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Bairns Trust Meeting
19th March 2012 at Falkirk Stadium

1) Welcome/Opening Remarks & Apologies

Chairman T Paterson welcomed everyone. Apologies from B Anderson, A Brookes, I Campbell and J Gardiner.

2) Minutes of Previous Meeting/Matters Arising

Anti-Racism and Anti-Bigotry event held at stadium on Mon 16/01/12. BairnsTrust were well represented and were to be mentioned in regard to continuing support of this action and to obtain photos and submit an after-event article as well as for the Show Racism The Red Card day versus Queen of the South on Sat 15/10/11 per November Minutes. B Guthrie intimated delay was due to schools having to write out to parents to allow permission. School letters to be issued this week. Update requested for next meeting.

Email from M Ritchie was read re three points of February Minutes:
a) "Put back Trust AGM was not requested by Club." Was requested in dialogue meeting with Club Chairman.
b) Fans Charter and the word "vehemently." Fans Charter still not returned to Club website. BairnsTrust have vigorously challenged this and have requested it be returned to its prior state. Trust as fans body were not consulted on its removal. Fans Rep S Monfries to raise again. S Monfries did receive an electronic reply from a Club official on the matter. An invited guest of the Club to a recent Trust Member's Meeting also vowed to help.
c) "Trust's share application cheque had only been received last week." That referred to the most recent application for £4,000+. The Minutes referred to an application cheque cashed in August 2011 but still no certificate has been received for 2000 shares. S Monfries has raised at each Club Board Meeting held since date of application.
The facts of the email content were debated. Trust Chair to re-discuss the three issues with M Ritchie.
Announced that R Bateman appointed Company Secretary at last Thursday's Club Board Meeting and to be point of contact for future share application. D White remains as Falkirk FC Secretary. S Monfries as Fans Rep maintains should have been advised that R Bateman had accepted role.
Opt in box on season ticket box discussed again.

BairnsTrust election process debated. Two Members raised concern on short timescale; B Guthrie and S Jackson. The new method of electronic announcement has had problems. AGM Model Rules read and discussed. Differ from Trust Constitution. Supporters Direct recommended election process read and discussed. To be reviewed and verified for next year's AGM process. Announcement of AGM adhered to 56 days notice period. S Jackson pleased points taken on board and will that will be considered for next year's AGM.

Proposed: M McIntyre; Seconded: I Sneddon.

3) Secretary’s Report

Various letter and e-mail correspondence received and circulated amongst Committee.
Trust Chair intimated that had received resignation from D McIntosh from Alternate Director and Trust Committee roles due to work commitments. Wishes Trust all the best. Reciprocated by Trust.
Implications for upcoming Trust elections. Trust Rep on Club Board takes effect from June 2012. Question asked if current Trust Director could remain in post to oversee a handover. S Monfries to ask Club Board.
Trust election process intimated. Four nominations for the Fans Rep role received; A Brookes, G Burns, F Caldwell and M Dickins. Due to having four good candidates an interview and selection process will take place when mutually convenient for all parties. The interview results will see only three candidates be taken through to the next stage, which will see those three candidates, after a Hustings Night, go to a ballot of BairnsTrust members for the two posts available. The candidate who receives the majority of votes will take up the role of Alternate Director. The candidate who receives the second majority of votes will take up the one year only role of Fans Director.
This process was decided follow in depth discussions with Supporters Direct due to its unique circumstances. Interviews pencilled for Wed 21/03/12. One candidate already intimated unable to make that date.
Same interview procedure as last used; three questions from ten selected. Each candidate asked same three questions and marked by panel on their responses. One candidate will be eliminated and informed on the night.
BairnsTrust AGM remaining timeline kept in Minutes:
Monday 19th March 2012 normal member's meeting along with Hustings Night, if needed. Hustings postponed.
Ballot Papers to be sent out along with any constitutional amendments once the three candidates are confirmed.
Deadline 7.30pm Friday 13th April 2012 for postal votes or 7.00pm in person on Monday 16th April 2012.
Monday 16th April 2012 BairnsTrust AGM and Election results announced.

