with players and management.
SRTRC Day v QOS on Sat 15/10/11 was a success for Trust. Other events continue via Central Scotland Racial Equality Committee of which Trust continue to be represented at. Photos to be obtained for Trust use. Remnants of Trust grant merchandise are held at CSREC.
Return of marquee is a possibility.
Club's general insurance policy covers Health and Safety of volunteers.

7) A.O.C.B.
* Volunteers sought from membership to help sell calendars and host stall in Callander Square.
* UEFA transfer fee calculation model was discussed in connection with M Stewart.
* Fans charter was initially a Trust and Club collaboration, so Trust should have been consulted on Club's removal of it.
* BairnsTrust Boardroom Experience draw was made:
. Sat 03/12/11 v Greenock Morton – H Rice.
. Sat 10/12/11 v Hamilton – D Corbett.
. Sat 26/12/11 v Ross County – T Grieve.
. Sat 14/01/12 v Ayr – H Dick.
. Reserves in order – P Jackson, J Dick, S Monfries, A Brookes.

8) Date of Next Meeting
Monday 16th January 2012 at 7.30pm in the Warm-Up Area of Falkirk Stadium. No December Member's Meeting. Committee Meeting Only.

* At the Committee Meeting afterwards, B Guthrie intimated that he wished to resign from the BairnsTrust Committee. This was accepted. BairnsTrust wish to thank Brian for all his efforts since the inception of the Trust, nearly ten years ago.


* If you have not yet renewed your 2011- 2012 Annual Membership, Forms are available at this meeting; feel free to take a copy for one or more of your friends.

Everyone is welcome and can participate in discussion, but only members are allowed to vote on any issue.


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