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Monday 19th May 2008, 7.30 p.m.
at Falkirk Community Stadium




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Newsletter 50

If you are reading our newsletter for the first time ... welcome to BairnsTrust as a new member. If you wish to review some of our previous newsletters they can be visited at this section of the website...
The Trust take this opportunity to thank all for joining for the new season and appreciate all those that made a donation to the contingency fund, too many to mention individually, but very much appreciated. It has been assumed that all under 16s that have joined have done so with full parental/guardian consent. 

You are cordially invited to attend the Monthly Meeting in the Warm Up Area of the Falkirk Community Stadium on Mon 19/05/08, KO 7.30pm.

 There will be a full agenda for discussion, but if you have any concerns you wish to raise, please respond to either or post your query on the message board at our website and we will try to cover on the night.
If you are unable to attend, the Minutes from the meeting will appear on our website later for your perusal here ...

With the prospect of an appearance in the Inter Toto Cup now passed by, looks like we will be back to Holland for pre-season. As mentioned in previous Newsletters, the Trust had hoped to run a "BairnsTrust Go Dutch" Tour package, but with the previous uncertainty of the Inter Toto Cup, this is no longer possible. The Trust Committee will however be represented on the trip if you wish to raise any issues or questions as we traverse the Netherlands.

At the Monthly Meeting in the Warm Up Area of the Falkirk Community Stadium on Mon 19/05/08, KO 7.30pm we will again be allowing an open forum on the stadium debate with those involved in the "STAND UP for Falkirk" campaign keen to attend and give the Trust membership an update since our AGM. The recent front page article in the Falkirk Herald will no doubt be covered.  

BairnsTrust still have vacancies to be filled on the Committee for various positions. Current Committee Members have had temporary spells covering these roles alongside their own duties. If you have skills that will help the Trust and wish to be co-opted, please feel free to make your intentions known by email to or by attending the next Trust meeting. The full Trust Committee has still to be formulised as the after-AGM meeting to determine was carried over to a later date.

The Trust now has the returned, signed, copy of the BairnsTrust "2007 Annual Accounts” with grateful thanks from our Independent Examiner. Copies were available on the night of the AGM to attendees and are available to any member who requests a copy by your preferred contact method below. Can also now be viewed online on our website Accounts Page

Your BairnsTrust Treasurer is assisting our colleagues at ShireTrust to undertake their own Independent Exam for the year ended 31/12/07 with a view to being ready for their AGM. Similarly, your Vice-Chairman has been approached by the ShireTrust to act as Scrutineer for their elections, reciprocating the ShireTrust Committee Member who covered BairnsTrust's election. The ShireTrust AGM takes place on Wed 28/05/08 at the Thornhill Community Centre, Thornhill Road, Falkirk at 7.30pm.

Falkirk FC's No1 supporter's team Bairnfica AFC were victorious in winning the cup being awarded when playing Dunfermline supporters at East End Park on Sat 03/05/08. This was a free weekend due to Falkirk’s switch for Setanta TV of our home game v Heart of Midlothian. At the end of the match, each player from both teams received a medal for taking part, as well as the winning team being presented with the trophy. The presentation took place upstairs in the Legends Bar after the match and were made by everyone's favourite Fifer Jim Leishman. For all the electronic before and after match details and to request a copy of the DVD at £4.00 per copy, visit the team's home website pages … or contact BairnsTrust at Various other sites of interest are ...

Falkirk Supporters Challenge Cup

Dunfermline Athletic site Live Update

Falkirk Herald article 'Falkirk claim bragging rights'

Pars Forum view of the game

Pars Photos from the game

Dunfermline Press article

We have recently received even more new stock of programmes from a new Trust Member and now cover each season back to the early nineties. They also relieved us of a large number of our stall programmes. BairnsTrust now have the complete set of home League programmes from the infamous 1993/94 "Liquidation Season" available for a reasonable offer, all for Trust funds. Get your "wants" list prepared and see if we can assist. To allow more time to peruse our collection, visit our online shop that has the latest stock list of all our programmes for browsing .

Falkirk FC has allowed BairnsTrust to become an Official Matchday Programme vendor using our stall on the concourse in the Main Stand at home games as the point of sale. We will cater for those who wish to buy INSIDE the Stadium pre-match and in return the Trust will receive the standard “seller’s fee” in return. This is proving a great success so far. We urge Members to purchase their copy from the stall to allow the Club to monitor how successful and necessary this point of sale is. We now also have a presence selling the programmes in the Amarillo Bar Bistro on matchdays as well, gaining valuable seller's commission.

The Trust's own UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football Competition is now into the Final stage with the deciding game on Wed 21/05/08. All change at the top with Calibairn now leading, but have The Accountant, The Navy Blue and Barhigdon, separated by 1 point, still in hot pursuit. The table will be posted on the message board after every round of games and will hopefully create more interest in our messageboard at the same time. As a result participants receive regular, emailed magazines direct from UEFA.

The Trust's IT team our now considering a similar Euro 2008 Championship Fantasy Competition as well. Watch here for more information.

As an offer for our members, how about our new BairnsTrust computer screen toolbar to brighten up your PC. Brought to you by our IT Team it can be customised to your taste, with fast, easy links to all your favourite websites and radio stations. The latest BairnsTrust Newsflash is delivered straight to your desktop. Add BairnsTrust to your favourites and tell a friend to do as well. To download and install from our site visit this link

Although every reasonable effort is made, total vetting of linked sites is simply impossible. Therefore it must be clearly understood that BairnsTrust accept no responsibility for the content of these external sites. It should also be noted that BairnsTrust will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of any inaccuracy or error by use of this toolbar. 