4) BairnsTrust Representative's Club Boardroom Report

Academy Strategy Meeting held and attended by Trust Fan's Director S Monfries.
Sales and Marketing Meeting with C Liddell attended by Trust Fan's Director S Monfries.
Meeting then debated the above.
Trust has received the two certificates for circa 43,000 Falkirk Football Club shares from former Treasurer with thanks. Original shares gifted to Trust missing off Club Share Register.
Public handover of latest Trust share purchase to be requested.
Trust to keep advertising Club shares are available at 50p per share at moment.
S Monfries to arrange meeting with Club Chair M Ritchie re season ticket tick box proposal.

5) Treasurer’s Report

Report covered spell of three home games in the period since last meeting.
Sharesavers continue and matured in the month prompting an application forms sent out and Sharesavers asked to check are happy with their holding shown in the Club share register. Two memberships renewed as a result.
Two cash applications received and along with Trust's own large application submitted to Club for ratification.
New t-shirts on sale and invoice settled.
Small sums spent to acquire stocks of recent away programmes for resale. Programme requirements discussed.
Cheque for one early maturing Sharesaver cashed by Club. S Monfries to ascertain if certificate has been issued.
M White book sales now complete. BairnsTrust posted a cheque as final sales sum to M White. M White has verbally acknowledged receipt with thanks.
Calendars still selling. Four advert sponsorships received. One other due on Tue 20/03/12. No final figure yet.
Commission on selling Club merchandise at each home game continues. Settlement of balance also occurs at end of each game.
Remainder of calendar invoice settled following lengthy meeting with printer on Mon 12/03/12. Discount received.
Small sum spent on stamps for first AGM mail out.
BairnsTrust cheque for £4103.50 submitted to Club for shares. To be cashed imminently.
S Monfries and I Sneddon wished to record their desire for the Trust to maximise publicity for the latest Trust share application in Falkirk FC.
Bank balance mentioned. Will be drastically cut by the share application cheque.

Other – Treasurer compiled February Meeting Minutes. Posted out first AGM mail out to those not wishing paperwork by email. Resolutions for consideration submitted to Scrutineer. Trust AGM Scrutineer contacted and carried out duties. Article compiled, dispatched and published by Falkirk Herald re upcoming AGM. Meeting with calendar printer well attended by Committee. Letters compiled to calendar printer and calendar sponsor. Arrangements made with winners of Boardroom Experience Draw for respective games. Independent Examination files passed over to Examiner. Two large blank presentational cheques obtained. Met with Sun 22/04/12 Family Day organisers to discuss how best to maximise BairnsTrust and other organisation's involvement. Further discussion with Club officials on the new Offensive Behaviour Act. Noted that G Burns compiled Minutes for recent Committee Meeting.

6) A.O.C.B.

* J Dick delighted pigeon problem sorted. Much improved. Thanks to all for arranging clean up.
* Season tickets for next season. S Monfries sought views on what fans would be willing to pay. Suggestions included a 5-game part season ticket, price freeze, cup ticket included, senior ticket to start at age 60, prime seats OAP price, discount if bring a new season ticket older, free person friendly. Will be no early, early bird sale. VAT implications from last year discussed. Question if all Management Committee purchase season tickets now.
* Return of family marquee outside. Would require a sponsor.
* E John concert catering contract discussed.
* Following recent incident at Bolton match in England, does the Club have a heart defiblirator? Yes. Was shown it.
* Trust Boardroom Experience outstanding auction prize discussed. Members stated is time barred but will review.
* BairnsTrust Boardroom Experience draw was not made. Trust wish to invite some of our Corporate Sponsors to the remaining three games of the season as a gesture. S Jackson proposed and was unanimously accepted that I Scobbie be considered for a Boardroom Experience where a vacancy arises.

7) Date of next Meeting

Monday 16th April 2012 BairnsTrust AGM at 7.30pm in the Warm-Up Area of Falkirk Stadium.

Monthly Member's Meeting - Monday 21st May 2012 at 7.30pm in the Warm-Up Area of Falkirk Stadium.

Committee Meeting only the week before each general meeting

There then followed a Trust Committee Meeting to discuss issues from tonight and upcoming matters

Everyone is welcome and can participate in discussion, but only members are allowed to vote on any issue.


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