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BairnsTrust Boardroom Experience Winners

Date/Game: 10th Jan 09 versus Rangers

Name: Alexander Brown

Did you enjoy the BairnsTrust Boardroom Experience?

Very much

Were you felt welcomed by the BairnsTrust Representative?


Were you felt welcomed by the Falkirk FC Directors?


Were you treated well by the Falkirk FC hospitality staff?


Did you leave the game having felt it was a good experience to have undertaken?


Do you believe it is a worthwhile exercise as a BairnsTrust prize draw?


Any other comments you wish to add?

I thouroughly enjoyed my day out on the 10th Jan to watch the 4th round of the Scottish Cup after I won the prize to have hospitality in the Boardroom.

I was pcked up by Bill Anderson who kindly offered to take me and bring me back from the Stadium.

When we arrivedat the Stadium at about 2 o'clock, I was met by Murray McIntyre who did an excellent job of escorting me arouind the Stadium, we started offin the Boardroom where he introduced me to some of the Directors, I then sampled the hospitality which was excellent. He thentook me to meet some of the players of the past years. We then took our seats in timefor the game to start.

At half time we went into the Boardroomto partake oif the hospitality which was very welcome becauseit was a very cold day. We returned to watch the second half which I was glad we won.

I would also like to thank Brian Guthrie who sat with us during the game.

When the game was finished, we again returned to the Boardroom to partake in the hospitality once again, I stayed for about half an hourtalking to some of the Directors and the club chaplain who mademe very welcome, until Bill Anderson came to take me home.

I was very grateful to have had the Boardroom Experience which I will always remember. I would also like to thank everyone I met on my day out, it was a very good experience.


** Testimonial letter held by BairnsTrust