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Bairns Trust Options :

BairnsTrust, or the Falkirk Supporters’ Society, is a not-for-profit company owned by its members that aims to increase Bairns’ fans’ say in the running of the club and to bring the club and its community closer together.

Membership of BairnsTrust is open to anyone. Members elect their own Board to manage the day to day affairs of the Society.

BairnsTrust members also elect representatives to serve on the Board of Directors of Falkirk FC. Each will serve for two year terms.

The Society Board meets on the third Monday of each month in The Falkirk Stadium. All members are welcome to attend.

To become a member of the Trust, please complete this form and return it with the membership fee, which is £5. A nominal sum of £1 will be allocated to the communal Share account. This cannot be refunded or transferred. Membership is valid for 12 months from acceptance and will lapse unless subscriptions are kept up to date.

We also operate a "ShareSave" scheme where members make regular monthly payments and in return receive shares in Falkirk FC in their own name at the end of an agreed period, subject to them amassing a minimum of 400 shares in the club. As of 2nd February 2010, the share price was £1.33p. This may change without notice and is not within the Society’s control. Shares will be allocated to your account on the basis of the price on the day they are purchased.

Just what have they done though?
BairnsTrust was officially launched in September 2002, with its inaugural AGM in January 2003. From that standing start we have progressed to having 300 plus members and have now purchased over £27,000 worth of shares. These are owned either by the Trust or are being purchased by fans through the Share Save scheme.

So what, we always give the club money?
Absolutely right and we always will be willing to dip into our own pockets, but now there is one big difference.

Which is?
We previously raised cash and gifted it to the club. But now, the Trust will receive shares in return for your money. With these shares, the supporters’ will enjoy increasing communal ownership of the club. This will help make sure that never again can an individual run our club into the ground. By having representatives on the Board of Falkirk we are directly involved at all levels of the club and in taking the real decisions. From appointing new coaches, signing players etc we are in there where the fans need and deserve to be!

Tell me more...
All the profit from merchandise,and events, go toward buying shares, we’ve joined in the Red Card against Racism campaign. Every penny we make brings Falkirk FC a bit closer to really being our club. We have excellent relations with the current Board of the club but that does not stop us being critical when things go wrong. Now we can have a constructive discussion rather than shouting from the sidelines and make sure that your voice is heard when and where it really matters.

BairnsTrust On the Web
Most people have internet access and BairnsTrust minutes and latest news can be found on our website at . There is also a message board within the site for general use with a section for you to ask questions or put forward suggestions.



If you want to join Bairns Trust please fill in this application form
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