The nature of this toolbar is that it can easily adapt to its users. If you have any good links or ideas that would benefit yourself and other users please email  Bairnstrust so its inclusion may be considered. Comments and suggestions are always welcome!

If you are not receiving the hyperlinks to some of the websites contained in this newsletter, please inform by email to and we will rectify these for you.

BairnsTrust have also been contacted by our friends at the SwansTrust (Swansea City FC) re a great new monthly income generator that once put in place can give Trusts a fresh monthly income for good. SwansTrust are already signing up large numbers of their members, their friends and families to participate in this new fund raising idea. The Swansea City Trust has recently joined forces with a utilities company called The Utility Warehouse (UW) which has been checked out and given the full approval of Supporters Direct as a genuine and ethical way to raise funds for allied Trusts. Supporters Direct in fact were so impressed with the idea that they invited SwansTrust to promote the Utility Warehouse scheme at the Supporter's Direct conference in Bradford.

The scheme works as follows :-

1)  The UW is one of the countries leading utilities suppliers, Gas, Electric, Broadband, Phones, Mobiles etc.

2) Unlike other suppliers the UW is a discount club, it doesn't advertise but passes all advertising savings onto it's customers.

3) The UW is acknowledged within the industry as possibly the cheapest overall supplier of energy in the UK, apart from temporary promotions from other suppliers The UW will almost always be providing the cheapest energy in your area. In fact it gives a Triple written guarantee to be cheaper than British Gas, British Telecom and the local supplier in any particular region of the UK.

4) All services are billed on one monthly bill and any queries dealt with in one simple phone call to a UK based call centre.

5 ) The UW has been recommended by 'WHICH' magazine on no fewer than 4 occasions as recently as Feb 2008 and Oct 2007 for both price and as important CUSTOMER satisfaction.

The UW has recently introduced a new scheme for organisations such as Trusts that means that any customers that sign up through the parent organisation to save money by transferring their Gas, Electric, broadband, etc. will have between 2.4% and 6.3% (depending on utility) of their monthly bill paid in commission each month to your Trust. This % is not added to their bill, the customer is still making the savings that all UW discount club customers enjoy, it's just that UW hand over this % of their takings to your Trust.

In addition your Trust can also recruit other organisations eg. Scouts, Guides, Drama Groups, PTA's, Sports clubs, etc and then also enjoy a reduced % of all their members who sign up bills.

The UW has been supplying these services for over 11 years now and is listed on the London Stock Exchange as Telecom Plus.

If you would like to know more or to sign up yourselves please feel free to contact ourselves at and we can supply more details.

Please note that you will not find the Utility Warehouse on any of the price comparison sites as the UW refuses to pay the site owners a commission in order to be recommended as the suppliers featured therein do. Read some customer testimonials

Have been advised by a Kilmarnock fan and by their Trust that for the Kilmarnock v Falkirk game on Sat 17/05/08, children will get in for £1.00 so it might make the match more affordable for some of our fans. Feel free to visit the KillieTrust desk that day (just inside the hotel entrance) if you want to meet their Committee or to discuss anything. Killie have since announced they are cutting the prices for both home and away fans to:

Adults - £10.00
U16s - £1.00
Concessions - £5.00
(Concessions are Over 65s, Under 18s or Full Time Students)

Supporters Direct in Scotland are pleased to announce that registration is open for the 6th annual conference 10am to 5pm on Sat 07/06/08 in the Management Centre at Stirling University, Stirling. This is the same venue as the highly regarded 2005 conference. The annual conference attracts around 100 delegates, mainly from supporters’ trusts but also from the football authorities, academia and from political and financial establishments and is generally a friendly, relaxed and interesting event.

A change to this year’s conference will be the focussing on some of the bigger issues such as the importance of ownership, how league structures affect the game we watch and how vital community engagement is for a healthy club. This makes this year’s event the most important conference so far put together. The conclusions reached will help guide the policy of the organisation over the next few years and help define just what the supporters’ trust movement is all about. Updated conference details and speakers will appear on the Supporter's Direct website as they are confirmed.

As usual BairnsTrust aim to send four people to the event in order to make the most of this conference. The fee of £10 Trust Members; £25 All Others will cover lunch, refreshments and conference packs. 

Euro 2008 also kicks off that day so the opening match will be shown in the bar area after the closing of the conference. In recognition of the tournament the conference will have a continental flavour with sessions and speakers announced over the coming weeks, so bookmark the site  and check back regularly.

Hoping many of our female readers are considering the Cancer research Race for Life at Callander Park, Falkirk on Sun 29/06/08. Last year over 665,000 women took part in Race for Life at 280 venues around the UK. This year Cancer Research UK hope to attract 750,000 ladies to help raise £50m. Race for Life events take place from May until the end of July. Women and girls of all ages and fitness levels are encouraged to walk, jog or run the 5k distance, whilst also raising money to help beat cancer. There is no prize for first place and almost half the participants choose to walk the course. Further information about Race for Life can be found on this website  

If you are thinking of beginning training for this event try this handy website to plan your exercise route around Falkirk ...

Finally, if you have any topics or articles you wish to be included in future BairnsTrust Electronic Newsletters, please respond by your preferred contact method below.

We now have a unique section of our website donated to small advertisements from Trust Members which can be tailored to your requirements and if you wish, even a full page site hosted within for you. Pay us a visit ...

Look forward to seeing you at the next monthly meeting where there will be a chance to win a prize for attendees!


BairnsTrust Committee


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