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Bairns Trust Meeting
16th January 2012 at Falkirk Stadium

1) Welcome/Opening Remarks & Apologies

Chairman T Paterson welcomed everyone. Apologies from B Anderson.

2) Minutes of Previous Meeting/Matters Arising

Seating cleanliness. This was further discussed later. Proposed: M McIntyre; Seconded:  J Gardiner.

3) Guest Speaker A Thomson

There followed an informative and detailed resume and Q&A session covering areas such as the volunteer Committee setup, cup runs, transfer window, cashflow, UEFA case, pigeons, Rangers match, Hampden and Elton John concert.
A Thomson duly joined Trust Membership on the night.

4) Secretary’s Report

This was covered during Treasurer's Report.

5) BairnsTrust Representative's Club Boardroom Report

A Thomson covered the issues above.
Celtic game discussed as was the upcoming Club AGM.

The BairnsTrust Meeting then discussed:
Club's shareholder list compared with certificates held/issued and ramifications of potential vote counts at AGM.
Fans Charter has been removed from the official Falkirk Football Club website. BairnsTrust have vehemently challenged this and have twice requested it be returned to its prior state. Trust as fans body were not consulted on its removal. No reply from club yet to our questions on the matter. A Thomson will assist to have it reinstated.

6) Treasurer’s Report

Report covered 2 month period from 21/11/11-15/01/12, including BairnsTrust stall at Callander Square.
Unusually for this time of year Memberships have increased dramatically. Sharesavers continue. Those saving at £11/month mature in February 2012 and will be written out to initiate claim at 50p/share.
Good sales income from all 6 matches during spell with old programmes, Legends poster frames and C Baptie prints as well as signed photos, merchandise and new t-shirts all raising good sums.
Focus moved onto the excellent Callander Square venture for Trust, Club and Junior Bairns. A cheque for £920 was presented to T Smith at Falkirk FC Stadium on Wednesday 28/12/11 by BairnsTrust Chair and BairnsTrust Treasurer. Gratefully received and acknowledged. £40 to Junior Bairns was also ahead over on Saturday 14/01/12.
M White book sales now complete. BairnsTrust will hand over final sales sum to M White.
Outgoings included small amounts for player refreshments at signing events.

Other – Treasurer compiled last Meeting Minutes. Contacted latest four Trust Boardroom Experience winners to ensure smooth running. Assisted Membership Secretary with BairnsTrust database. Latest Club shareholders list to be obtained. Still dated 30/09/10. BairnsTrust are now in position to buy more shares in Falkirk FC which are currently at 50p per share and hope to do so with next batch of BairnsTrust Sharesavers maturing. Assisted with Callander Square rota scheduling. Thanks to stall volunteers for recording sales at shopping centre and now on matchdays; in accordance with BairnsTrust's new Cash and Banking Handling Procedures. Online stock list updated and new 2012 BairnsTrust Social events list compiled. Mention made of upcoming Race Night.
Secretarial: Various e-mail and letter correspondence received and circulated amongst Committee. Handed out 600 seat survey forms. Circa 200 back. Results passed to club for their use on Saturday 03/12/11. BairnsTrust and Club AGM's were then discussed.

BairnsTrust AGM 2012 Timeline -

Saturday 31st December 2011 deadline for membership to be able to vote.
Monday 27th February 2012 AGM documentation to be posted out.
Friday 9th March 2012 nominations and 250 word election address.
Friday 9th March 2012 7.30pm deadline for postal votes or in person at the Falkirk Stadium.
Committee meeting on Monday 12th March 2012. 
*Friday 16th March 2012 Selection Day if more than two nominations for Fans Rep Position.
Monday 19th March 2012 normal member's meeting along with Hustings Night, if needed.
Ballot Papers sent out along with any constitutional amendments.
Deadline 7.30pm Friday 13th April 2012 for postal votes or 7.00pm in person on Monday 16th April 2012.
Monday 16th April 2012 BairnsTrust AGM and Election results announced.

Falkirk FC AGM 2012 - From Members present the Club's AGM Resolutions were debated and voted upon. Due to being unanimously agreed, all 6 will be put forward on Monday 06/02/12 as in Favour on behalf of the Membership. A representative from the meeting was sought to act as BairnsTrust proxy – 1st) Trust Chair; T Paterson, 2nd) Trust Secretary; S MacDonald, 3rd) Trust Committee Member; G Burns.

7) A.O.C.B.

* Family Day at stadium on Sunday 22/04/12. Club's Management Committee will be present and Trust will have a stall.
* Photographer G Whyte offer was debated. BairnsTrust to contact G White for more information.
* FFCTV and Falkirk Disabled Supporters Club were discussed.
* Club Chair M Ritchie has asked BairnsTrust to organise three Fans Forums in very near future.
* Member B Guthrie talked about the Anti-Racism and Anti-Bigotry event held at stadium that day. BairnsTrust were well represented and will be mentioned in regard to continuing support of this action. Thanks to Kellie at FFC for assistance. B Guthrie will obtain photos and submit an after-event article.
* Management Committee requested to bring back the BairnsTrust Family Marquee outside stadium. A great facility.
* BairnsTrust met with Club Directors; M Ritchie and L Miller, suggesting potential for BairnsTrust's Boardroom Observer to become active in the Management Committee. This is not to give up Boardroom position as important step to learn protocol.
* Calendars were discussed. Will be done differently next time.
* Semi-Final ticketing and bus parking was debated as was Elton John concert ticketing sales.
* Undersoil heating implications were talked over.
* BairnsTrust Boardroom Experience draw was not made due to no home games in the upcoming month until next meeting.

8) Date of Next Meeting

Monday 20th February 2012 at 7.30pm in the Warm-Up Area of Falkirk Stadium.
Meeting between Committee only, held the week previous.


Everyone is welcome and can participate in discussion, but only members are allowed to vote on any issue.


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